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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 20

12 June 1970

I am Mevlana.
We came to the nest like in the example of [a] flower garden; [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
Flowers of the nest: [are] children.

The shade of the fruitless tree
Is desired [only] from summer to summer.
Tree with fruit
Is taken care of like your [own] eye.

The maturation of children surprises the big ones [adults].
[however,] To be surprised misleads human.
What for [for what purpose] did he/she come to earth?
Why did he/she stand at home?
Mother, father [are] on duty on earth.
[mother, father] He/she gets his/her divine merit, his/her sin
First from his/her child.
If motherhood ended with
Swaddling, giving baby food [to the baby],
If fatherhood ended with
Buying baby food, making [the baby] walk by holding his/her hand,
[motherhood/fatherhood] It would be easy.
To pull [to guide] to the going of the [right] path,
To open the heart path is difficult.

To take the forbidden language does not suit human. [to talk badly does not suit human]

To give place to the one that happened [to occupy oneself with past events]
To put [it] at its place [to try to change them]
Is unnecessary. [because The Creator creates the events]

It is irrelevant
That human looks at the one that is far from human.
If you put your foot on your path, you walk.
[however,] If you look at the other path,
You lose [waste] time.

We say, "[saying] You, me/I' is in vain."

Our duty [is that]: we fill [spiritual] water in the bucket.

To give path to the mature one is beautiful,
It does not give sorrow.
The one who lost HIS path, is difficult,
[because] He/she does not conform.

The image of the sky: [is] starry.
The image of the human who is mistaken, [is] gilded;
It can not stand up to washing. [because water would wash away its gilt]
[? Previous verse may also be translated as follows:
He/she does not come to be washed [spiritually]. ?]

The being of the star does not fill the sky.
When it is night, sun does not set [disappear].
It does not add its light to earth. [it becomes invisible from some parts of the earth]
It gives ornament to moon, to star[s] [planets],
It illuminates them. [sun==Prophet Mohammad; moon==Hazrat Ali; star==saint]
When you see the sun,
Do you see the moon and the star?

More than taking,
Earth's direction
[is] Towards giving.

"Mevlevi" [religious] order [Mevlevi=(a) Mevlevi (a dervish who follows the teachings of Jalal-ud-Din Rumi),]
Conforms the foot to the spinning of the earth.
In any case, founding [construction/establishment] occurs by spinning;
By keeping on spinning and spinning, it gives its fruit.
Spinning of the sun,
Earth's conformity [to the sun] is its fruit.
If there was no spinning,
What would summer mean
[what would] Winter mean?
It would turn into [a] fruitless tree. [it would be like a fruitless tree]

I do not take the pen [away from you],
I do not cut my word. [I continue to teach spiritually]
Do you have loss because of the pen? [is there anyone who does not benefit from our chats?]
Pen has to befit the hand,
[pen] Has to stick from [through] the heart; [spiritual teachings that we give using Garib's hand and pen should reach human's heart]
He/she has to know [how] to take, to give,
He/she has to thank The Giver.

Whomever it comes from,
Let it especially address the heart.
[let it say]
Not about separation [discrimination], favoring [one human over another],
But about conforming heart path[s to one another].

Switch is turned on,
Voice is given to the radio [set].
Listen, gather around it.
It is
Not your loss
But your gain.
Taker, giver. [to give==to share The Meaning]
Comer, finder. [he/she comes to earth, he/she finds HIM while he/she is on earth...]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

13 June 1970

I am Mevlana.
Do not add your heart to earth word, [do not pay attention to earth events]
Do not take [it] to your heart.
Refer [submit/transfer] [it] to your Allah.

Close the black notebook.
Black notebook: it is the notebook that you write inside
The ones whom you hold grudge against.

If word is said to you,
If it is asked about your right,
Then you say,
[then] You defend your right.
If it is harmful, of course it is not covered.
[however,] If it is harmless, [then] it does not fall on you. [it is none of your business]

Leaf came into being on the grapevine, it is pruned.
It gave its fruit abundantly.
To prune is beautiful,
[however,] One has to know its place, [one has to know where to trim]
One should not cut the branch where life comes to. [one should not cut the branch that is alive]
I say about your children:
You do not know how to prune the event,
You find the fault in grapevine.
Grapevine does not grow endlessly [on its own];
One should dig its soil,
One should pick its weed,
One should trim its branch knowingly,
One should give its medicine.
Its medicine [is] sulfur.
Air should be convenient too.
It should not be deprived of water.
Let it also not be forgotten that
There are varieties of grape too.
If you say,
"Let them all ripen at once,
Let its taste come to its place in moment," [let it be tasty right away]
[then,] You are mistaken.
I told [you]:
Some roots have abundant leaves,
The grape's taste stays [behind]. [when leaves are abundant, the taste of the grape is poor]
Some [grapes] are black [in color].
[let us turn back to kids:]
Let us be soft,
Let us set up [create] peace at home.
Let us be friends with the children,
Let us share his/her worry.
Do not drag your child to lie with fear, [do not scare your child and cause him/her to lie]
Do not get angry at the one who tells [a] lie because of fear.
If you jump down his/her throat,
He/she becomes dog, you herd him/her.
Do not take my word amiss. [do not be offended by what I say]
I know the place of my essence in your heart, [I know how you respect/love me]
For that [reason] I say like that.
[please] Do not be offended at all.
Do not say, "Did you do like that to your kids too?"
According to the necessity of my day
I was close.
Children, they all are good.
There was one who revolted against me too.
[however,] I did not revolt against him [? her ?].
I wished to my Allah that he [? she ?] was forgiven,
I prayed for his [? her ?] peace.

I am Yunus, I came,
I laughed at the words. [I enjoyed the chat]

Put your joke on your path,
Laugh all life long,
Be cause to laugh. [help others to laugh too]

Conform your feeling to your heart,
Slide your anger away from your body.

There is moment in which you wish:
My Allah takes the prayers [directly],
Gives its answer quickly
As long as you are worthy,
[as long as] You use your heart and your logic
On the same path.
Heart [is] pure,
[however,] Logic works with [about] earth worry,
[logic] Says, "Bad human," begins to fight.
Making mistake happens at that time:
Leave [him/her alone],
Let The Creator give him/her his/her punishment,
Let your peace stay with you.

Yunus [is] at the source of the water,
His hand [is] on the branch of the tree.
He looks for [a] place for his ax,
He asks Omar about its place: [he asks Omar about where to put the ax]
"Do I roll up my sleeve,
[and] Do I put [it] in water?
In water, rust occurs,
On [wet] ground, mold occurs."
Omar says,
"Do not leave [it] to rust, [or] to mold,
[otherwise,] Your subsistence becomes plaintiff. [your subsistence sues you] [if it gets rusted, you can not earn a living]
Lean [it] against the tree,
Eat your food, lean your head [on HIM],
When its hour [time] comes, start your work."
I love the water, [and] the tree a lot.
I always talk about HIM.
That is the event.

Let my Allah be pleased with all of you.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

19 June 1970

I am Mevlana.
I said, "Let the path be convenient,"
For the day that gives [HIS] path in the nest.
I gave you my word.
Do not say, "[he/she] Does not take."
To put heart [to believe from heart]
Not by knowing
But by conforming.
If human is feverish,
"He/she found his/her way," is said. [he/she has found the way to do/get his/her greedy desire]
It is [an] earth word [idiom]. [some humans consider obtaining their greedy desires as success]
[however,] Measure of heart is
Not from you, [or] me
But from my Allah.

Tranquility of the situation is because of his/her foot [that is on HIS path].

Whatever human says, he/she makes mistake.
Event is remembered with pleading:
[when human pleads] My Allah gives good deed direction to the event.

Mother's path,
Father's arm
Should be above the child [to protect/guide].
The child should know him/herself [as] free.
He/she should wind his/her wool ball with confidence.
One should not scare [him/her] of living.
[once] He/she learns to take, he/she should give,
He/she should know to give.
He/she should work in accordance with his/her power [strength].
He/she should know the enlightened path.
The ones who teach [the child] should be the mother and the father.
He/she should know
Not that the earth is dark
But that the sun rises every morning.
He/she should not be scared of darkness.
Saying that the sun will rise anyway,
He/she should not stay on his/her own [without doing anything],
[but instead] He/she should take precaution because the night will come.
He/she should refer [submit/transfer] the one that happens to Allah.
At that time [then], his/her confidence is complete.

The one that you wish to take,
The one that you call as 'good deed'
Is good deed.

Do not call earth event as 'trouble,'
Do not call human as 'harsh,'
Do not shout at him/her.

To add word to word [to talk badly]
Does not give peace to human.
Human should search the peace him/herself.

Friendly chat occurs about the beautiful path,
[friendly chat] Makes the one who matures [spiritually] on day, known,
[friendly chat] Makes human conform to change.
Interpretation of the day should be
Not for the staying [behind] of the human
But for the going of the human [on HIS path].

Do not mind your word, [say whatever you want to say]
[however,] Do not look [at it] saying, "Wrong." [do not look at and say about the empty part of the glass]
The aim is to make him/her know HIS path,
Not to put him/her in his/her place.

You find peace by searching.
If you say, "Let me wait until it comes,"
[then] You are mistaken.
Peace occurs by heading for Allah
Because The Giver [of the peace] is HIM.
Turn your back to the one that happened,
Tolerate the one that comes, without doubt.
For the one that is good, say, "Thank YOU."
For the one that is bad according to yourself, say,
"It does not occur without reason,
My Allah does not give [if it is bad],"
[then] Wait that it becomes good deed.

I did not separate, I said to all [humans]
To look for peace on the right [side], on the left [side]
Is mortal human's first thought;
He/she heads for his/her Allah the last,
[then] He/she sees that it unties. [then he/she sees how a bad looking event turns to good]
Do not say, "Is there in me?" [do I act like that too?]
Each human, day comes, he/she makes mistake.
[however,] To know that one makes mistake is also turning [to right path].

Word is tied to word,
Heart burns.
Burning heart
Heads for his/her Allah.

Hazrat Nuh [Noah]. [drawing of him received]
He entered his own air,
He concentrated on his prayer.
He wished to his Allah for HIS entrustments.
His prayer to his Allah came true.
During the disaster of deluge,
He took shelter in his Allah.
His Allah gave him HIS entrustments,
He was protector [of HIS entrustments]. [? HE was [his] protector. ?]

Let my Allah be pleased with all of you.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

22 June 1970

I am Mevlana.
Was it [ever] seen the harmful one of prayer?
If you say, "[this is] Irrelevant,"
[then] You are mistaken. [i.e. there are harmful prayers, spells, curses; in such a case:]
Take shelter in your Allah,
HE protects you from mistake.

We pruned the grapevine,
We threw [put] its sulfur.
We looked at [checked] its fruit,
We found [it] productive.

If there was [a] human without fault,
[then] There would not be "falling in earth's worry,"
[then] Human would not work greedily.

If it does not happen, [know that] it is good deed.
Do not say, "Why?"
Do not ask for its explanation.

If the glass of the mirror is bad,
[then] The image is hard [bad].
Mirror [is] crystal:
Image [is] beautiful.

If you look at the path from the candle light, [if you look at the path while standing by the candle light]
[then] You see the darkness.
If you look from the path,
[then] You see the light of the candle.
You are in light.
[suppose now that you are in the shoes of someone who is in the darkness:]
You saw the darkness,
You turned your head to the candle.
The one who is in the dark
[he/she] Sees you who are in the light.
In order to see, it is necessary that one looks,
It is necessary that one raises his/her head.
If you look at the ground, you can not see.
You turn to The Lofty One,
Then you see.

The one who embroiders 'oya,' sheds Light of eye, [oya= kind of embroidery (used as edging on a garment or cloth)]
[he/she] Chooses the one that is beautiful, from heart.
[he/she] Adds the work of his/her hand, to his/her food,
He/she tastes the flavor, in the morsel that he/she eats.

Of course the path is convenient.
The one who hoes the field,
[the one] Who sweats while hoeing,
[the one] Who wipes [his/her sweat] with his/her sleeve,
[the one] Who lays his/her body under the tree,
[and] Eats his/her food...
If you say, "What is his/her food?"
Bread with its additive 'onion.' [bread together with onion]
Ask [him/her] about the bitter onion:
He/she says, "Sweet."
Because his/her peace [is] many fold.
He/she was not distracted,
He/she did not throw his/her peace to the street,
He/she always carried [his/her peace] with him/herself.

He/she put molasses in his/her jug,
He/she spent the winter.
"I have no denial of Your Writing, my Allah," he/she said.
He/she said so, was he/she sad?
Did he/she shrink [become small] on HIS path?

My Allah gave force to
HIS human's arm;
The one who worked, got his/her God-given share.
[however,] Peace is
Neither in money, nor in coin,
Nor in situation, nor in merchandize,
Nor on the path that is on earth,
But only in heart.
[peace is] In the one who puts in heart,
[peace is] In the one who trusts his/her Allah,
[peace is] In the one who trusts and takes shelter [in his/her Allah],
[peace is] In the one who stays away from doubt...

My Yunus came, wished for my word.
[he said,]
"I tied
My word, my path,
HIS human [who is] on my path
To the path that you present.
I am Yunus, I came,
I took word after days.
I came
Not to keep [you] busy
But to chat."

One looks at the order of the grapevine,
At the grape that is on its branch.
If you say, "Let it ripen so that I eat,
Let it be wine so that I drink,"
[then] Patience is necessary.

I am the harsh spokesman of the soft word.
You said, "Empty," for your day, [you said you had nothing to do]
You did not try to fill.
You searched the light,
[yet] You did not look up.
You said, "I conformed," [but] you did not hear.
You said, "Mirror," [but] you did not look in.
If you looked in, you would see,
You would erase the darkness.

My wish is always this:
Our path is great,
Great path's end is [to] my Allah.

Do not occupy yourself with earth trouble.
Do not add yourself
To the daily event of this world.

Day does not conform to [another] day,
Trouble comes, [it] does not go,
Do not open arms to trouble.
What is meant by trouble [is]: deprivation of body.
Do you consider the place that is sick [in your body], as existent?
If you have [a] mansion made of gold,
If you have [a] bowl made of silver,
[or] If you have a troubled head, [if you have a disease]
Which one is better?

To think about all of humans
Is the prayer of the [spiritually] mature human.
By saying, "It is none of my business,"
You are mistaken,
You throw your sand to air.
If you say [ask], "What happens?"
What will happen?
[sand grain:] It will hurt the eye of the human whom it encounters.
[I mean the] Grain of sand:
Ones become thousand, they give path, [when thousands of sand grains come together, they make a soft path that one may walk on]
[on the other hand,]
Sometimes one grain gives damage to eye.
According to appropriateness, according to HIS human...
For the one who wishes for path, it becomes path.
If you walk softly [on that path], you arrive.
[however,] If you rub your foot [against the sand of the path, then]
You bring out your eye. [then you would hurt your eye]
It is in accordance with the walking.

If night does not become day,
Look for the offense in yourself.
Behind of the night is the day. [what follows the night is the day]
[however,] If you enclose yourself in [a] room,
If you cover yourself tightly,
Of course day happens [comes] later.
The one who wakes up early, [and] works,
Reaches the day fast,
Fights with the night.
Whether he/she fights or not,
Day comes...

It happened, pleadings found their place.
Hazrat Mevlana said,
"Let us cut the word," [let me stop my chat here]
He gave place to the mature one,
Hazrat Ali came.
I saw nicely. [I am welcomed]
"I made my blood, helal,
I donated my path.
Greeting," I said;
Its meaning is:
"I gave my path to you as [a] gift."
I am Ali,
I am saint on my path.
I am [a] human of my Allah.
I am the son in law of the ambassador, [ambassador==Prophet Mohammad]
I am the husband of his darling daughter.
If it is easy to take the path of the mature one,
[then] It is not difficult to give to HIS human.
In the moment that he/she wishes, human does not stay behind.
To take [is] from human, to give [is] from my Allah. [when human wishes for HIS path, Allah sends spiritual guide]
I am Ali, I am full;
I am forceful human of my path.
[however,] It is not from me, [it is] from the giving of my Allah.
For what you take,
For what you rejoice at on your day,
Thank your Allah in moment [for them]
So that you have face to wish [again],
So that you have power to pay [for it].
Do not stick your heart to the one that does not happen. [do not be obsessed with a wish that does not come true]
Do not turn back [and]
Look at the behind of the path.
The path that you passed may seem long, [the distance that you walked may seem long]
Makes [may make] you dizzy.
If you look at the path that comes, [if you look at the path that is ahead of you]
Its coming looks as fast, [it seems as if it comes quickly]
Human rejoices.
Greeting to you all.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel