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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 23

11 July 1970

The one who/that is created is Beautiful,
[each creation] Is created for a blank space. [everything is created to fill a space, for a purpose]
To push him/her/it, [I say this] for the sake of explanation,
Is [like] the collapse of one wall.
For that [reason],
My Allah does not forgive the one
Who talks badly about the one who/that is created.

Beauty, ugliness are external.
Since he/she/it is created to fill a blank space,
[then] He/she/it is beautiful.

"The view of the patch is ugly," you say.
How about if you remove it?
For that [reason], patch is beautiful too.

A lot [of times], you say, "Saint,"
You draw his/her picture,
You put patch on the cloth of many [of them].
[there are so many sketches of saints drawn by humans, and many of the sketches show the saints' cloths with patch]
Ask the one who talks,
Who says empty word: [who talks nonsense]
What is that patch?
What does it say to whom?
Is each poor one, [a] saint?
Is each saint, poor?
In order to be saint,
Not poverty
But deep love
Is necessary.

Let me tell you [about] the patch,
Let me tell [you] its meaning.
What happens on earth is the service of the saint.
He/she covers one shame of the earth.
Yes, patch is the saint.
[rank wise,] The lower one, the higher one:
According to his/her [spiritual] degree. [each level/degree constitutes a patch of different size]
If you say, "Shame of the earth?"
It [shame] is earthman's, human's;
If there is no patch, he/she walks around openly, [without covering the hole]
He/she forgets to be ashamed.
There is human,
He/she wishes for the patch him/herself, he/she puts it on.
Some of them, [however, some other humans]
He/she walks around [with] torn [cloth], ragged.
And this is the [spiritual] measure of humans.

My water is the path of what I present.
What I present, is the heart of my Garib.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

12 July 1970

I am Mevlana.
I do not give up The Beautiful One,
I do not choose HIS human. [I do not discriminate between HIS humans]
I do not say bad word
About the one who takes [has] my Allah's LIGHT.

I came in moment.

I gave my path
To the ones who took step to good deed day.

The place is not important.
What is important
Is the value that is given to its place.
The place where one is, may be:
Dry soil, tree, leaf.
If its beauty is searched,
[then] Its value is [can be] seen.
"Let whatever be," says human,
He/she looks for more beautiful than beautiful,
He/she closes his/her eye to the one that is next to him/her. [he/she does not see the beauty that is next to him/her]
What [a] big heedlessness!

[in the following lines, the reader is advised to remember the following analogy: tree == Mevlana; leaf == human]
If you gather together the branch[es] of the tree,
If you examine [it/them] with seeing eye,
You pass half a day beautifully,
You see the beautiful one there.
To my leaf from my branch
My water descends, or maybe ascends.
Why does the branch take its color differently, the leaf differently? [why does the water give different color to the branch and the leaf?]
Because it tramples
On the Light of the one who does not mature [spiritually],
On the pride of the one who does not give;
That is why.

Let us pass to word,
[and] Stand on flatness.

In order to understand,
Does one need to be an expert?
Does the force that is given to the branch of the tree, exist in the leaf?
Does the beauty that is in the leaf, exist in the branch?
Not at the beauty that is external
But at the specialty.

Is the one that is hoped for,
Is the one that one reaches when he/she wishes for,
[hope/wish] Is the one that is heard [by God] when said [by human],
[hope/wish] Is the one that is given by The Lofty One.

What a happiness for you,
What a happiness for us,
[what a happiness] For the one who is worthy.

You say, "Grandpa," [grandpa==Mevlana]
You put hand:
Hands on the circle,
[yet] Hand of the grandpa [is] on all [humans].

Let heart not be broken,
Let human not be sad.

You dispersed your smoke,
You wished to take.
Think about the separation of time [that is]
In the lifetime of human.
His/her life is sectioned: [his/her life has different periods]
Growing up,
You are in the 'stopping period,'
You help yourself to walk.
The one who passes the stopping [period] emptily, walks slowly.
From the moment [in which] he/she starts [spiritual education], slow gains speed.
To help from stopping to walking is
To help to gain speed from stopping.

Do not say, "I [already] run; [let alone walking, I am running]
If you say, 'Slow,' I am surprised." [I am sure of my faith]
Heart does not stop, it runs.
However, as I said,
Lifetime has periods.
It is not because of you,
It is like that for all created humans.
You stopped too, I stopped too.
[yet] I am always helper, [I help humans to gain speed [to mature spiritually]]
Thanks to my Allah.
Of course I thank, [because,]
HE favored me like this.
HE saw you and me as worthy.

Big one, small one of the earth is in [accordance with the] body,
Big one, small one of HIS human is in my Allah. [Allah decides about spiritual degrees of HIS humans...]

Do not rush to grow, [do not rush to grow up fast]
Do not be obsessed with your path. [do not be obsessed with moving quickly on your path, i.e. spiritually maturing fast]
Take example from the tree:
The one [tree] that rushes to grow, stays weak.
Do not underestimate the grand tree, it uses up the years.

When you become worthy human of The Lofty One,
[then] You see yourself as small.
Because you see The Loftiness in HIM.

Try to love:
If you appropriate 'loving' to yourself
In good, in bad, [if you claim the ownership of 'loving' in good, in bad,]
In beautiful, in ugly,
In clean, in dirty,
In every breath that you take,
[then] You do not see the bad,
[then] You can not say, "It/he/she is ugly."
[then] In your heart,
You can not put anything except soft path.

Do not think that better than the one that is [God-]given, comes.
Each human is kneaded with the same yeast.
Do not say, "Is your word turned, [are you changing your mind?]
How about 'saints kneaded yeasts'?" [you previously said that saints kneaded the yeast, are you now saying the opposite?]
I did not say [about] 'the kneading of the yeast.'
I said [about] his/her flour, water;
They come from
WHOSE ocean?
WHOSE plain?
Is it not my Allah's? [do they not belong to my Allah?]
If you say about the ones who knead,
Each human finds whoever is God-given share,
He/she takes the hand of that saint.
'Coming to earth'
Is 'putting of the dough in the oven.'
Some [of them] are cooked, [some humans mature spiritually]
Some others stay [spiritually] immature,
[and] Take upon themselves various dust.
According to my Allah's giving,
[according to] How he/she sees The Beauty,
He/she becomes convenient human of the earth.
Let my Allah make [him/her] conform,
Let HIM make [him/her] find HIS path.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

13 July 1970

I am Mevlana.
Not to criticize
But to love.
In order to know [how] to take, it is necessary to love.
In order to know to love, it is necessary to praise [HIM/HIS creations].

Let goodness be measured by loving.
What you call as "bad,"
It is the thorn that is in the heart of human.
Love crushes the thorn,
[love] Plants rose at its place.
[not calling "bad," loving is:]
It is not smallness but bigness.
It is not bowing but standing straight.

Soft path's,
Good human's:
I stand on his/her path,
I hold his/her arm [to help].

Whoever remembers,
I know that I have my place in his/her heart.
It is [a] favor of my Allah.
The value of my word
Is its place [that is] in the heart.

[the fact] That he/she comes from my Allah, is important.
More important than me, than you, is all [humans].
All [humans] are also my Allah's human[s].

Children too,
Are they not entrusted by my Allah?
We are created,
What could we add to the annex of the body?
HE entrusted your life [to you], HE put [it] in body.
There is no change
Since the creation of the earth.
The generosity of What is being entrusted
Is because of the brightness of your Life.
If human's Light reflects on his/her face, [comes out of his/her face]
[then] Life's generosity degree is seen.

We all [are] together, our path [is] together.
Do not say, "You are separate [different], [because] you are saint."
You are also my Allah's human.
To wish to mature [spiritually]
Is to walk to mature [spiritually].
The one who wishes [to mature spiritually] does not stop.

HELPER is my Allah,
There is no 'HIS deputy.'
HE sends the saint as Helper.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

14 July 1970

I am Mevlana.
Let my Allah be pleased
With me, with you, with all [humans];
[let my Allah be pleased]
With the ones who hear, with the ones who love,
With the ones who love to die for [with the ones who love extremely]
Of all [humans]. [among all humans, let my Allah be pleased with the ones who hear, with the ones who love, with the ones who love to die for...]

To tie the event to here [to after earth life],
To cry does not suit human.
[? To cry for human is not appropriate. ?] [to cry after the one who migrates to after earth life is not appropriate]

Human does not race with the God-given share of another human.
Each human's God-given share is according to HIS giving,
Is according to my Allah's saying.
The giving of the God-given share
Is the wish of HIS human. [God gives each human's God-given share according to human's wish]
Does each one who wishes, take? [does the wish of everyone come true?]
Does he/she find his/her wish?
Its day comes, he/she takes.
You wish to your Allah,
You refer [submit/transfer] [it] to your Allah,
[then] Wait, [and] see:
Wrong event returns [goes back] from behind the curtain,
Good deed side of the event comes to light;
Human sees at the end of his/her patience,
He/she takes his/her wish.
[while being patient:]
He/she does not add poison
To his/her foot, to his/her head,
To his/her sweetly cooking food;
[this means]
Of course, he/she does not give place to earth worry.

In [the case of] his/her food, in [the case of] his/her stone: do not want to see.
His/her food: his/her meal.
His/her stone: his/her material weight.
Do not talk [about them],
Do not make calculation [about them],
Do not count one by one.
[do not talk, write, make comparison about what other people eat, own...]
What is given to you, is your God-given share.

Did you go on the path at night?
Did you look at the sky?
Did you count the stars?
Do not say, "Are they counted?" [can they be counted?]
Of course they are counted. [of course they can be counted]
I did not say, "What is their number?" [how many are they?]
[their number is] As much as you count,
The rest is left to the ones who count.
If there is cloud
Then even counting is not God-given share. [then one can not even count]
[Turkish verb 'saymak' means both "to count" and "to respect." Accordingly, the foregoing verses may also be translated as follows:
? Did you go on the path at night?
Did you look at the sky?
Did you respect the stars? [star==saint]
Do not say, "Are they respected?"
Of course they are respected.
As a matter of fact,
I did not say, "What is their number?" [how many are they?]
As much as you respect, one matures [spiritually].
The rest is left to the ones who count [the stars].
When there is cloud,
Then even counting is not God-given share. [then one can not even count] ?]

You look [up] in order to see The Lofty One,
[yet] You see the star[s],
[or, when it is cloudy, you see] Cloud in the dark night.
[when you see the cloud] You say, "It is not convenient," [it is not a convenient night to see the stars] [and]
You erase from heart. [you give up / you change your mind]
Why does the cloud cover the sky?
Why does it put curtain in between?
Cloud is useful too,
It brings the rain.
This means that:
Each event is [a] door to good deed.
Do not say, "Dark," it is considered as revolt.
Know that it is door to luminousness.

Night and day,
Summer and winter,
Freedom [and] slavery...
If there is no slavery, [then] freedom is not known.
If there is no summer, [then] winter is not waited for.
If tomorrow does not come, [then] today does not pass.
If the one that will come does not happen [if there is no future], [then] human does not laugh [smile].
If there is no crying, [then] laughing is not loved.
If there is no hunger, [then] fullness is not wished for.

Let your foot conform to walking, [conform to events]
Let each one of your day[s] see its morning [as] luminous.
Let my Allah show HIS BEAUTY to you openly.

Open eye ['eye that is open' means]:
To divide the detail,
To see [WHAT is] behind the curtain,
[yet] Not as dream, but with [heart-]eye's structure.
To see me with body is irrelevant;
I left the body there [on earth].
I placed cover upon me: LIGHT.
Vision happens that much,
My LIGHT comes upon you.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

22 July 1970

I am Mevlana.
Mesnevi is
Not path
But spokesman of Exceptional Beauty,
[or rather]
Not spokesman but dictionary.

Know "to come to one's senses" as duty.

The value of the word increases
Not when [it is] poured out from the mouth
But if it is strained through the filter of heart.

The one who values the word of HIS path
Finds spokesman.

In moment, I am at the place where I am remembered.
'To be remembered' is my wish.
I welcome help with joy. [I help with pleasure]
Not only me,
Whichever spirit you call for help,
It comes with most joy,
It helps according to its power.
[however,] The help of the one that is assigned to duty
Is more appropriate.
My Allah rewards HIS human here
Like that.
If you say, "Do other spirits not get offended?"
This world [after earth life] is not a world of greediness
So that it is not a case of "yours-mine."
Each spirit is content with what is given to it.
It obeys its measure on earth. [each spirit accepts the spiritual level that is granted to it according to the spiritual maturation that it achieved when it was in a male or female body on earth]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

24 July 1970

I am Mevlana.
My Allah gives to the one who wishes [to HIM]
As long as you know the place that you want.

My Allah gives the God-given share of HIS human.
Hunger: who sees [experiences] [it]? [[in fact, there is no hunger] who sees hunger?]
If you say, "The one who sees," [if you ask about humans who claim that there is hunger]
[my response to this question is that]
He/she does not know how to eat.
[look at this, and think:]
HE gave to HIS which human,
[and] Who became its owner? [and who became the owner of What HE gave?]
The one whom HE gave, [he/she did not take, instead] he/she left, [he/she] went.

HE granted you so nice beauties too,
Why do you not look?
Why do you not say, "The giving [blessing] of my Allah"?
For the one that is beautiful, [for whatever that you find as beautiful]
Do not say, "Making of human," [made by human]
Say, "The Giving of my Allah,"
Look [at it] while loving [lovingly].
Do not turn your back to human,
Do not frown,
Do not say, "Bad,"
Look for beauty.

There is a beautiful direction of each human;
If you know to be in his/her direction,
[then] You get used to love [him/her].

The purpose of loving should be:
[one should love because he/she/it is]
The Giving of my Allah,
Because HE created [him/her/it].

One should try not to offend the human.
The one who is opponent gives sound.
Sound saddens the two humans.
The one who stays as one [alone], does it on his/her own. [if the other person does not respond, he/she talks on his/her own]
If he/she gets no response, he/she regrets,
He/she saddens about what he/she did.
Do your best
Not to answer,
But to convince.
If it does not happen, [if he/she is not convinced]
Do not give sound.
My Allah is Seer, [HE sees everything],
HE is The Protector of the one who is right.

Farness, [and] closeness [are] for mortal [human].
For me, [it is] either there or here,
Mevlana [is] everywhere...
[he is] In the heart where he is loved,
[he is] In the air where he is remembered,
[he is] In the nest where he is wished. [nest==1. home; 2. Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]

Each place that I love [is] beautiful.
In order [for me] to come [to that place], it is necessary [for me] to be loved too.
He/she conforms [to our teachings] from heart, that is why.
He/she erases the earth, that is why.
[as such] He/she is transported with joy, that is why...

Fortune telling, give it up. [do not pay any attention to fortune telling]
Mevlana comes
Not to tell fortune,
But to say hal.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel