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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 18

2 June 1970

I am Mevlana.
Deep blue [is] the face of the sky, [sky's color is deep blue]
[it] Gives its color to its [? HIS ?] water.
[when] Sea with sky [are] one blue
[then] Hearts become sound [strong/lasting].
If you ask Mevlana,
Sea-sky resemble the two worlds. [two worlds==earth life and after earth life]
Both [of them] hug one another.
You see the sea,
[however,] You can not reach the sky,
You can not know where its end is.
However, both of them hug one another.
You can not separate one from the other one.

I saw the grapevine,
I compiled Mesnevi,
I wrote, I rolled [it] up.
On the [current] day [today], I opened [it] anew;
I saw that it passed, [it is old/its time is over]
That it got moldy on the [current] day.
I said, "Let us take the word,
Let us put [it] on the path again."
Does the mold have any harm?
"Its solution on the day is difficult," let me say like that. [it is difficult to decipher it]
We write every day,
What is the difference of Mesnevi? [what is the difference between what we write today and Mesnevi?]
We do not say complicatedly,
We do not give load to human, [we do not put load on human]
We tie the word to word.
We say, "Love," we exult with joy.
What was there in Mesnevi?
In that one: love. [In Mesnevi: love.]
In this one: love. [In ONEness of HEARTs: love.]
It is one, it is together. [they are both about love]

Underneath the grapevine [is] shady,
Surface of the water [is] with circles. [waves form circles on the surface of the water]
One should say to the one who throws stone:
"To the surface of the calm water,
On the day when the path is convenient,
Why do you throw the stone,
Why do you make the surface of the water turbid?"
What harm is there for the one who matures [spiritually]?
When water becomes turbid and turbid,
Does it come to human who winds wool ball on earth
As beautiful?
The one who is patient sees [that],
[after a while] Circles stop [fade],
The sea stays calm.

Is monkey suitable for human?
Is its path alike?
It jumps from tree,
It jumps to tree.
It does not think,
Its entertainment [is] a lot.
Talkative one of human is like that too.
Do not conform to the one who is like that,
Do not hear what he/she says.

My beloved mother's picture.
If you say, "Does it conform to intention?"
"Of course," I say,
I give my mother's name to you.
Do not say, "Earth name?"
What I give is the throne of after earth life.
The first one who conformed
To the call of my journey,
To the scream for help of my heart
[was] My mother.
The one who bore with my being, [was] my mother.
The first one who found my personality, [was] my mother.
The one who measured my value, [was] my mother.
The one who tried to be remedy for my sorrow, [was] my mother.
The one who wished to my Allah for power for herself, [was] my mother.
I have been prayerful for her soul.
I found on earth,
I came [to after earth life], I found [her] here.
My mother was among the blessed ones of mothers.
I exulted with your love,
I ran together [with you all],
I gave you my mother's drawing as [a] gift.*
[*: To see some samples of drawings click this link.]
She gave hand to the mature one,
Her saint gave shade. [she was under the umbrella of her saint, she was being guided by her saint]
From the tip of her foot,
She raised her child,
She turned his direction to HAK.
My mother's foot tip [is/means] my root.
My mother's head tip [is/means] my direction.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

6 June 1970

I am Mevlana.
We came to the nest,
We entered the air. [we joined hearts, we started the chat]
We said the one that happened,
We thought about the one that will happen,
We reached convenient decision.
We opened hand, we begged Allah. [to open hand==to pray]
Let us search, let us find.
Let us arrive in my Allah.
This was our decision.
We entered the path of love,
We loved HIS human from the bottom of [our] heart,
"Because my Allah created," we said.
We looked at HIS creation without doubt.
We put heart on the path of the [spiritually] mature one. [we helped human who wished to mature spiritually]

Do not say,
"Love the one who loves you,
Build wall [dam] to [block] the water of the one who does not love, [block the water of the one who does not love you]
Put stone on his/her path."
[instead,] Say,
"I loved HIS human.
I conformed to his/her habit [way],
I gave to his/her water,
I held him/her by arm [to support/help him/her].
Even if he/she did not love me,
I [still] loved him/her."

The one that is necessary [is]
Not human's body
But his/her soul.
What I search in it [is]: The LIGHT of my Allah.

If he/she says to me,
"I did not like your path,"
I say to him/her,
"Let me help [you] to go,
If you wish, let me call the one whom you wish,
Let me give your hand to him/her.
Let me show the right one of the path that you like."

If the creation does not love the creation,
The moment in which he/she arrives at his/her Allah
He/she is confused about what to say.
If my Allah says,
"Why did you not like?"
He/she sees him/herself as small.
Of course he/she becomes small.
Because [when he/she says that he/she does not like the other creation]
He/she says [bad] word about
The One That my Allah gave.
[then] With which face does [can] he/she answer my Allah?

HIS forgiveness is also as lofty as HIMSELF.
HE sees the one who begs [HIS] pardon.

The path of rising [spiritually] opens with pleading.
The place where we walk, [the place] that we see is convenient.
The Being That we remember is our Allah,
Our Creator.
We love, we remember.
We burn softly [in heart].
We turn [whirl] as much as we hug.
You say Mevlevi, [Mevlevi=a dervish who follows the teachings of Jalal-ud-Din Rumi, whirling dervish, dancing dervish.]
You put the statute.

He/she does not give word to the enemy. [he/she does not let the enemy speak]
He/she does not open its [ego's] day.
He/she does not run away from heart, [heart does not leave its place to ego]
He/she does not let bravery go. [he/she always acts bravely]
He/she does not say bad word.
He/she burns [in heart], he/she turns [whirls].
"The enemy," I said, did you know [guess]?
The biggest enemy is ego.
The enemy that you know [the regular human enemy that you are familiar with]
Does not harm human.
He/she plunders earth merchandize,
He/she burns what is built.
The one who dies does not lose anything. [the one who is killed by human enemy migrates to after earth life, therefore, he/she does not lose anything on earth]
The fight against ego
Is the biggest war.
Look for the close friend as well as the enemy, inside yourself.
If you are tied to your Allah with all your heart,
[then] Think about
Neither satan
Nor the badnesses that [try to] divert you from the [right] path.
Look for your [spiritual] measure in your deep love [for Allah].

To be convenient
Is not measured by 'seeing miracle.'
Each convenient human
Does not see any miracle.
Do not be mistaken by waiting for [a] miracle [to happen] in each moment.
Look for miracle in creations:
You see [miracles] at every opportunity.

Human: [is] wisher of everything. [human wishes for everything]
My Allah: [is] The Giver of the one that is good deed.

You plant the plant,
Its turning green is from my Allah.
HE gives HIS rain,
The plant turns green.
Sometimes it is dry, it burns.
Sometimes rain comes abundantly, it decays.
My Allah gives everyone as much as his/her/its God-given share is.

My Allah grants the spiritual degree.
However, Mevlana
Helps humans who love, who wish.
If you say, "Isn't there [help] for the one who does not love?"
I wish from heart,
"[let me] Help," I say, I go.
[however, when there is] A big stone on his/her path,
How do I pass?
Do not say,
"Could you not cross the stone?
Could you not pass through the water?
Could you not distinguish the path?"
All of them are open to me, however,
Unfortunately, I can not enter the heart that is closed.
What can I do
For the one who puts stone at his/her heart door,
For the one who closes [his/her heart door] very tightly?
What can I do [for him/her]?
Nevertheless, I wish to my Allah:
"Let him/her remove the stone away from his/her heart door," I say.

Osman's smoke rose on his day.
On his day, he gave his heart to HIS rose.
When he fell in HIS deep love,
He threw the smoke behind.
He added many good deeds to his [spiritual] maturation.

When human needs help
All of us [saints], we keep on wandering around,
We look for the saint who will be helper.
According to appropriate direction,
We refer [submit] to that [appropriate] saint.
However, if human says by opening his/her hand, [if human prays to God]
If he/she wishes from heart,
[only then] He/she sees [gets] his/her help, [only then he/she can be helped by the saint]
[only then] He/she gets relief.

If human waits for help
Not from Allah
But from human,
If he/she goes and
Keeps watch at the door of [another] human,
Then 'to be prayerful [for him/her]' falls on us. [then what is left to us is just to pray for that person]
Because, we too,
We go with the permission of my Allah,
We help HIS human.

The beginning as well as the end of each work is to my Allah.
Let it not be forgotten,
Let human who knows not be mistaken:
When you start, wish to your Allah,
When it ends, be thankful to your Allah
So that you have face to wish again once more,
[so that] You have eye to see,
[so that] You have word to wish.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

7 June 1970

I am Mevlana.
Do not hit word to word, [do not hit the word with word / do not sass]
Do not hit the event to face, [do not hit the face with the event]
Do not break hearts.
It is not from heart, I know,
Do not damage the path of mouth. [sometimes, although you do not mean from heart, you still break another person's heart by your words; therefore, watch your language]

Let me say to the one who asks about one's rightful due:
The one that is wished is rightful due. ['to wish' is the rightful due of human]
Whoever makes [a] wish,
[and] Says that his/her wish will come true, [he/she is obsessed with his/her wish]
[then,] He/she takes [load] on his/her back.
[on the other hand, another human makes another wish that does not come true:]
The one who wishes, is consoled with word.

Come to my word: [listen to me carefully]
When day comes, [you] twist the face, [on that day you look angrily]
When day comes, [you] hit my face. [on that day you reproach me]
The giving of the day, from the path: [here is today's lesson that is from HIS path:]
Human's breaking of heart,
[human's] Taking of sorrow comes as difficult. [when heart is broken, it hurts deeply]
I told you:
[word is like rubber:]
Do not take rubber and pull;
[when you pull it extends, then when it breaks off:]
It hurts,
It saddens both parties.
It does not conform to your goal [as a human],
It does not give path to you. [you do not make any progress on HIS path]

Without [a] goal, day's emptiness does not fill.

The leaf that I take,
The soil that I stand on
Does not lose from its value.

Do not throw your worry into yourself,
Do not add load onto yourself.
Turn the event to simple, [make the event simple/take it easy],
Do not add smoke to smoke.

You take your water,
You turn its color to cloud['s color].
The color that it [water] takes, is the color of the sky.
If it gets cloudy,
Water loses its color too.
Do not say, "It is not [possible],
Water does not lose its color."
[of course] Water has no color to lose.
If the sky is clear, it is blue. [if the sky is clear, water is blue like the sky]
If it is cloudy, the color of the sky squeezes [annoys] the soul.

Hearts do not get spoiled,
[hearts] Are not stained.
Throw the smoke away,
Run away from choking.

Vowing [is] beautiful,
To rejoice for what one gets is more beautiful than that.
The one that is not beautiful
Is the one who does not find the right one of the path,
[is the one] Who does not conform to the society.
Do not be mistaken:
I said, "Society,"
I did not mention, "The society that is mistaken." [corrupt society]
"What is 'the society that is mistaken'?" says human,
He/she thinks.
The correct one of society:
It conforms to what it takes,
It knows its goal,
It finds beautiful subject.
It runs [all together] while holding hand in hand
To the one who needs help.
[however,] The society that is founded for empty day
Walks around in empty air,
Crushes its heart.
Do not throw the day to empty, [do not spend the day in vain]
Do not sell the hours.

You say, "To live,"
You look at the days that pass by, why?
Let us wind the wool ball,
Let us say, "Our day is nice."
If we did one good deed,
Let us say, "Peace is there."
Let us look for peace in what we do.
Let us not create peacelessness.
At the place where you say, "I am peaceless,"
There is really peacelessness.
I saw the goals,
I said, "Beautiful," I reached the peace.
"There is peace here, so that,
I am peaceful too," I said.
Did you understand what I want to say?
At the place where there is peace,
One does not say, "I have no peace."
At the place where there is no peace,
One does not say, "I have peace."

The effect of the air,
The slave of the event.
The goal is to look for peace
Not to be obstinate in peacelessness.

Omar says,
"The one who spoils the air [the one who spoils the friendly atmosphere, friendly environment]
Must be
Not one human
But two humans;
The one who puts in order too.
Its outcome [is] the same.
Laugh and say, look for peace. [say while laughing with joy, be without smoke, look for peace]
If you wish to cross: [if you wish to pass your test on earth]
[you pass your test on earth:]
If you love HIS human,
If you say, "My Allah,"
If you run away from question. [if you accept the events without any question/complaint [knowing that they are created by Allah]]

Of course [you run away] from the question of my Allah: [from the interrogation that takes place when one migrates to after earth life; if you do not want to be interrogated, then:]
Do not say, "Life for life," [do not look for revenge by saying, "life for life, eye for eye..."]
Do not add word to word. [do not break heart with words]

My word, my eye, my essence [are]
In nest, in your nest, in all [humans].
I do not separate [discriminate], I do not favor [one human over another].
I gave my [spiritual] water to all of you.
There is no crying,
Laugh on earth day.
Open the path, choose to go.
We talked about earth,
We saw the one who passed.

Do not say, "Do you have your day too,
Does your equal say word too?"
I took his word, I gave from my rose.
If you give rose to word, you make laugh.
If you add word to word, you make cry.
Let your goal be to make laugh so that
It conforms to Mevlana['s] path.

Do not say, "He/she is faulty."
Human's fault
Shows the wisdom of the wise one.
If there is no fault,
How do [would] you show your wisdom?
Similar to how your fault
Is welcomed with forgiveness. [wise human is tolerant of other human's fault]
The one who says, "I have no fault," is mistaken.
Do not be feverish,
Do not add fault to fault so that
You increase your [spiritual] measure.

My Yunus came,
Entered the air, [he joined the chat]
He took the word.
He said,
"Ya Allah!"
Let it be known that
The state [condition] of the earth, [what happens on earth]
The comfort of HIS human
Are tied to your path.
The length of my path was shortened
By the large one of the tree, by the shade of the leaf. [the length of my path was shortened thanks to the shade of the large tree] [tree==for example, Mevlana says that he is a thick/strong branch of the tree; leaf==human]
[this] Threw my soul to peace.
Neither did the knot of the wool ball disturb me,
Nor did the jug of the earth
Chase away my comfort... [they did not bother me]

On my day I wished too.
"My Allah," I said, I wanted my God-given share.
Of course, if you wish, HE gives.
Path becomes convenient.

During daytime I came to the small village,
I stopped, dived into the air. [I checked around]
Each family had a direction,
[each family] Had [a] side that was faulty.
I saw HIS human
Who wound his wool ball on HIS path,
Who found his peace on earth.
His neighbor came,
He took his word adversely. [his neighbor misunderstood what he said]
He rose his beetle-browed eyebrow. [he frowned/he looked angrily]
I said, "My Allah,
They are going
To quarrel, to fight."
I was mistaken.
He stood in front [of him],
He held his hand.
"My neighbor,
Let the fault be in me,
Let the forgiveness be in you," he said.
He kissed his hand sincerely.
I was very much amazed.
I saw them joke with one another.
"How beautiful," I said.
I loved more the one who claimed the fault.
In fact, he was the wise one.
In the presence of my Allah,
He got his appropriate place too.
Because he tied the event to sweet [he solved the problem in a soft manner]
Even though he had no fault..

I am Mevlana, I came.
I saw Yunus as drunk [with love].
"Our air has been beautiful, [our chat was very good]
We gave our lesson well," he said,
He went while swinging... [walking as he was drunk]

Like in the example of moonlight,
Descent of The LIGHT is reality.
At the place where he/she found his/her value,
At the place where the body entered [the ground],
The soul who found his/her [spiritual] degree
[he/she] Visiting his/her body [on earth][is reality]...
[a soul that is granted a spiritual degree by Allah, may come to earth and visit its tomb...]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel