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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 22

30 June 1970

I am Mevlana.
You see [realize] the mistake of the past on [current] day.
Repent so that you attain your wish:
"Knowingly, unknowingly,
Hearing mistakenly,
I gave myself to ambition.
I inflicted pain on my life.
I knew as beautiful, I made mistake. [I thought it was right, I made a mistake]
I learned the reality, I came to my senses.
[in order] To come to your forgiveness
I wished for Your Lofty Level [presence].
I humbly begged,
I trusted Your Bigness.
My Allah, I believed that YOU do not make [me/us] turn away," [I believed that you would not decline me/us, my Allah]
Say [this], read [this from heart] three times at night [time], in the morning,
Be prayerful.
You will see, you will hear,
You will get free of earth ambition.

Ripe fruit is collected [in order] to eat, [one collects the ripe fruit to eat]
The one that is not collected becomes food for birds.
I told [you], everyone gets his/her/its God-given share. [ripe/unripe fruit: analogy with human's spiritual maturation...]

Meydan [is] the aim of the human,
[meydan is] The vision of the soft human.
The one who keeps in step with the [spiritually] mature one
Is the one who brings his/her path to the correctness.

The one who winds the wool ball with deep love,
He/she gives hand to the one who stops,
He/she pulls him/her to HIS path.

Silver's color is not equivalent to gold['s color],
However, silver is wished too,
It is used appropriately.
[silver==matter; gold==spiritual meaning]

I looked at the ocean,
I thought about water:
Free of dirt.
Creeks, rivers carry, [and] carry;
[water] It holds neither dirt nor rust.
Do not forget [about] my word:
Garbages, dirty linen,
Fruit skin, broken plate
Come to water too.
Dirt as well as garbage
Stay in its sand.
Water walks [flows] again along its path.

Even if dirt, rust come to its path,
When water says, "Enough!"
It changes its path,
[and] Arrives in the ocean like that.
Ocean brings the dirt to the bottom,
The water to the top. [ocean==God]

Human is the same too:
He/she makes mistake,
His/her mistake is the garbage of his/her lifetime;
If "to make mistake" is like garbage... [if he/she comes to his/her senses, his/her mistake can be cleaned like the garbage of the running water...]

'Plastering mud' is not called as mistake.
You asked [about] the mud:
It covers the body,
It tries to dirty the water.
That is [that means], it is the big one of the sin[s]:
To cover the one that is real, to show [him/her] as ugly:
[in other words:]
Hypocrisy, calumny.
[in] Hypocrisy: he/she spreads the mud on him/herself,
[in] Calumny: [he/she spreads the mud] on the ones who are opposite to him/her [on other people].

Do not measure your [spiritual] level
With earth blessing, [earth] comfort.
Being worthy to be tested is also [a] favor [of God].

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

2 July 1970

I am Mevlana.
I found
Birth from beauty,
Vision from birth. [vision==to see HIM in HIS creations]

The one who looks from the [current] day to tomorrow,
The one in whose heart volcano [lava] flows,
I said, "[his/her] Path [is] convenient."

Do not say, "Did he hope?" [did Mevlana find what he hoped for?]
I found as I knew. [I found The Reality as I knew on earth]
If you say, "What [did you find as you knew]?"
[I found] The Lofty One,
[I found] What The Lofty One gave to earth,
[I found] What humans say about, "Troubled earth."

To take is beautiful when one arrives,
To arrive is beautiful when one is worthy.
Beautiful is said,
One arrived in my Allah. [when one loves HIS creations, when he/she says, "Beautiful," about them, then one arrives in HIM...]

Beauties are from me,
We are being asked among you. [among you, you want us]

Each human is overwhelmed with my Allah's LIGHT.
[however, HIS LIGHT] Stays in the one who is ready.
To the one who greedily desires earth load,
What he/she wishes for is given.

It is wished on the day; [however,]
Does what he/she wishes for, come true?
Is it enough for human?
I am telling you about inappropriate wish.
You wished for [a] mansion, palace,
[let us say] You got [your wish], you sat [moved in].
Until what time are you the owner?
[you are] Not even the renter.
What price did you pay?
Its Owner [is] my Allah.
What did you buy [it] with?
You are not even the owner of your [own] body...

Do not search the logic in emptiness:
Plan your goal.
I came, I will live,
[however,] I can not know until which day my lifetime is.
[it is] As much as my Allah gives.
My goal is on that path, helper is my Allah.
If it is good deed, [then] my path opens, I go.

If your wish comes true,
Do not say, "My wrist." [don't say, "I did it myself; it is the result of my own effort"]

We came, we got together,
For whose goal?
In order to look at the earth that my Allah
Illuminated with HIS LIGHT,
Not [only] the earth, but [also] the universe.
The [spiritually] immature one, worlds will make him/her mature,
[worlds] Will make human find human.
[for the spiritually immature one,] Earth path will get longer.

Meydan is big, earth is small. [in this context, meydan==the universe]
If you say, "The ones who come?"
The one who takes his/her ration, comes to meydan.
[Previous verses may be better understood under the light of the following information: human comes to earth first. According to the spiritual degree that he/she is granted on earth, he/she continues his/her spiritual education on other planets in the universe.]
No one gets his/her fortune from another one [another human].
Baby is born, his/her mother lactates.
It is eaten as much as the baby's God-given share.
[when what] He/she gets on earth is with honey [when baby starts to eat honey]
[then mother's] Milk is cut. [then mother's lactation period ends]
When convenient day comes, her [? his/her ?] share is cut.

Do not say, "Materialistic earth."
Human creates the matter.
On earth, there are only beauties
For the one who sees... [vision==to see HIM in HIS creations]
I said, "Logic," I told human;
If you use your logic for the matter,
[then] You stay away from the beauty
Because you have no time to see,
To enter inside of it.
[when] You stay outside of it,
You see stone, soil.
If you look at the grape that you take,
If you measure its tiny grain,
You [can] find so many weights,
You [can] get [your] share from the beauty...

When God-given share is said,
Do not think of the matter only.
Some humans get share from the matter.
Some humans see the beauties,
His/her spiritual share is abundant.

Do not subtract anybody from anybody. [do not discriminate between humans]
Calculation work does not end with taking, [do not measure the [spiritual/real] value of humans according to their material assets]
It is not sufficient to see. [to be materially wealthy is not enough to have vision] [vision==to see HIM in HIS creations]
From the one who has [material] God-given share you subtract
The one who has, supposedly, no God-given share:
[you discriminate: you favor materially lucky one over the one whom you think is unlucky]
Then auction occurs. [then race to be materially wealthy, to show off, takes place]
Do not add the ripe one to unripe one, [do not be confused about spiritually mature and immature humans]
Do not throw to human's path. [do not confuse humans with your wrong/unnecessary judgment]
His/her measure is in [with] my Allah. [his/her spiritual degree is granted by Allah only]

He/she takes [may take] matter,
[however,] His/her eye is in the spiritual world. [a person may have material wealth, but at the same time he/she may look for the spiritual meaning as well]
The one who has eye [in spiritual world], has also heart,
He/she is the trustworthy guard of the matter on earth.
If you say, "Why guard is necessary for The Secure Owner?" [if God is all mighty, why does HE need any guard?]
It is said like that by human.
[when] I opened my eye on earth, [when I was on earth in body]
I did not say, "My merchandize."
What HE entrusted [to me]:
I took [it] from its Owner,
As I took, I gave [it] back.

After finding the meydan, there may also be waiting.
To be ready and to arrive in the meydan
Is not because of the season.
The season of the heart does not change;
Earth's winter, summer do not enter the heart.
[It is thought that 'meydan's implied meaning in the previous verses is 'the universe.' Human may know The Meaning on earth, and be ready for after earth life while he/she is in body. On the other hand, he/she may learn The Reality when he/she migrates to after earth life; in such a case, he/she continues his/her spiritual education on an other planet in the universe corresponding to his/her spiritual degree...]

Look at the birth of the morning:
Why did HE cover the night with sleep?
In order to look at the one that will be seen
With bright eye.
My Allah wishes that HIS humans
See always beautifully.
If HE did not wish [so], HE would not have given the sleep.
When [if] my Allah does not give [the sleep]
[then] Human would not die from sleeplessness.

Grandpa [Mevlana] says that
Our word is written.
Your word is given to voice. [your communicate your word by using your voice]
Our wish is made. [one wishes for us to come/one wishes to be with us/one wishes for our teachings...]
With the permission of my Allah,
I said, "My word."
It is beautiful to read
Not to [a] group [of people]
But to all [humans];
[it is beautiful to read]
To the one who opens [his/her heart gate], [to the one one who opens the meaning, to the one who tries to understand the spiritual meaning]
[to the one] Who runs away from tale,
[to the one] Who chooses [spiritual] maturation,
[to the one] Who falls on the path of my Allah... [to the one who takes HIS path]

Why does human love,
[why does he/she] Say, "Mevlana," [and] run?
What makes [him/her] run is the deep love of [for] my Allah.
[the one who runs is] The one who wishes to my Allah for [spiritual] maturation.

My coming is not for tale, [I am not coming to tell tale]
Not at all for fortune telling.
Let us be ready,
Let us hold on to the circle; [let us hold hand in hand and form a circle]
Let us all be one [together],
[as such] Let us arrive in The Lofty One.

From which direction do you ask about the evolution? [in what respect do you ask about the evolution?]
Let you check on your heart,
Let you look once at your deep love.
[then] You [may] determine your measure more or less.
[if you wonder about your spiritual level, then check your heart, your deep love; you may guess more or less where you are]
You see how much you walked when you look behind.

We presented, we came to your pleading. [we came because you wished; we presented the spiritual knowledge]
What we took on our day [when we were in body on earth],
We gave as much as our day.
We arrived in The Lofty One,
We tied our path, our duty
To earth.
We got permission from my Allah in that direction.
We returned [to earth], we came to the nest. [nest==congregation of Mevlana/Garib]
Only the nest?
We said, "Center," we walked around,
We made the center, bridge to our path.
Event is this.

There is no coming into being, no separation of the worlds: [earth and after earth life]
They wrap one another.

Human is curious, he/she asks,
"What is beauty?
Is it tree, is it rose,
Is it vineyard, is it garden?"
If beauty comes from this,
[if as such] It reflects on human's face,
What do [would] you say?
Think of
The one that reflects from the moon,
[the one] That is born from the sun,
[the one] That comes from the water.
Do not put beauty on one scale. [beauty can not be measured by one scale only]
[for example,] Water does not have one [single] shape. [it has many shapes]
[think about some of its properties:]
Soft sound,
Rebellious flow,
[its] Look at human.
If you say, "How does it look at human?"
Do you not see your face?
You look at it,
You see your face in its reflection.
The look on its face, [your image on water's surface] [? The look on your face, ?]
It is according to the coming of the event,
[it is according] To the flow of the water.
Stagnant water reflects exactly.
Flowing water makes [it] longer,
Conforms your face to its own flow.
[one should be inclined] Of course to the flowing one.
On stagnant water you see your material face.
In [the case of the] flowing water,
You think about
Not yourself
But the water.

We came for the ones who wish to mature [spiritually],
We gave our word, we tied its end.
If you say, "The book?" [ONEness of HEARTs]
We took its permission from my Allah, [and only then] we came [to teach you].

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

8 July 1970

I am Mevlana.
We said, "Life," we came,
We remembered Darling.
We heard ney sound [tune] [ney=a reed flute (often used to play Mevlevi music)]
We engrossed in whirling.
We did not fall asleep,
[on the contrary,] We exulted because of the tune coming from the ney.
The one that we passed was [our] path,
The one whom we chose was human,
The one that we gave was arm.
We got permission [from God], we gave hand.
We came, we stood in the nest.
Hello to all of you.
I came with the permission of my Allah,
"Let [it] be asked," I said.

He/she found soft earth,
He/she threw him/herself under [a] lean-to. [he/she took shelter under a lean-to]
What do you say to him/her? [what would you think about such a person? / how do you call him/her?]
While all clean earth stands by,
The one who throws him/herself into [a] watering trough:
My Allah as well as HIS human call him/her, "Without path."
In [this] beautiful world,
If he/she sees him/herself [as if he/she was] in [a] boiler room,
[then this is similar to the] Example of ocean-'watering trough,' [ocean==God]
It is the measure of human's heart.
[to see him/herself in a boiler room, instead of on beautiful earth]
It is denial of What Allah gives.
One should look for all clean path,
One should look at the beauty,
One should plead with heart. [one should pray from heart.]
This is the example of the word...

What is the path of the human,
Where is the end of the path?
If human says, "The end of my path is my Allah,"
[then] He/she finds the ocean. [ocean==God]
[on the other hand,] If he/she does not think of HIS path,
If he/she does not open his/her intention, [if he/she does not clear the way of his/her intention/prayer]
If he/she does not know his/her Allah,
[then] His/her end [is] like in the example of watering trough...

The best, [and]
The worst were told openly [clearly].
It is necessary
Not to write
But to read what is written, [and]
To conform to what is written.

It is beautiful to wash him/herself,
However, it does not happen by pouring water only:
It is necessary to wash away his/her dirt.
To read and pass [to read ONEness of HEARTs without understanding the meaning]
Resembles 'pouring water [only]:'
It gives relief for the moment, [however,] it is temporary.
If you wash away your dirt,
Your skin gets relief, your heart gets relief as well.
Then, if you pour [water] over and over,
It adds life to life.
On the other hand, if you try
To wash the dirt away one whole lifetime long,
[then] You lose your skin
As well as you fail in heart.
Everything should be done moderately,
Should not be excessive.

While being washed [spiritually], one should rejoice,
One should say, "Give Your God-given share again my Allah."

One should always take as 'again.'
What I said is not known [understood]:
Each event
Should not be welcomed like a new event.
Do not say, "Events come, [and] they always find me."
If you always say,
"I am in good, what comes is good too,
Whether it is according to my intention or not,
It is the command of my Allah,"
[then] You overcome the event quickly.
If you wait for the event,
You prolong your worry.
[indeed] Waiting and happening [of the event] prolong [the worry].

Human sees him/herself in [a] well of worry,
He/she darkens all sides.
Worry is like [a] well:
It has water, however it is in the dark.
Let us open [explain]:
There is human,
He/she says, "My Allah," he/she remembers his/her Allah.
However, because he/she is in the well,
He/she always sees darkly.
[however,] He/she should be soft,
He/she should not see him/herself in the well.
It is not impossible:
Instead of you descending there,
Take the water up so that
It is useful to you as well as to all [humans].
If you descend there,
You quaff alone.
Yet my Allah gave HIS human as God-given share
Not 'drinking alone' [? Not only drinking ?]
But also eating.
What is meant by eating, [and] drinking is
Earth [life] and after earth life.
To come to earth
[and] To know after earth life only is not enough.
It is necessary to love them both,
[it is necessary] To recognize, to know [them both].

My word is to the one who says,
"If you know earth [life], you can not enter the after earth life": [in order for you to go to heaven, you have to deprive yourself of worldly pleasures]
If I do not see What my Allah gives,
What do [would] I do with after earth life?
If I do not know The Being of my Allah,
What do [would] I do in after earth life?
Let me see my Allah,
Let me know What HE gives,
Let me love [HIM] with all HIS thing[s] [creations] so that
I reach HIS LIGHT.
You even see the commodity differently:
Even though it is human made, [even though it is made by human]
You say, "How beautiful."
Then, why do you deprive yourself
Of seeing earth's various everyday beauties?

Work that is known to be right [correct],
[work] That is not [a] load upon your conscience
Is not [a] sin at all.

What[ever] you do,
You should do [it]
Not for human
But for my Allah.

Why is [there] fear from human?
Not even the prophet could suppress
The pressure of the society.
For what he did, he said, "My Allah's command,"
[as such] He came forward on the meydan.
[as such] He did not put the fear in the heart.
Take shelter in your Allah,
[and] Do not feel fear from the work that you do.
As a matter of fact, HE keeps the work that is not good deed
Away from the human who takes shelter in HIM.
For that [reason], take shelter in your Allah
Even for the work that you consider as the simplest one.

HE makes the ocean be found by the one who wishes [for The Meaning]. [ocean==God]

Only patience makes spiritually mature.
Let us have a look at Yunus,
Let us count his years:
He did not say one,
He passed ten,
He went over twenty,
He chose thirty.
You see...
[in order to mature spiritually,] Count the years, not the days.

Even grape matures in [a] year [time],
[however, it] Wishes for the care of the human.
Its life [is] from Allah,
Its blood [is] from Allah,
Its water [is] from Allah.
Yet it should be pruned,
Its water should be given appropriately,
Its medicine should be thrown [given].
That is, [in other words,] it should be protected from badness.

There is promise of the earth on only one servant:
Interest. [==[taking] advantage]
Human waters the soil
So that it feeds him/herself;
Soil gives to human
So that he/she waters [it]...
The giving of the tree,
Providing shade for human
Is always within this chain [relationship]. [like a chain reaction]
[similarly,] Human makes his/her prayer,
He/she calls his/her saint.
[saint] Saves him/her from deadlock.
Chain relationship.

Everything finds end in one conclusion.
Everything that is done for my Allah is good deed.
How about conclusion: helping one another,
Giving hand to one another,
To protect, to be protected,
To love, to be loved...
The only and stoneless path to arrive [in Allah is]:
Love so that you are loved.

Not you
But my Allah see [you] as worthy.
Not me
But my Allah give duty.
Your daily duty should be enough for you,
[yet] It should increase while you wind your wool ball.

One should
Not wait
But submit [him/herself] humbly [to God].

Each human wishes for the most beautiful one.
To want is beautiful,
My Allah gives to the one who wants.
Yet one should pass the test,
It should not be said, "It passed now," [it is over now, I passed/failed the test]
Heart should be ready for the test in every moment.
If you say, "What a pity!
Ah! It did not happen,"
[then] Your grade is lowered.

The aim should be
Not HIS heaven
HIS LIGHT is nothing but the heaven ITSELF.

I know
What the joy of the human is,
Which path he/she is on,
[and] I explain [accordingly];
[I know] Which path human chose on earth,
[I know whether] He/she ran on the path that he/she chose.
When he/she arrives at HIS Heaven,
He/she sees him/herself at the highest [place] of that position [post].
He/she takes duty with the ones who are [also] on that path.
Each human gets his/her measure [spiritual degree/level] from The Lofty One,
[as such,] He/she arrives in the [HIS] presence.
Because human is far from his/her worry,
"What is given is from The Lofty One,
My duty [is] because of my measure on earth,"
He/she says, he/she rejoices.

Do not open your foot [feet, legs], [==do not try to run]
Do not pass your path. [do not try to take big steps]
Do not say, "If I jump far,
I arrive quickly."
My Allah's clock is set.
It is HIS written command, you can not override,
You can not arrive before the time comes.
If you say, "Is only patience sufficient?"
Of course, if you add patience to the walk,
The outcome happens as wished.

I said:
Time, clock are my Allah's command[s].
If you pick grape from the grapevine
Before it ripens,
It twists your mouth, [it is bitter and you show your dislike by twisting your lips]
It tires your stomach.
Wait for it to ripen,
Add your patience to your path.

Deep lover of [from] heart: earth's abdal. [abdal==dervish who is in deep love with Allah]
He/she is not deprived of mind,
Abdal is deprived of badness.
He/she is nothing but deep lover...

Our dervish lodge is [in] your hearts.
Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel