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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 25

31 August 1970

I am Mevlana.
Saints also are known according
To their bodily service [that they performed] on earth.
Path is walked like that.

[on his days on hearth]
Mevlana wrote, said,
Whirled, blew [into ney]. [ney==musical instrument similar to flute]
The being of Adem [Adam]
Erased earth's narrowness.
He [Mevlana] gives
The writing to notebook,
[he gives] The address to the most worthy human in the nest. [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation] [through the content of the writings, Mevlana addresses the human who wishes for The Meaning]
That is the event.
There is no superiority of one to another.
The one whom is given to, is worthy human, he/she is known.
The one who takes is surely not behind either.

'Fasting' is beautiful, however,
If it is God-given share,
If my Allah gives permission
To the intention of the humans who come to their senses.
Intention [is] beautiful.

Lady [Hazrat] Munise says,
"I set the intention, I started to worship.
I entrusted all [humans] to my Allah.
Let my previous prayer not be spoiled.
I set the intention to fast,
I took shelter in my Allah
So that there is no failure,
[so that] My fasting gets no patch."

Hazrat Yusha [Joshua] says:
I set the intention to sleep,
I submitted my heart to my Allah
So that it does not look at the wrong path,
[so that] My logic is not disabled
Because sleep stays without life.
If you submit to good,
It comes back in the good direction.
If you go to bed without hope,
[then] It is not appropriate,
[then] Logic does not find the salvation.
Do not say, "There is no importance of sleeping."
Try [to give] HIS direction to your life,
In [during] sleep, give direction to yourself.
If you say, "It is difficult [to give direction] while [one is] awake":
Thinking in its moment. [think/meditate when you are about to go to sleep]

Body leaving its load,
The soul.
Think of the porter:
If he leaves his load at [a] safe place,
He gets [it] back intact.
That is what I said [meant].
Before the sleep, be prayerful to your Allah,
Give direction to your soul yourself.
Use your logic in that direction.

When going to sleep, say,
"My Allah, I took shelter in YOU,
I entrusted my soul to Your Lofty Level.
I think of nothing but YOU,
I do not complain saying, 'Earth.' [I do not complain about earth]
I wish for my path,
I want my direction my Allah."
Say [like that],
Wait for the sleep.
Do not think of the earth.
Sleep, wake up, inspect yourself. [you inspect you, i.e. self inspection]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

4 September 1970

I am Mevlana.
Let me say to the one who comes, "The path is convenient."
Let me greet all [of you].
I did not come, I am here,
I did not forget, I am on the path,
I am in hearts that love.
I wish to be in every heart.

If the well is full of water, [then] it has [a] source.
If it is dry, [then] it is full of stone[s].

Say to the one who says word
In the name of my Allah,
About the oath of his/her life: [tell to the one who takes oath on his/her life]
"[for] Me, serving my Creator [is] my duty."

My Allah loves HIS human
Who behaves as [a] human of HIS.
HE gives helper to his/her path.

Foundation of the home is laid.
Its wall is built.
Its roof is covered.
Would its eave be forgotten?
Would the rain be underestimated?
When building the home, season is also thought about,
Window is opened [placed] accordingly.
If you give [the] direction towards west, east,
You see the one that rises, that sets. [you see the sunrise, the sunset]
[also] You know about the worship time.
If you do it towards north, south, [if you face your building towards north or south]
You stay in shade.

Do not think of
[do not think of] The existence on earth.
We came [to earth], we returned [to after earth life],
What did we take, [what did we] bring [with us]?
If we left something to be remembered,
Is there anything other than our name?
They say [about] Mevlana's house, ranch,
His caravansary, his Turkish bath,
[however,] Do [can] they show [any of them]?

The one who says word in the name of Allah
Does not get response to his/her word.
The Being of Allah is not shared with commerce.
Allah's name is remembered with HIS consent,
"For the consent of my Allah," is said.

Deep love for Allah is not [can not be] measured
With human eye.
Path structure is not damaged
With human word.

If you plead to take from heart, [if you wish to take, and pray to God sincerely]
[then] Do not doubt,
Do not say, "My pleading was in vain."
My Allah does not let one pray
For the one that would not come true.

Vow is not left to last. [vow==to wish to God for something to happen, and vow that he/she will do something in return when his/her wish becomes true...]

In order to eat the fruit
You wait that it ripens.
In order for your pleading [wish] to come true,
Why do you not show patience? [why are you not patient?]

Say, "Good deed," for each event.
If you do not say, [then at least] do not interpret [it] unfavorably.

Blindness harms
Not the eye
But the heart.
Why did my Lofty Allah give
Eye-ear, hand-foot,
[HE gave them] So that you see.
In order for you to love What you see,
HE also gave heart.
In order for you to hear, in order for you to hear and learn,
HE gave mind [intellect].
In order for you to eat, in order for you to eat and you are nourished,
HE also put stomach.
HE adjusted human [according] to earth blessings.
If you spoil this,
If you occupy the mind continuously with religious fanatic,
If you close your eye[s] to the blessings,
Then you are far from humanity.

HE gave foot, HE showed path
So that you walk.
If you do not walk, [then] you become stiff [half-paralyzed],
[then] You stay as lame.
If you sit at a place for [a] long [time]
"I became numb," you say, you try to walk.
Each one [organ] that is given
Should be worked,
Should be adjusted [according] to earth blessings.

"In order [for you] to see," we said:
Look for beauty.
There is no ugliness
As long as one does not try to become ugly.

Let one not get used to badnesses.
If you say, "What is badness?"
Earth load.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

8 September 1970

I am Mevlana.
I came to the nest, I saw the faces.
To the one who laughs, to the one who wishes for [HIS] path,
I gave my path.
The sound of the nest, [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
Knotless one of the wool ball.
Questions take permission from my Allah, [in order to answer questions, we need to have my Allah's permission]
Paths [take] from my hand.

Fruits ripen on trees,
The one who finds [a] way [to get it], picks [it], puts [it] in mouth.
The one who says "[I will eat it when it is in ripe] Condition,"
Gives path to patience. [waits patiently]
If you say, "Waiting [is] difficult,"
If you eat unripe [fruit],
[then] You upset your stomach,
You become degenerate on your day.

If you find fertile soil,
You plant whatever you wish,
You bring water to its path.
If you water your crop, you see the blessing.

You got on the ship,
"It shook," you said.
You did not think of the wave.
The one who gets on [a] ship [that is] on [a] wavy sea
Is shaken.

The one who takes the sea to his/her path,
The one who says, "[sea is] The end of my path,"
[he/she is] The one who puts his/her heart [who desires]
Not in the one that is in his/her hand,
But in the one that stays in the sea...

My Allah gives, sees the one who wishes.
[however,] If you do not pray,
If you do not say, "My Allah,"
Whom do you wait from?

[when] You remember the one whom you remember, with curse,
[then] You put your curse in front of yourself.
Do not forget:
When you are in front of the mountain,
Whatever you shout,
You get that response. [you hear the echo of what you say]

My Allah does not withhold.
HE does not keep away from the one who wishes.
[however,] There are some whom HE gives less,
[there are] Some whom HE gives more:
[this is] HIS hikmet.

What you say is already known by my Allah,
It is not necessary to shout.
Wish from heart.
Do not go to the hillside of the mountain and shout,
Do not get your answer like that.

Mevlana loves
The one who loves, the one who does not love,
The one who goes on HIS path, the one who does not go.
He holds the hand
Of the one who wishes, of the one who does not wish.

Do not turn [your back] to the one who gives hand,
Do not insult the one who helps you in winding your wool ball.
Earth [is] small,
Universe [is] big.
Star[s] [are] many, sun [is] big. [star==saint; sun==Prophet Mohammad]

Let the load that is on human
Stay on earth.
Let 'pure spirit' arrive in The Lofty One.

The one who is faithful, the one who says [sets] intention:
If what he/she says does not happen on [the same] day, [if what he/she wished for does not happen quickly]
Let him/her not worry [about it], let him/her wait for the one that comes.
Each path takes to luminousness,
Yet one should find the path,
One should arrive in meydan.

Let what you take, be from my Allah.
Let what human will give, stay with human.

Erase the doubt from inside of yourself.

You say, "My children."
Entrust them to their Owner too.
There is no one else who is Master Entrustee like HIM,
Let you know [about that].
You, you are not yours;
The one that is not yours, is earth property.
Heart is yours, you [are] my Allah's.
If you are washed with the LIGHT of my Allah,
Why do you doubt?

When he climbs the minaret,
When he calls in the name of Allah,
If path is convenient,
If one comes to the mosque,
One worships,
Earth day is erased. [while worshipping/praying, one does not think about earth affairs]
If you do not erase, why did you come [to the mosque]?
What did you stand for in the name of my Allah?
If you can not erase the earth,
If you can not come with heart,
Do you worship the "muezzin"? [muezzin= the crier who, from a minaret or other high part of a mosque, at stated hours five times daily, intones aloud the call summoning Muslims to prayer. ]

Home occurs with spouse,
Spouse [occurs] with path-fellow.
Children ornament the home.
If you say, "Patch occurs because of the child," [poverty is due to child]
Then you are mistaken.
If child was not there, patch would be there anyway,
My Allah would reduce your God-given share.
Each one who is born comes with his/her ration,
He/she gets his/her ration's value from my Allah.
Do never say, "His/her God-given share is from me."
Isn't there any God-given share
At the place where you are not present?
God-given share was given to Adem [Adam] who was born,
[God-given share] Was increased with each [new] human.

Let us plead [pray],
Let us be prayerful for the children.
Let us not take the sound of the mountain. [let us not pray loudly, let us pray from heart]

Know 'to come to your senses' as duty,
Go on your path like that.
Do not add worry to the worry of the human.

Meydan waits for human,
Humans wait for path.
We came
Not to stop
But to walk.
We came to make [humans] walk by giving [our] hand.

Bed [mattress] is filled with cotton.
Field nourishes the cotton.
Human gets tired [while taking care of the field], cotton grows.
[then] Cotton makes human rest.

Do not count what you take, for what you give.
Do not count your walking, for your stopping.
What you take is your rightful due as much as you give.
Neither is one less, nor is the other one more.
Everything [is] at its exact place.

Do not say, "Foolishly,"
Do not say badly about olive branch [peace].

Patience matures human spiritually.
If there were no stones on the path, then there would be no need for any eye.
If there was no fault in human, then there would be no need for any patience.
My Allah created HIS human.
"He/she is not without fault," HE said,
HE also gave patience.
You, graft your patience!
[HE] Makes your graft happen [grow].
Patience belongs to human, to him/herself.
[he/she] Makes him/herself mature [spiritually].

You planted the grapevine;
For what day did you take care [of it]?
Grapevine became trunk,
Gave the fruit.
It took the taste from the sun,
Human who was patient, drank its wine.

Was Mevlana without child?
Were his children angels?
Complaint? Never!

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

9 September 1970

I am Mevlana.
Do not bow to human.
Wish to my Allah.
Human is not bigger than my Allah.
Even if he/she sits on his/her throne,
Even if he/she wears his/her crown,
He/she is [just] entrustee of earth property.
Neither is he/she the owner of his/her throne,
Nor is he/she the owner of his/her real estate.
Moment comes, he/she descends from his/her throne,
His/her rule ends.
Trust nobody but my Allah.

My Allah created human, gave the mind
In order for him/her to use while winding his/her wool ball.
At the end of the wool ball,
At the arrival of the death, [when death occurs]
It is not necessary for you, it does not come with you.
It is not difficult to understand:
You walk on your [? HIS ?] path,
Whom do you take strength from?
You open your [? HIS ?] path,
Whom do you consult with?
My Allah showed you the correct one of the paths,
Walk on that one.
Use your mind there.
However, if you wish for helper,
[then] You turn back from the wrong path.
Do not say, "Which path?"
Your saint takes you to the correct one.

My Allah sees HIS faithful human,
Gives the one that is good deed.
[know that] The one that happens is the best deed for you.

Let hearts be one dough,
Let [them] cook in the oven.
Let [them] burn for my Allah,
Let [them] burn, let [them] roast.
[however,] My Allah's deep love does not burn,
Its top does not get covered with ash.
[further,] The one [heart] that starts burning, does not go out.
We are all together, [we are all] in the same oven.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

14 September 1970

I am Mevlana.
If it does not rain, soil does not get water.
When it rains, no litter stays on ground.
If you say, "Why?"
[because] Before the rain, wind blows,
[it] Brings the cloud.
It lifts up the litter that is on the ground.
It rains, soil smells,
"Blessing," you say.
[on the other hand,]
If it rained a lot, it flooded,
Road closed.
The one who found soft path, he/she passed,
He[/she] had [his[/her] trouser legs] rolled up. [the one on the soft path, rolls up his[/her] trouser legs, continues to walk on his[/her] path]

If bed is soft
It makes the one who lies [on it] comfortable.
The one that is hard, hurts the body.
Hard bed is necessary for some bodies.
Softness should be
Not in bed
But in heart.

The one who lies down, [the one who goes to bed]
Should connect the night of his/her day
Without giving place to tiredness.
What I say is this:
Bed protects you as long as you lie down [stay in it].
Do not get in bed and see!
Sleep on wood and see!
One is disconnected from earth, [when one goes to bed, he/she does not touch the ground/earth]
It is hoped from the sky. [Previous verses may be better understood under the light of the following information: During sleep, soul of the human who has permission from Allah meets with other spirits of the same spiritual level and/or his/her saint. These meetings do not take place on earth/in matter environment...]

If you say, "Let me endure,"
WHERE does one wait from?

Let your reliance not be because of human.
Whom does human lean on?
Absence of mother, [or] absence of father
Is not the poverty of the child.
Because neither mother nor father is perfect protector.
The only protector is my Creator.
When ground vibrates, when human shakes,
Does he/she think about the mother, about the father?
He/she knows that the power of none of them
Is sufficient for survival.

Whether the bed is soft, or hard,
You still need it anyway;
[that is because] You can not make the body obey your word.
You say, "Bodily constitution;"
Do not forget that bodily constitution is from The Creator,
You can not change [it].
Similar to the existence of the bed,
The child's existence is alike too.
Similar to how you can not do without [a] bed,
You can not throw the child [away] either.
If you say, "Let me make him/her ready [for HIS path],"
[then] He/she knows to take.
If you say, "He/she does not mature [spiritually],"
Period of change is seen:
According to the situation, the child
Is also sunned, [sun==Prophet Mohammad]
Is given to 'hallac.' [hallac= cotton or wool fluffer (who works with a bow and mallet)]
In any case, he/she is made mature [spiritually] appropriately
Like in the example of bed;
He/she [hallac] stops at the appropriate stage. [Previous verses may be better understood under the light of the following information: in the past mattresses were made of cotton or wool. When mattress became hard because of long time usage, it was treated and softened by a fluffer. The fluffer worked with a bow and mallet, left the cotton or the wool under the sun; then he repacked them in the mattress. Such treated mattress was soft as new...]

To be feverish
Is beautiful if it disperses the smoke.
However, it should stay at its appropriate place. [it should not harm others...]

Do not say, "He/she should come to my path,
He/she should hold my arm."
[instead,] Put your arm on his/her shoulder.

Do not say, "This is how my ancestor did." [do not repeat the mistakes that your ancestors made]
[instead,] Say, "I made [it] conform to my heart."
Say, "The step that I take,
The [spiritual] level that I hold
[is] My path,
My heart is open."
Obey the command of my Allah.

To be faithful happens
Not by worshipping
But by pleading.
Pleading is
"Not to say word in the name of my Allah,"
[and] "Not to get out of HIS word."

He/she knows to take, however,
The weather is cloudy, he/she does not see the sun.
If he/she does not see, the fault is not in him/her,
But it is in the one who says, "Look at the sun,"
When the weather is without sun.
[instead he/she should] Say, "Wait for the sun, [then] look like that."
His/her mistake is in
Not knowing [about] when to look.
If you say, "Who?"
All mothers as well as fathers who raise children.
This is what you call, "Generation became degenerate."
[if] 'To look at the sun' is not taught to mother, to father, [sun==Prophet Mohammad]
[then] Him/her, what does he/she teach?

[think of a mattress filled with cotton, similar to previous examples]
The day that passes runs after the day, [days pass one after another]
The more it goes, the deeper it goes. [the shape of your body in the cotton of the mattress becomes deeper day by day]
The deeper it gets, the farther it stays from the sun.
[however, in order to make the bed comfortable:]
You throw the bed to sun, [you put the cotton under the sun]
You fluff [it], [then] you lie down comfortably.

The sun
Warms the creation,
Illuminates his/her path,
Makes the day known,
Shows his/her night,
Sends light to the nest [home] from the moon. [nest== Mevlana's/Garib's congregation; moon==Hazrat Ali; sun==Prophet Mohammad; star==saint]
[if you do not act similar to the sun, i.e.]
If you do not illuminate [enlighten] your child,
If you do not give [him/her] warmth,
If you always show [him/her the] night,
What do you expect from him/her?
Hold the bright face of the mirror towards the children.
Do not say, "Let me look [alone], you stay behind."
Take him/her next to you, look together.
If you look alone,
Then what is left to the child is to look at its dark face.
I say openly, child takes if he/she is educated.
[remember the example of cotton bed]
If the bed is not taken out to the sun,
[then] It always stays at its place,
It becomes thinner, harder;
[when it is like that] What does it [? he/she ?] give you?

Months are different from one another,
The first days of the one that comes are new.
On passing days, [when days pass]
You start to look forward to getting out of the month,
You start to look forward to the new one.
Child is like that too.
He/she does not stay at the same place,
He/she does not believe in the same word.
Change the chat.
Tell about the sun in summer,
About the snow in winter.
If you always talk about the sea,
You bore [him/her].
"How should it be done?" you say,
You blow [the subject] out of all proportion. [you exaggerate]

If you leave the olive tree on its own,
If you say, "Its care is from my Allah,"
[then] What do you expect?
Yield of the tree is due to its care.
[similarly,] Yield of the child is due to his/her education.
Whatever you give, you take that.
When day comes, you are pleased with his/her giving,
If what you gave [him/her] was pleasant.

One does not say word about my Allah's command.
The one who goes [to after earth life], does not come [back to earth],
The one who comes [to earth], does not stay [on earth forever],
The one who arrives [in Allah], is not sad.

[HIS] Path is soft human's.
Soft human is the one who is loved.
The helper of the one who loves, of the one who is loved is Allah.
To love even an ant is beautiful,
[to love] Even [a] dry leaf that falls on ground [is beautiful],
[to love] Even the cracked soil in the field [is beautiful].
'The measure of loving':
I came [to earth],
I stayed [on earth],
I returned [to after earth life],
I arrived [in Allah],
I still can not find it.
I did not think of finding [it].

It is said that:
Does [can] [an] elephant go through [a] needle hole?
Does [can] [a] needle hole measure [an] elephant's length?
There is no measure in love,
Needle is also included in the same measure. [there is an analogy between the 'measure of loving' and 'needle/elephant' example]
Look in the mirror,
Put the needle in front [of your eye],
Leave the elephant behind, [let the elephant stay behind]
Take your view
Not in narrow,
But to wide.
[you look in the mirror; the elephant is behind you; if you look at the image of the elephant in the mirror through the hole of the needle that is near your eye, then you can see the elephant in/through the hole of the needle; in other words, you just had the elephant go through the needle hole/you made the needle hole as big as the elephant; love's measure is like this too...]

Why does oak grow, [why] is it sturdy?
Because it develops strong roots in the soil.
Strong roots produce strong branches.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel