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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 19

9 June 1970

I am Mevlana.
By opening The [spiritual] Meaning, heart becomes convenient.
However, it opens when its day comes.
Spiritual maturity is
Not because of age nor head [spiritual maturity is not related to physical aging or to cleverness]
But because of the sun. [sun==Prophet Mohammad]
The one who sees the light of the sun more
Matures spiritually earlier.

It is easy to stand up on meydan, [it is easy to face the crowd]
It is easy to throw the word too. [it is also easy to talk]
It is not easy to make [one] listen,
It is not easy to find [an] assembly [audience].

Our path goes through the meydan,
On the meydan, heart chooses the assembly.
One says word, pleases heart,
Turns, goes, walks around in hearts,
Looks for deep love in heart
Not to take but to give.
If it is in accordance with human's intention,
If [heart] window stays open,
[then] There is not [would not be] any turned-away human.

Window to earth is open, [window between after earth life and earth life is open]
However, it is [at a] high [place].
It is necessary to climb and see. [in order to see, it is necessary to climb the spiritual ladder]
[however,] In order to climb the [spiritual] ladder,
It is necessary to throw away one's load.
Each human rises,
However, as I say,
It is necessary to throw away his/her load.
Human throws away his/her load, [it is up to human to throw away his/her load]
He/she leans on his/her Allah.
Measures are with my Allah. [Allah grants spiritual degrees]

Let you plead with my Allah,
Let you not make HIS human, intermediary. [pray directly to Allah, do not use another human as intermediary]
When you plead,
Let you say
Not in the name of HIS persona
But in The Being of my Allah.
Let you send from the hand of my Allah
To the persona of your saint.

I even come to the place where Garib is remembered.
Let Garib's, [and] my name
Be remembered together.
Let it be known that our path is [goes to] HAK.
To leave [our path/Garib] does not conform to our heart path.

One does not complain about [any] event.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

10 June 1970

I am Mevlana.
I said fruit as "hiyma,"
I gave fruit as example.
"Hiyma" means example.
I conformed my foot to my path,
I gave Mesnevi.
I tried to show the right path
With examples:
I gave example from HIS human.
I showed example from HIS tree.
I gave example from HIS creations.
I turned the path of the one who was mistaken[, to HIS path].
I believed that from the trunk of the grapevine
Wine will come into being.
"Patience," I said, I waited,
I saw the one that came into being.
[human matures spiritually in a similar manner:]
To mature [spiritually] is known
Not by wishing in moment
But by waiting.
The aged one of the wine is loved.
The value of what I present is measured like that [too].
Aged wine comes from the cellar,
Its drunkenness happens more. [it makes more drunk]

There is no need to measure the giving of the [spiritually] mature one,
[because spiritually] Mature one knows the measure:
He/she gives
According to one's path,
According to one's direction,
According to one's dough.

Thirst, my Allah's ocean quenches [it]. [ocean==God]
If the one who drinks HIS water
Becomes the one who chooses HIS path, [then]
"Even if God-given share of the day is not what I hope,
Even if I do not find on earth,
Path is [still] convenient," he/she says,
He/she takes shelter in his/her Allah.

Word is said about heaven, about hell.
Good human sees the hell on earth:
There is human, he/she makes mistake,
He/she feels sorry for his/her mistake, he/she suffers torment [while regretting].
[on the other hand, there is human who] Makes mistake,
"I did well, I have put him/her in his/her place," he/she says,
He/she feels joy; [he/she rejoices]
That human's torment increases in after earth life.

There can not be any word from human to human,
Nobody can stay as superior on earth.
Each human's Creator is ONE.
[bad] Word that is said to HIS human:
[is in fact said] To HIM.

The ones who come to meydan,
The ones who call [the] assembly [the ones who form the assembly]
[are] My Allah's humans,
[are] Offsprings of Adem [Adam].
I came to say the word of the convenient day.
I came to hold the hand[s] of all [humans].
Let us give hand in hand,
Let us tie from heart, [let us all join one another through heart]
Let us arrive in our Allah Whom we lean on.
It does not happen from one hand.
[when humans hold hand in hand, then]
It is passed from [one] hand to [other] hand,
Its current is increased.

Let us throw the smoke behind,
Let us look at the well-lighted face.
In well-lighted face,
There is well-lighted heart.

Human comes to his/her senses,
[then] One reaches THE LIGHT of my Allah.

Hypocrisy, [is] on earth,
It does not happen here [in after earth life].
One does not say, "Lie,"
About the word of another one.
We love the one who consults,
We do not go in front of one another. [we do not try to be ahead of one another]

Prayers are accepted,
Examples are given to them too. [prayers/wishes are such accepted that the ones that come true carry lessons for humans]
[for example]
The fact that earth is temporary
Is taught as lesson like that.

If he/she conforms without knowing [if one conforms blindly or by coincidence, without knowing The spiritual Meaning]
[then] It is not from heart.
Such conformity is not accepted.

You cross the mountain path:
Until you arrive at the flat[ness],
You hit stone
As well as you are caught by thorn. [your cloths get caught by thorns]
When we say,
"Without crossing the mountain path
You do not arrive at the flat[ness],"
Is that.

Coming of The Order
Is the harvest of the disorder. [disorder ends, The Order [orderliness] comes...]

If grapevine's leaves are a lot,
[then] Grape's taste is less
Because it [grape] sees the sun less.
[humans are analogue to grapes:]
The one who comes to meydan,
The one who turns to the sun [sun==Prophet Mohammad]
Gets his/her taste. [he/she becomes tasty]

Behave yourself well my child,
Wind your wool ball like that.

The snow that snowed on cloudy day,
If you say, "Let it melt,"
[then] You are patient, you wait.
Do you not know that the coming one is spring?

Abundance of the sheep
Is due to the fullness of the shepherd;
Fullness of heart,
Not fullness of earth.
He/she takes shelter in his Allah,
He/she entrusts [the herd] to HIM.
"It is YOUR merchandise,
I [am] driver,
I [am] taker,
YOU [are] The Giver,
I [am] seer, [I am the one who sees what YOU give/YOUR creations]
YOU are The Shower [YOU are The One Who shows]
My Allah," he/she says.
[then] Of course his/her sheep increase [in number].
When one is with the one
Who remembers from heart,
Does one say the word about separation? [if hearts are together, physical distance does not exist, does not matter]

Our saz is played for you, [saz=a stringed musical instrument (which somewhat resembles a lute); saz==song of heart]
Our hal is displayed for you.
Our love has no era. [our love is for all humans of the past, of the present, of the future]
Our heart is with each one who comes.
It is
Not 'you, me/I,'
But all of us [all of humans].
[we] Are tied [connected] through heart.

Do not say,
"Is destiny's line [drawn on] the earth?"
Destiny is not drawn with ruler,
[destiny] Is not written with pen,
[destiny] Is not folded like [a] paper.
It is written with breath, [with your intentions, your thoughts]
It is drawn with cage [body]. [your physical actions]
Do not think that it changes with [a] desire.
The Writer,
Neither does HE change [it] for [a] desire
Nor does HE draw [it] with anger.
HIS writing is HIS love.

His/her peace:
Not because HE does not give,
But because HIS human does not take [it].

If my Allah did not love HIS human,
If HE did not give HIS breath,
Then HE would not give path to his/her wool ball,
HE Would not send the one who gives [path to his/her wool ball].
Earth does not stay without saint:
In every moment forty-one saints
Are present on earth.

Open your eye to see:
Where does the beauty come from?
From the one who does not waste his/her Light.

The one who gives path to the one who stays [behind] is [the] one [who is pir],
Do not be confused by his/her age: he/she is pir.
He/she burns with the deep love of [for] my Allah.
[however,] His/her fire is seen [only] by my Allah and him/herself.

If you found the spring [source of water],
If you got your water,
[then] Whom are you asking for, where [are you asking] from?
Do you say to water seller, "What is your job?"

Whom does the commander choose for himself?
The one who is soft, of course.
The Commander: [is/means] protector of religious faith.
If His helper is soft,
He/she becomes distributor of His intention.
Do you not know who
The helper of The Commander is?
Did you look for saint with wing[s]? [did you think that saints have wings?]

I told you [before], do not look at his/her age.

One does not interrogate the one who guesses,
One does not say, "What is the reason?"

The one who seeks with heart [sincerely]
Finds in heart.
The one who walks on HIS path
Arrives in my Allah.

I am Mevlana.
What you ask [about],
[is] The one that you wish that it conforms to your intention. [you want to learn from us about your private intentions]
Our goal is
Not to conform to human's intention
But to come to meydan, to say, "Path is convenient,"
[and] To address all [humans].
Our path is given to all [humans].
My Allah Who creates,
Opens the convenient path.
I am prayerful for the one
Who runs to duty,
Who exults in heart.

Do not forget that grapevine is trunk.
When its time comes,
When it reaches the sun, [when it gets the sunlight]
Its fruit ripens,
Its wine is taken [obtained].
Our duty is like that too.
Trunk gave grape.
It was unripe, it ripened
Because it saw the sun.
Human took the grape,
Put it in caldron,
[human] Crushed, gathered, squeezed,
[human] Poured the wine into the barrel,
[human] Pushed the [wine] barrel to the cellar.
Let it wait, [let the wine that is in the barrel age in the cellar]
Let it make HIS human drunk.

Let our writing illuminate [enlighten] the earth
Once more.
Your word is beautiful,
I saw that it is appropriate for the bodily constitution.
On my day,
My chat used to be like that too.
On sweet day, in appropriate air,
I used to enter the meaningful word, [I would start a meaningful chat]
The word that I entered, I used to pour [it] into heart.
I did not allow any opportunity
For anyone to think conversely. [I used to explain in such clarity that the other human could not find anything contrary to say]
The word that finds its place, its air
Does not give [any] headache.

Sometimes music,
Sometimes classic air.
That is, [in other words:]
Without music,
When one starts [a] serious subject in moment,
When one meets directly for this subject,
It is called "classical meeting."
For the one who is [spiritually] mature: to enter readily [the subject matter],
To give the goal directly
Is 'the classical giving.'
[however, my way was different:]
I gave what I presented with [in] poem[s],
I poured [it] into the heart with music.
I whirled while dancing,
I found myself like that, [I came to my senses like that]
I arrived in my Allah like that.
The essential is
Not in the giving
But in the arrival.
The rule is in Koran; [? The foundation is in Koran; ?]
It is in the one who conforms to it completely [properly],
It is in the one who arrives through heart.
As long as we arrive, [it may be]
Either by music,
Or by crying,
Or by laughing,
Or by burning [in heart]...

To conform to the intention of the [spiritually] mature human
Happens by hearing through heart.
If you say, "What does it mean?"
You say, "I am Mevlevi." [Mevlevi=(a) Mevlevi (a dervish who follows the teachings of Jalal-ud-Din Rumi), whirling dervish, dancing dervish.]
[however, if] You do not love dancing,
[if] You do not exult when you hear ney, [ney=nay, a reed flute (often used to play Mevlevi music)]
[then] How do I call you as 'Mevlevi'?
It does not happen by conforming to name.
To go by saying, "It is like that," [to go/to follow without understanding the meaning]
Resembles 'making [a] blind [person] play checkers.'

Do not think that a saint human
Calls humans to HIS path for him/herself.
[in fact] He/she tries to take HIS human to his/her Allah,
[he/she tries] To correct his/her mistake.

Why do you say, "Tarikat," [tarikat=1. tariqa, tariqat, Sufi path. 2. tariqa, tarekat, dervish order, dervish fraternity.]
[and] You tie [yourself] to a saint?
With time you degenerate.
The one who says, "My path,"
About the path of the saint,
The one who walks [on that path],
The one who sees the tree that is by the road,
If he/she does not conform [to saint's path] from heart,
He/she says, "It is religiously permissible to pick
The one [the fruit] that comes by the side of the road,"
He/she picks, [and] eats.
[however,] The one who comes after him/her
Always remembers this word. [he/she thinks that it is correct to pick up the fruit of that tree]
[furthermore,] Each [newly] coming one adds one word to word.
As such, it degenerates.
[however,] He/she does not know that my Allah sees the heart.
[in fact] That human cheats him/herself.
Conform your goal to your wool ball.
About the one that matures,
Do not say, "Its fruit is unripe,
It did not get its taste."
Accept [it] as it is.
It matures you.
[spiritual] Maturity is from you,
Not from the coming one.

He/she tries to make
"To give direction to the mature one,"
Ladder for him/herself,
He/she struggles unwarily.
My Allah gives the direction of the [spiritually] mature one.

Ya Allah!
The Protector of the one who says, "Mercy,"
THE ONE WHO puts the writer of firman [imperial edict] in his place. [Allah WHO shows the despot his place]

Do not say, "It does not ripen,"
Do not eat the fruit when it is unripe.
Unripe fruit upsets [the stomach]. [spiritually immature human makes one confuse the path]
[spiritually] Mature one makes arrive.

The one who says, "I do not eat the fruit,"
Stays without vitamin,
Runs to its fake one, takes its pill. [takes the vitamin in pill form]
[then] What happens?
The one who takes fake vitamin:
Either his/her kidney gets upset,
Or it disturbs his/her liver.
In order to be on convenient path
It is necessary to take what my Allah gives.

Our word has been in essence.

To say, "I do not take,"
Happens by wishing to give.
In order to give,
One has to take the risk of not taking
The love!
If you love, you are [will be] loved sooner or later.
[however,] Do not wait for [a] show of love.
Say that 'to love' is duty for yourself. [to love, do it as a duty]
Follow the rule saying,
"It is the order [command] of my Allah,"

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

11 June 1970

I am Mevlana.
I got the greetings,
I said, "Eyvallah." [I greeted in return]

Allah opens your path that is good deed.

Grapevine gives soft grape
Thanks to the abundant sun.
What is important is
Not how the leaf stands
But how it [the leaf] covers the fruit.

Place should be given
Not 'to come to one's senses'
But to hear.

If by reading [praying [without understanding the meaning]] human could
Lose or find HIS path, his/her love that is in his/her heart
[then] All humans would find HIS path.

The one who writes [about Koran] would first read Koran,
After reading and arriving, [after reading and understanding]
[then] He/she could not write the curved [wrong] one,
[then] He/she could not spoil the opinion of human.
(about wrong interpretation of Koran)

Enlightened one's path does not become long,
The one who winds his/her wool ball to right [correct], [the one who winds his/her wool ball correctly]
Does not get confused.

Is beneath the sky, dome [shaped]?
Is under of the earth, [a] bad event?
None of them!
The existence of the earth-the sky
Is equal to the existence of HIS human.
They are created for the existence of human.
Its destruction in the moment that it is wished
Is a matter of moment.
To the one who confuses HIS path, [to the one who is on the wrong path]
To the one who settles on stone, on soil, [the one who settles on earth thinking that earth is forever]
To the one who worships saying, "Allah,"
HIS word was given, [in Koran, Allah talks directly to humans]
HIS Being was made known.
Let my Allah be helper to HIS human
Who is mistaken.

If his woman puts on yasmak, [yasmak= yashmak, yasmak, veil (tulle veil for a woman's face which leaves only the eyes exposed to public view)]
Does she find HIS path?
Does she fill her heart?
If the heart is full,
What does [would] yasmak do to her?
[covering of the face with yasmak has no spiritual value; what is important is what is in the heart]

On your day that you live
Find the middle of everything. [do not go to extremes]
Roll that one up.
Let "less-more" stay inside, ["more or less," take an average/middle way]
Let human see the beautiful direction.

Watch the beauty of the earth,
Take sip by sip what
HE gives you.
To live is not as difficult as it is said to be.
One has to throw behind the ambition, the greediness.
One has to look
Ahead for the path,
Behind for the jug.
[look in front of you, watch for stones on your path; to see how much spiritual water you collect in your jug look behind; the more you progress on HIS path, the more your jug is filled...]

My coming is for all of you,
Not for one of you.
We know the mature one, the immature one,
[we know] The one that does not come from heart.
We separate the event.

If you take basket in your hand,
If you put on belt around your waist,
[as such] You join the human torrent [crowd];
Who sees?
Omar says,
"The one who enters the crowd,
[the one] Who protects his/her heart
Is convenient human.
I saw the heart of faithful human as convenient.
"From the crowd pouring into the convenient heart,
What a human with such a convenient path," I said.

For each event,
Not to climb higher
But to be thankful to God for that event.

Greeting to you from the meydan,
From the ones who receive your greeting.
Pen [is] for you.
What is meant by pen is
Our coming,
Our standing in the meydan
Is because we work to educate HIS human.
We are happy.
We found the meydan,
We set up the assembly in the meydan.
We consulted, we chatted.
We made HIS Essence known to human.
This means that:
Word is not from me only.
I am spokesman.
My nature is 'to conform,'
Not 'to get angry.'

I came [to earth],
I went back [to after earth life] as I came [to earth].
[Previous two verses may be better understood under the light of the following information: Allah gives the same amount of HIS LIGHT to each human who is born on earth. However, human wastes some of his/her Light because of wrong intentions. When human migrates to after earth life, he/she is granted by Allah his/her spiritual degree according to the amount of his/her Light that he/she could save. The most preferred is that human returns to after earth life with the same amount of Light that he/she had when he/she was born...]

To come from the beginning of this path
Is one [the same] for each human. [every human comes to earth in a similar manner]
[however,] Return is according to account.
[it is similar to the example of eating in a restaurant:]
Each human enters the restaurant hungrily.
[however,] Getting out [of the restaurant] is according to eating,
He/she renders account accordingly. [he/she pays the bill according to how much he/she ate] [analogy with human who migrates to after earth life...]

(it is asked about Koran)
What do you mean by interpretation?
The leader of the right path,
The guide of my Allah, [the guide who leads to Allah]
The only owner of HIS word... (HIS Representative) [Prophet Mohammad]
One can not reach the power of explanation,
No such one human can come.
One came,
One stayed. [only one human who could interpret Koran came so far]

What is wished from us?
When wished, [HIS] path is given. [we give HIS path to humans who wish]
To ask for [HIS path] occurs when one wishes.

It is read as much as it comes from heart. [to read==to pray]
If you say, "Allah,"
If you burn sincerely [in heart]
[then] It has the value of a good deed of "hatim." [hatim= a reading of the Koran from beginning to end]

To read is for arriving [in HIM],
Not to please heart.
One should read
Not because it is duty
But because it comes from heart.
[what we said] Is not difficult to be understood.

The establishment of each tarikat [tarikat=1. tariqa, tariqat, Sufi path. 2. tariqa, tarekat, dervish order, dervish fraternity]
Is from one path. [each tarikat is established according to one path]
[in] 'Mevlevi' tarikat: exulting is because of the 'ney.'
[Mevlevi=(a) Mevlevi (a dervish who follows the teachings of Jalal-ud-Din Rumi), whirling dervish, dancing dervish.] [ney=nay, a reed flute (often used to play Mevlevi music).]
He/she exults, he/she listens,
He/she remembers his/her Allah.
He/she remembers, he/she burns [in heart].
He/she burns, he/she whirls.
He/she whirls, he/she exults.
He/she runs, he/she runs.
What does the 'pervane' run [fly] to? [pervane=bug that flies always to and around the light]
To the light that is plenty of LIGHT,
It runs to burn.
Even a poor small animal [bug] knows HIS LIGHT.

If it is necessary to remember your pir,
Let you wipe your sweat that is on your forehead.
While you were running, you added sweat [you sweated]. [you must have sweated while running to your Allah...]

While crossing your path, you wished to arrive.
There is the going of the path.
The one who finds its end,
The one who matures spiritually on HIS path:
The place where he/she will go is evident.
To rush is irrelevant.
It is necessary to think.

There is its period of each one that is convenient path. [it is thought that this verse is about previous religious/spiritual beliefs...]

Leaf, flower,
[then] Fruit ripens while it is unripe.
When convenient day comes, it comes to hand. [when it ripens, it is taken in hand and eaten]
[human spiritually matures in a similar manner:]
Whether he wears horsetail [horsetail=a horse's tail formerly used as a Ottoman military standard or as an ensign of a pasha, the number of tails increasing with the rank] [whether he/she takes an earth rank while staying spiritually immature]
Or he wraps cap [or he puts on a cap] [==or he/she becomes wise]
Is untied when day comes. [the spiritual degree that one gets is learned when time comes, i.e. at migration time]

It means: 'the word comes from The Lofty One;'
It is: 'saying the one that comes.'
Not 'the coming'
But 'the saying of the human.'
Each word comes with [under] the command of The Lofty One.

Each coming is from The Lofty One.
There is no exception for [any] human.
It comes to one human for all [humans],
That human gives to every human. [that human==Garib]

You came to my name, didn't you?
You took my word, didn't you?
You knew my essence, didn't you?
Do you [still] wish my mold [physical shape]?
[if] You see my face today,
Tomorrow you do not recognize.
Did you see the face of my Allah?
Did you take from what HE gave/gives to earth?
If you take, do you love?
Thank YOU my Allah.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel