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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 21

25 June 1970

I am Mevlana.
I came to the one who came,
I laughed [smiled] at the one who loved.
To the one who says, "I burned [in heart],"
To the one who conforms from heart
To the one who is enlightened,
To the one who goes on HIS path,
To the one who knows his/her [spiritual] washer

Beyond the wall,
Behind the nest, [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
Soft word is said,
Our water is talked about.
[our water] It keeps on flowing, not empty, [it carries its mureeds]
It increases from day to day, [number of mureeds increases]
Creeks are added, [creek==mureed]
One's [spiritual] maturation is waited for.

Waters flow,
Human looks.
At the place [where] it [water] is scarce,
Soil burns the crop.
The ones who are prayerful for the abundance of water,
The ones who wait from Allah
Are not mistaken.
The hand that is opened [while praying], does not close as empty. [when one prays to God, his/her prayer is accepted]
Do not say, "[let it be] Either like that or like this,"
HIS hikmet is not questioned.

Let granaries be filled,
Let the ones that are full be consumed,
[then] Let them be filled again,

The most appropriate intention
Is the one that is referred [submitted/transferred] to your Allah.

The one who wishes for word from Mesnevi [human who tries to understand Mesnevi]
Is the one who knows the essence of the human as soft.

If the season is spring,
From the eye of the human to his/her heart
Comes the taste of the warm event.
If the season is winter,
From the eye of the human to his/her skin
Comes the taste of the cold air.

Summer burns,
Human looks at the water,
He/she reaches comfort.
If he/she does not get life from the water,
Earth looks stale. [analogy with spiritual water]
He/she looks at the sun,
Sweat is shed from his/her skin.
It burns... it burns...
Do you know that water gives,
[do you know] That human matures spiritually with water?
Water is such a being that
It even makes the most turned-away human
Thank God. [turned-away human==human who does not walk on HIS path]
No one human who drank HIS water
And did not say, "Thanks,"
Came to earth. [every human drank HIS water and thanked]

Example of spiritual maturation [is] in water,
Tale of the wisdom [is] in water.
Each event is tied [connected] with water.
Even the dervish lodge of the saint
Is given as example, with water.
What I say is that:
In order to bear the sun,
Religious faith is necessary.
In order to keep away from cold,
Religious faith is necessary.
In order to get rid of trouble,
Religious faith is necessary.
Religious faith: ocean of heart. [ocean==God]
Ocean: savior of the earth and the after earth life.
This is what I say...

One does not talk about 'the old one-the new one,'
One does not live [according to] the old one, on the new day.
Keep away from the one who says,
"If one says word to the new one about the old one,
[then] On the [current] day, chaotic events come, [chaotic events may occur on the current day]
Earth's order is disrupted."
Wind the wool ball according to one's day.
[human who reads and understands 'the new one' is tolerant of 'the old one']

Do you know how sin occurs?
To wait for his/her God-given share, from human,
To add his/her path to [another] human.
Let you know that
What comes to your mind
Is the path of Allah.
If you are carried away by [someone else's] word,
[then] You are mistaken.
If human stays on his/her own,
He/she finds the right one:
He/she makes mistake once, on the second [instance] he/she straightens up.
[however,] If he/she looks at human's word,
[then] He/she stays without news of his/her mistake. [then he/she is unaware of his/her mistake]

To stay away from fear...
What is meant by fear:
Hunger, disease,
Taking [desiring greedily], worry;
To interpret the fruit,
To interpret the mature one,
To say, "Did it/he/she mature, will it/he/she mature,
Will lifetime be sufficient for that?"
It will be sufficient, or not;
Human will stay [on earth]
As many days as Allah gives.
To determine, to try to determine
Misleads human, makes [him/her] commit sin.
One should say,
"I live as much as my breath [is/permits],
There is no need to count.
My wish is to return as I came." [my wish is to return with the Light that I had when I came to earth]

The lessons that you take,
You should say [about them], "From The Lofty One,"
You should put [them] on the shoulder with [in a] basket,
[as such ] One should whirl and whirl, one should look.
The important one of the lessons that you take
Is the one that takes you from the ladder to the flatness.
On the flatness, one stops, looks around.
The lessons that I take
Nourish my after earth life.
How do they nourish [my after earth life]?
Not through the mouth of course.
You always welcome the event according to the lesson that you take;
You make your smoke wait at your heart gate,
You do not let [it] in;
You do not cover [close] your heart eye.

The moment in which you expect from human,
You are considered as "denying your Allah."

Human says about the one that is in his/her hand, [human says about what the other human has:]
"He/she is about to come, he/she will give [me] money,"
He/she asks for [a] storeroom [to put/stock what he/she will get].
If it is [was] in his/her hand, [if it is [was] within the power of human]
He/she takes [would take] [it] on his/her day.
What is more important than money, rank
Is the faithful human.
The one who waits from human
Is mistaken.

Your foot is the measure of your value.
The place where the faithful human goes to
Is the place where his/her foot takes [him/her] to.
Foot bears every suffering:
Stone hits,
Thorn pierces,
Toenail grows; [? Toenail drops [toenail separates from the toe because of the thorn]; ?]
[yet] Foot still performs its duty.

Do not be mistaken:
Each organ that is given is different from one another,
Yet it performs work of the same value.

Word is wanted from [about] Mesnevi.
I wonder what is waited [for]?
I told about snow.
I said shape.
Is it valueless?
Of course not.
Snow covers the soil,
Affects the earthworm.
Because of the sun it [melts and] wanders,
[because of the sun], It becomes water, it flows,
It waters the soil.
What does Mesnevi do?
[it does] What the snow does.
And then its productivity occurs abundantly.
It is noon time, would it not loosen? [it is noon time, would the snow not start to melt under the sun?]
If it does not loosen, it does not come to word,
It does not stand on flatness. [sun==Prophet Mohammad]
[analogy with humans: if he/she does not loosen/melt under the sun, he/she can not climb the spiritual ladder, he/she can not stand on the flatness...]

On his/her day he/she matured [spiritually];
He/she matured [spiritually], [and] he/she came [to sainthood],
He/she did not know that he/she came [to sainthood].
He/she knew but he/she did not believe.
On the path of the mature one,
Mevlana [is] arm in arm with him/her. [Mevlana holds his/her arm to help]
We are not alone,
We are all together.
[it is like] One [big] circle in our hand,
We form [the circle] by holding hand [in hand].
Do not forget:
The one who is part of the circle
Is not separate, he/she is together,
[we are] All together.

I wrote Mesnevi,
I talked about turtle.
Turtle represents
[however, it also represents] Patience and uprightness,
[it also represents] That it is with support;
No creation can be with nest [there is no creation that has its home always with it],
Except turtle.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

26 June 1970

I am Mevlana.
To make the event big [to exaggerate the event]
Is to make the day of the lifetime, decay.
Do not say to event, "Poison." [do not blame the event]
One does not question HIS reason.
The question that is opened [asked] is not answered. [if you question about the reason of an event, it is not answered]
Say, "It is good deed," wait.
Wait, [and] see;
Bad event does not come from my Allah.
[yet] What seems bad to human
Is not solved on the day [when the event happens].

One has to believe in my Allah without doubt, from the bottom of [his/her] heart.
One should know that
At the end of each night, morning comes.

Do not say,
"Let me be glad [first],
[then] Let me conform from heart."

Each human wishes that it happens according to his/her heart.
He/she talks about the one that happened.
Put the one that happened behind yourself like [in the example of a] mirror [put past events behind like how silvering is put on the back surface of a mirror]
So that your heart face is bright.

Do not divert your path
From the one who matures [spiritually],
From the one who conforms from heart,
From the one who finds the right [path];
Do not change the direction of the heart.

Empty [nonsense] prayer is not made,
[because] Permission is not given by The Lofty One.

To block one's path is not in the hand of the human.
If my Allah does not give permission [to go on a path],
[then] HE makes human cause,
HE blocks the path.
Do not know from human, [do not think that it happens because of human]
Do not say, "Bad." [do not blame human, and do not say that he/she is bad]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

26 June 1970
(Another chat on the same date)

I am Mevlana.
Do not occupy yourself with the one that happened. [do not occupy yourself with past events]

Help from human to human does not sprout. [Human can not help human. Allah helps human by making human, cause...]
[? Help from human to human does not end. ?]

Bird does not fly without reason. [every event is for a reason]

For the grape of the grapevine:
If you take
Not smoke
But basket,
[then] Fill the basket,
Close its lid [so that]
No fly alights, no bee eats.
If you say,
"If it is God-given share,
In vineyard, grapes [are] a lot: [there are so many grapes in the vineyard that]
They are sufficient for the fly, the bee as well as the bird."
Your basket is for you.
[if] Lid falls,
[then] Bees throng.

What is important for you
Is to say your word after thinking,
Is to keep away from [saying] big word.

Omar says,
"Ask the question
Not to The Lofty One
But to yourself.
Search the mistake and find [it] so that
You do not make [it] once more [again].
Warn one another.
I warn too, I say."

Saint comes in the presence of The Lofty One
With [through/thanks to] heart.
The one whose heart is heavy
Stays below.

It is said, "Let there be equality,
Let human not be separated from human." [let there be no discrimination among humans in after earth life]
Human who comes [to earth] with the purest heart,
On earth, he/she puts weight in heart.
If will is strong,
He/she gets free of what he/she takes. [he/she gets rid of the weight]

What is meant by sheikh-hood is not [spiritual] maturity. [sheikh= head of a group of dervishes]
[because spiritual] Maturity does not want [need] any throne.
[even] If he/she sits on throne,
He/she does not say, "Let my servant come."
He/she does never give order [command] to the human of my Allah.
Humans of my Allah
Are not separated from one another. [are not discriminated]

Being qadi is beautiful [qadi= a judge in a Muslim community, whose decisions are based on Islamic religious law. ]
For the one who goes on HAK's path
As long as he separates HIS human who is right
From the one who is wrong.

It is said that: "Ataturk is without religion." [Ataturk=the founder of Turkey]
I ask the one whose religion is complete: [I ask the one who claims to be a perfect faithful]
From which source does he/she get his/her strength?
Who came forward saying,
"My religion is complete,
My faith is perfect?" [none of the religious fanatics came forward [to unite the country]]
Only his [Ataturk's] faith was perfect that
Only him, he trusted his Allah,
He gathered the army from the people.
The person who is talked about, [Ataturk]
[in order] Not to depart from justice,
He used to wake up during nights, he used to sacrifice his sleep,
He used to lean on spiritual force,
He used to pray to his Allah;
[he used to pray] Saying, "Let me not make any mistake,
Let me not crush the one who is right."
Of course the one who is unjust says, "Bad." [of course, the ones who were "really" unjust called him as unjust, as bad]
Badness spreads easier than goodness.
However, because he had [a] harsh temperament,
There were many who were reluctant to go next to him
In order to tell [him] about their worry.
He was not without reason in his harshness.
'To laugh' would separate him
Not from the flow of HIS [spiritual] water
But from his running away from badness.
In other words, [for him,]
To separate the one who is right, to laugh [smile] at him, [to favor the one who is right by smiling at him/her]
Was to separate the one who was wrong, as human. [was to discriminate between humans on the basis of right/wrong]
For that [reason], he did not laugh
Even if HIS human was right;
He did not use to separate [him/her] from the one who was wrong.
The punishment that he gave
Was the punishment for what was forbidden. [he only allowed punishment of the ones who broke the law]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

29 June 1970

I am Mevlana.
If there is [a] meyhane, [meyhane=bar/restaurant like public place in the 14th century where wine was served]
If cupbearer comes,
If he/she gives [serves] wine,
"Let my place be to [at] the seven level Loftier," I say, ["Let my place be on the seventh level, let me be in the presence of God," I say,]
[and] I drink the wine without breathing. [I would drink the wine in one draft]

As long as my red blood is in the vein,
[and] My smoke is around,
It gives me difficulty,
It dirties my red blood.
I said about my day [when I was] on earth,
[about] My direction in heart.
I was amazed at the one who said,
"I devoted my blood,
I paid with my life."
Whom does he/she devote his/her life, his/her blood to,
Whom does he/she pay for?
You wish to open, [you want me to explain]
You are amazed at my tonight's writing.
The mill spins,
It pulls the water up and out of the well.
If you do not dig [a] ditch,
[the water] It flows in vain.
If you say, "I made self-sacrifice,
I dug the ditch,"
[then] You are mistaken.
What he/she does, is ordinary work.
Earth, is the world of ordinary works.
Fatigue is the [result of the] effort of the body.
If your God-given share does not come,
Do not say, "What [how bad] is my destiny?"
Do not say word to [about] your blood, your life.
If you dug your ditch,
If you set up the mill,
[then] Be prayerful to your Allah,
Let HIM fill the well with water.
If there is no mill,
You water with bucket, if you have water [that God gave/allowed].
Each human's God-given share is not one [the same]:
Some of them have mill,
Some of them have bucket.
[yet] The outcome [is] always one [the same].
However, body gets tired differently,
[in any case,]
He/she knows the taste of what he/she eats.

Instead of being waiter from HIS human, [instead of waiting from human]
One should humbly accept what comes from HAK.
Instead of being kisser of human's skirt, [instead of begging another human]
One should kneel down before my Allah.

"I came, I will return, [I came to earth, I will return to after earth life]
I will burn with your deep love,
I will be 'pervane.' [pervane: small insect that flies always to/around the light]
If YOU accept me,
I will shine with Your LIGHT my Allah."
Say [like this], [however,] say it from heart.

Our path is
Not ours
But our Allah's.
Our life, instead of stopping, is in [is busy with] running,
In arriving at HIS Lofty Level...

Sun makes his/her [? HIS ?] path difficult to [for] the one who does not come to his/her senses.
You did not understand.
What happens to the one who starts the journey late?
He/she breaks down because of the heat:
No strength is left to walk.
Let me tell [explain].
In order to come to one's senses, it is necessary to open your path.
Do not say, "We arrived,
We climbed the ladder."
We climbed the ladder, however,
It is necessary to walk on the flatness.
It is necessary to find the early one of the sun.
In other words,
Do not say, "It is yet early, I have my day, [I am young, there are a lot of days ahead of me]
I took the word, I have my direction."
[instead] Take [HIS] path.
Do not stop, do not spend the time in vain.
Do not give place to empty word [to nonsense].
Do not say, "[heart has already] Matured,"
Do not confuse [the] heart.

Grapevine's underneath [is] shady.
The region [that is] on its sand [soil]
Does not work to determine your place.
If you say, "What does the region of the sand do?"
You search its variety,
You find according to your place.
My Allah gave according to your path:
"With clay," you say, you step on [that sand/soil],
"With salt," you say, you step on [that sand/soil].
[try to understand considering the following analogy:]
You consider milk [as being]
More important than cream.
If you asked me, I would choose milk too.
I said according to word of earth,
[according] To the measure of human.
Cream is beautiful
If it is eaten next to sweet [pastry].
Milk is valuable every day. [it is thought that the foregoing verses are about various faiths...]

To take is beautiful because of giving, [to give==to share The Meaning]
To give is beautiful because of loving,
To wait [patience] is more beautiful than all.

You do not think about the one that happened,
You are curious about the one that will happen.
Neither does the one that happened, come back,
Nor will the one that will happen, come quickly.
Each work [event] waits for its time [to come].
It is seen that it unties when its day comes.

Food that is cooked in abundant oil
Harms the stomach.

Mevlana matured [spiritually], [and] came [to after earth life],
He left his load [on earth], [and] came [to after earth life].
He gave place to the mature one from [in] his room.
He came, he stood in the nest, [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
He gave what he took.
He came to your love, he saw the hearts.

It is said mouthfully, [we have been giving abundantly]
Cover is placed onto the mouth.
[however,] To close is in vain.
Give what you take from the lifetime,
Take it out from the mouth.
I said: hearts got full.
Deep love ignited the candles.
If you close, it goes out [it is extinguished], [because] it stays without air.
[when you mature spiritually, in heart, then share The Meaning]

Say to the one who says, "I got ready for the return [to after earth life]."
When the essence becomes like thick sugar syrup, word lessens.
You add water to the sugar [and you start to boil],
When it gets thicker, its water lessens,
[only] The essence stays in hand. [at the end, one is left with its essence]
If water with sugar is light [dilute],
You drink with cup.
When it gets heavier [thicker], [water] amount lessens,
Paste stays in the mouth.
Our word has been like that [too].
Its taste stayed in mouth.
[yet,] We fill
Not the stomach
But the heart.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel