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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 1


I am Mevlana.
Faithful human's heart [is] open.
The architect of the minaret [is] human,
Poem's owner [is] human,
The Owner of worlds [is] Lofty God.
Wish for [a] wish to HIM,
Wish for health to HIM,
Wish for help to HIM.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]


If earth worry [sorrow] comes to one direction
[and] Brave [one of] human comes to one [other] direction, [if human is free of worry]
[then] Wool ball is on HIS path [wool ball==lifetime on earth]
As well as human finds peace.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]


What you call evolution:
[it is spiritual] Maturation,
[it is] Finding Allah,
[it is] Burning [in heart] with deep love of Allah.
[in] One word: [in other words,]
Knowing The Creator with his/her whole being.
Knowing my Allah by way of The Meaning
Happens by human seeing the matter,
Happens by human knowing The One Who gives the matter.

Human says,
"I am still young,
Early to remember; [I am young to worship, to get spiritual education]
Take age [get old]
[and] Pay his/her debt." [when I get old, then I will think about the spiritual meaning]
If it conforms to your intention,
If it happens like you wish,
Then it is okay, it is convenient.
If the wool ball that you call as God-given share
Does not conform to you, [and] ends?
[then] You go [to after earth life]
Without seeing The Meaning. [vision==to see HIM in HIS creations]
According to you, you search for years,
According to us, there is no time.
The spirits who look sad are them:
He/she [the spirit] keeps on thinking, looks for The Meaning,
[he/she] Waits for the pardon of Allah.

I am Mevlana.
Fatigue is for human.
There is no body in me,
[then] What part of me gets tired? [without body why would I be tired?]
If you say [how about] Garib,
There is nothing to her either.
Do not look at her hand, it moves.
Its force is in me. [I make it move]
She rests [relaxes] while writing.
I give her force.
[Mevlana used to write the chats using Garib's hand]

Whatever he/she says, I saw [him/her to be] right,
If heart path conforms,
[if it] Connects the worlds; [if heart path connects earth life and after earth life]
Small mistake
Big one forgives. [mature one forgives small mistakes]

Trees take roots,
Its branches, leaves multiply,
The one who sees [gets] the help of the saint
Recognizes his/her Allah.

Do not say, "False earth," [do not complain about your life on earth]
Live your day. [enjoy your life on earth]
Allah created,
Gave [it] to you.
Take your God-given share,
However, know to thank God.

Crying increases the sip,
Makes his/her path open
As long as one cries
Not for the one who goes,
But for HIS path.
Let one say,
"My Allah,"
Let one burn in heart,
Let one burn and burn,
Let one keep on whirling,
Let one be 'pervane.' [pervane=a kind of moth that flies towards and around the light] [let one be in the Light of Allah like a pervane]
Let one mature [spiritually] so that he/she sees, [vision==to see HIM in HIS creations]
Let one see so that he/she burns.

I am Mevlana.
I saw nicely,
I conformed to the flow of the water, [flowing water flows to ocean] [ocean==God]
I greeted all of you.

To give from the one that is good deed,
To know what comes from my Allah
Is submission to HIS command.

I said, "My Allah,"
I prayed
To The Giver of the patience.
"It is the loftiness of HIS power
It is HIS human's believer-ship," I said.

The one who knows [that] respect [originates] from love is blessed,
The one who comes toward the respect of the lover is happy. [the one who is the subject of the respect of the lover / the one whom the lover respects is happy]

[similar to how] One does not go to the moon on foot,
[at] Migration [time], one does not arrive without prayer.
Takers, givers,
The ones who drink the 'helal' water [helal=Islam canonically lawful, permissible, legitimate.]
Own as much divine merit
As they pray.

Our love
[is] Because of our deep love for my Allah,
Because of our coming from HIM.

Even small bird takes its feed,
It knows my Allah too.

What comes to the mouth
Is what flows from the heart.
The one that gets out unripely, [bad words]
Is the one that escapes from the sieve.
Sift again and again,
[only then] Submit to the mouth like that.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]


I am Mevlana.
"To be, to give order [orderliness]"
Human's power is not enough. [human's power is not enough to create existence, to keep the eternal order]
No tree grows at the place where human wishes [to grow a tree].

I wore nacreous clog,
I wore clog with nacre.
Without nacre
Neither was I full nor did I become empty,
Nor did I get bored from emptiness.
[without clog,] If my foot steps on the ground,
If it takes the thorn from the ground,
In one moment I am hurt. [it hurts for a moment]
[however, ] When it passes, it is forgotten, [it is forgotten after a short while]
Events always become word.
Day passed, today came,
Tomorrow is waited, curiosity is added, [one is curious about tomorrow]
Day's peace is spoiled.
When living your day, do not think about tomorrow.
If you say,
"My Allah knows, gives the right one,
I took shelter in HIM, HE separates [me] from bad,"
You live [in] the peace of your day.
Order [orderliness] does not change by being sad.

Hope is beautiful, cloud [is] bad.
Think of the smoke:
You blow, it goes to one side,
Smoke follows the smoke.

We all looked in the mirror,
We heard our voice.
The appearance of [in] the mirror [is] in accordance with our heart.

The structure of the basket is round,
Its door [lid] is open.
Whatever you throw [put] in, it takes,
It does not say, "[I am] Full," it overflows.
If you put ripe fruit, it flows [leaks],
It keeps unripe one[s].
[it is] In accordance with its structure.
It resembles human who is earth porter.
Earth porter human
Does not close his/her door to evil either,
He/she does not say, "I do not need [it]."
Whatever you give, he/she takes, overflows [them] around.
He/she does not tie [him/herself] to the saint,
He/she does not take the hand [of the saint],
He/she does not pull him/herself together.

We opened [set up] the [spiritual] table,
We drank our [spiritual] water.
We opened hand[s], we thanked my Allah. [to open hand[s]==to pray]
We moved aside, we kept on waiting,
Cupbearer presented the wine,
Meydan took the drunk. [universe welcomed the ones who were [spiritually] drunk with joy]
Let us be among the ones who are taken,
Let us wrestle with waves. [let us sail in the ocean] [ocean==God]

Mevlana sees upslope as well as downslope of the path
As good deed.
If snake bites,
He says,
"This is good deed, my Allah."
Do you know that it [snake's poison] is also antidote,
If its place is known. [if one knows how]

Do not be mistaken:
It is solved when its day comes.
Consult, let him/her say.
Do not be mistaken:
Give place to time, [allow for some time]
My Allah makes [it] be asked [about],
Makes it be talked about.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]


I am Mevlana.
I wished to give.
"Path is appropriate," I said.
Let one not be feverish,
Let one not get [others] agitated.
Omar says,
"Sound came to our path from the nest, [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
Soft word was wished for.
Word from the nest,
Voice from the throat."

My Yunus says:
If the flow of the water, [flowing water flows to the ocean] [ocean==God]
[and] Human's look are convenient,
Then he/she knows The Beautiful One.

Our path [is] to the flatness,
Our word [is] to the relief;
Event is for human,
My coming is for [HIS] path.

Under the tree, [under our spiritual tree]
No wild weed grows.
If human tries to collect fruit,
His/her power is not sufficient.
The tree with abundant fruits is not cut.
I am ready for my Allah's command.
[what is meant by] The tree:
Faithful human takes shelter in its shade,
Eats its fruit, quenches his/her thirst.

To occupy oneself with worry is not appropriate.
For the faithful, prayers come abundantly, [he/she prays a lot]
[prayers] Give his/her peace.
It is necessary to rejoice.

My existence is known, I am not shadow.
I am with all [humans], I find the one who wishes.
Exceptional wool ball occurs in faithful human.
If it comes heavily, do not be mistaken:
It is [a] step to lightness. [to get free of the earth load]

Each event is for [a] cause,
Each cause is for [a] good deed.
Do not doubt [about that].
Let your mind not stay behind. [do not worry about the past]
It is beautiful to wish to mature [spiritually],
However, one has to interpret the one that happened as good deed.

I am Mevlana.
I gave the mirror to the nest, [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
I touched your back with my hand.
I wished for peace for all of you.
I said, "My Allah,
They set up the congregation,
They joined us.
They wished for goal saying, 'HAK.'
My Allah is The Giver of what is correct.
My Allah is The Protector of the one who is pure.
We all opened [our] hand[s],
We begged YOU."

Omar says:
For the human of HAK's path,
For the path of the justice,
I stood on the left,
Mevlana stood on the right
Of Garib.

Sound stays there [on earth],
The place of the great spirit is also great.
If you wish for [a] great place too,
Then take out of the mouth [only] the ripe one of the word.
To the one who asks [about] HIS path,
Omar distributes heart, love.
Mouth [is] the door in [of] the body
That opens to earth.

You should know
Not to take the earth,
But to give to earth.
What you give to earth exalts you,
What you wish to take [from earth] makes you smaller.

Mevlana [is] here,
His building is there.
You wished, let us go.
Let us open our path.
Let the season turn [change],
Let spring open [come, start].
Let the flower[s] be gathered,
Be given to the building.
Let it be planted in the grain of the sand.

The measure of the wool ball is seen while winding;
While knitting, it becomes [more] beautiful.
Let us go,
Let us see beauty
Not in the building,
But on earth.
Let there be no fear.
One does not run away from what will happen.
Take shelter in your Allah, do not fear.
Let all of you be entrusted to my Allah,
Let your homes be in peace.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]


I am Mevlana.
Each human takes his/her blessing from One hand.
Some human[s] take [it] from the tongue.

[earth's] Order can not be disrupted:
Earth can not stay for human. [human stays on earth temporarily]
Even if he/she is the owner of the palace,
Even if he/she is the orphan of the poverty,
He/she goes [to after earth life] as he/she comes [to earth].

What is in heart, herds.
Let you know Mevlana's word, his place in the heart;
Let you put your joy beyond the day. [let your joy be continuous since Mevlana is the one who is in your heart, and herds...]

Do not put stone on the path,
Do not put head onto the end of the path. [do not be obsessed with the end of the path, about what will happen]
There is no notch of the stone:
Either you pull [it aside] or you fall.

There is stone on the path of each human.
If you are soft,
If you wish from heart,
Do not say,
"Stone is heavy, I could not pull [it]."
[on the contrary,] Wish for helper.
He/she [helper] comes in moment, helps.

Do not say,
"It was wrong,
It spilled from the mouth." [watch your language, do not break heart with your words]

Expect good deed in [from] everything.
Event is not against you;
On day, it may come to you like that. [initially it may seem as if it is against you]
Its solution is not in human's power.

If you say, "It is easy to prune the grapevine,"
You are mistaken.
There is traveler of each path,
[there is] Pruner of the grapevine.
If you put to your vineyard the one who does not know [to prune],
[then] You lose
Either the grapevine
Or the grape.
If he/she cuts too deep, he/she withers [it].
If he/she takes from top, it is unfruitful. [if he/she cuts too light, harvest would be poor]

Hoping is beautiful, finding is difficult.
Being soft is beautiful,
To conform to evil is difficult.

Colors show the appearance,
Creation [shows] The Giving.

We are enlightened:
Our path, our heart [are] all one.

Our child [is] our goal:
We knew the one who matured [spiritually],
We laughed at the one who will mature [spiritually].
We wound the wool ball on HAK's path since birth.
We gave hand to the ones who have been asking [about] HAK's path.

Let you have no doubt,
Let one not worry about what will happen.

On HIS path,
I give the help of all children
In moment.
I say from heart.
My help is in moment.

My coming is by permission from my Allah.
Do not be mistaken, I come,
The moment in which you call without doubt, I show.
You say,
"How does Mevlana come?"
The moment in which one believes without doubt,
My coming is seen very clearly.

My coming does not happen like [a] mortal['s coming];
[I do] Not come after knocking on the door.
Events show,
Knots untie.
This is [a] giving of my Lofty Allah.
It is neither my force
Nor Garib's power.
I am in love with my Allah's giving,
HIS [way of] opening the hearts.

I walked without asking cause,
Without worrying.
I was ready,
I came to you too,
I gave this path.
Take my giving without doubt,
Find the peace.
Let your day be nice.
Let your writing end nicely.
Let your joy be without word, endlessly.

Mevlana came, [now] let him go.
Do not say, "Where to?"
Let him leave the pen.
[I [Mevlana] am]
At the place where I am remembered,
In moment there, here, everywhere,
In the heart of the ones who love.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

Let my Allah be pleased with all of you.
Let all of HIS humans attain HIS pardon.
I only have my love
For [HIS] creations,
For good ones, [also] for turned-away ones,
For HIS mountain, HIS stone,
For HIS water, HIS soil,
For HIS tree, HIS leaf,
And for all of you.

I gave [you] spark:
On [this] day he/she thinks,
On coming [days] he/she wakes up;
He/she asks what he/she thinks,
He/she takes [learns] what he/she asks for.

Our path is our word's. [our path is the path of our chats]
Sand has knowledge, let it be said in the assembly.
You said Sufism, did you know?
If you open [decipher], then The Writer is known.
The writer has no knowledge. [we think that here 'the writer' implies humans who wrote about [who interpreted] Mesnevi...]
The Giver is known, is remembered.
The attendant of the assembly, [the ones who attended my assembly on my earth days]
His/her knowledge, his/her degree were not seen with me. [the ones who attended my assembly on my day, did not have my knowledge, nor my spiritual degree/level]
The reality of what was written on my day was not opened. [the meaning of what I wrote on my earth day [Mesnevi] was not understood]

Let my Allah give force to her arm, to her path.
The happening of the event in the nest: [the event that happens in the nest is] [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
Enlightenment of the person. [our chats enlighten humans]
One sees when it['s time] comes,
One solves our writing.
The [spiritual] measure
Of the one who knows, [and the one] who does not know
Is given.

Do not say,
"Earth's word is not mystery,
The one who takes smoke is not believer."

The event, soft path says [it]. [if his/her path is soft, God creates the events accordingly]

Word of earth stays on earth,
Faithful human's word stays in the air.
Not each word that goes out of the mouth
Comes from the heart,
[not each word that goes out of the mouth] Takes the evil.
Soap does not separate from its bubble. [what comes out of the mouth is related to what is in the heart...]

Faithful human is made to look in the mirror:
The one who looks, sees,
The one who does not look, walks [away].

I said, "There is no staying."
There is no staying!
Do not say, "Hurry."
One climbs slowly, slowly.
You can not hurry.
You can not erase the earth
Of course.
Get free of the day's event, that is enough.
After maturing [spiritually], one arrived [arrives] at the [spiritual] ladder.

The ones who come,
They say, "Let us solve earth's mystery,"
They hurry.
If they take [solve] the mystery,
Do they create [another] earth?

Stars are asked,
It is said, "Is there [an]other world?"
The one who takes HIS path knows.
Does 'world' mean [another] human?
Event [is] simple:
Star [is] on [HIS] path, human [is] in hand. [star==saint] [we, saints, are on HIS path, we hold HIS humans by hand]
If there is anyone who turns back, [that] human is there. [if human does not take the saint's hand, if he/she turns his/her back, that human continues his/her spiritual education on those other planets in the universe...]

I could not enter the endless
[because] I could not find the end [of it] so that
I see inside.
You say, "Of what?"
At the place where one thing ends,
Other one thing starts.
I could not reach the end in hundreds of years.
What does 'it has no end' mean?

Event is open [clear], word is clear, [yet]
"The one who turns back," I said, you did not understand.
You did not see the one who turns back.
There is life in the star [on other planets].
There are many more stars [planets] like earth.
[yet,] One does not see, one does not reach [there]
As mortal.

Let us pass
The one who matured [spiritually],
The one who did not mature [spiritually],
The one who let [our hand] go from his/her hand. [the one who did not take our hand]
Farther than earth,
On top of the star [on other planets],
There is mortal one of the human.
There is no one who does not mature [spiritually].
Star's human
Is superior to [earth] human's mind. [the minds of humans living on other planets are superior to earth human's mind]

You ask about the path of the [spiritually] mature one.
What are you curious about?
Do you want [a] tale?
They are humans
Who know what they take,
Who do not waste their time,
Who do not say, "Living is in vain,"
Who do not run away from [who are not scared of] after earth life.

The one who does not run away from after earth life
Is the one who thinks about the existence of the after earth life
And spends his/her power accordingly.

"What do they do?" you wish,
You ask about news.
I asked, I wanted news.
Let me explain:
According to you,
Earth's measure [is] telephone,
Our measure [is] breath. [according to your knowledge, our measure is similar to the breath]
Each level being connected to here,
Each level's communication with one another
Is possible in moment.
Yes, each level is connected to one another.
Six levels have no right to communicate with the high[est] [seventh, highest level].
[? Lower level has no right to communicate with [an] upper [level]. ?]

"From whom to whom is the [spiritual] measure?" you ask. [you want to learn how the spiritual degree is granted]
What is being asked is neither in depth nor at the summit:
It is according to how much one matures [spiritually] in heart,
It stays away from rule.

He/she stayed away from conforming to the heart event, [he/she did not take HIS path,]
[but rather,] He/she conformed to his/her own heart path. [the one who did not mature in heart:]
What did he/she find?
What did he/she see?
If what he/she found, what he/she saw were sufficient,
He/she would not say,
"Ah! I wish I erased the earth," [I wish I did not fall in love with earth / with matter]
He/she would not regret here [in after earth life].
His/her regret is not because of the hell,
But because of the drop in the [spiritual] level.
Now he/she looks up,
He/she says,
"Ah earth!
It was short, it went quickly;
[yet,] The stay [on earth] was sufficient." [my earth life on earth was so short, my lifetime passed so quickly, however, it was sufficient for my test for the spiritual degree]
Let them
Not think of staying,
But of finding [The Meaning];
Let them not descend down. [let them not have their spiritual levels lowered]
Hell [is] the symbol of the evil.
Of course it exists:
It is emptiness, it is a nothingness that is completely dark.

The one who grabs someone else's right, orphan's right,
The one [who hurts someone and] who is cursed [by the one who is hurt],
The one who covets the life that is given by Allah,
Of course he/she goes [to hell].

[in order not to go to hell:]
Let there be purity,
Let human [who offended] beg pardon, [let the offender beg the victim's pardon]
[and] Let the human who cursed [him/her], forgive. [let the victim pardon the offender]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel