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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 16

1 May 1970

I am Mevlana.
The night of faithful human,
Syllable of the writings.
My Allah gives many more.
You come,
You make our nest enlightened,
You flow into hearts.
Guest illuminates the nest,
Of course he/she is precious.
Further, for the one who comes to join our chat,
What a happiness.
Our chat, our Allah, [our chat is about our Allah]
Our guest, in the name of our Allah.
If you say, "My Allah,"
If you welcome your guest in HIS name,
The one who comes as enemy, goes as close friend.
He/she [? HE ?] erases bad intention from the heart.
Keep your nest [home] open to the one who comes.
Keep the heart open to the one who laughs.
[however,] Do not say, "Open to all [humans],"
Choose the one who ties his/her path to your nest.

It is necessary to wait, [it is necessary] to mature [spiritually].
Fruit comes from flower.
From small, it gets bigger, it grows, it ripens.
Have you ever seen any fruit [in such a way that]
Its fruit formed before the leaf?
Beauty of the flower is seen before the leaf.
Let me be [like a ripe] fruit, let me come to hand,
[let me be] In human's hand, in other human's tongue.

If you say, "What is the usefulness of [a] patch for [the] wool ball?" [wool ball==lifetime on earth]
It covers the openness, one sews [it] on the dress.
Its path should come as equal to your path,
[the patch] It should not look contrarily on the one who wears [it].

Garib [is] soft,
Our word [is] soft.
Let Garib be laughed at too,
Let [her] be remembered according to her day,
Let her rejoice in heart.

Flower is loved, every kind [of flower],
Because of The Giver,
Because it [each flower] comes from The Creator.
Have you [ever] seen any ugly one?
The one who loves, is loved,
Human['s] value is known.
Do not be mistaken, I did not say, "Flower only."
I said, "The one who loves."
Everything that is created is loved,
The one who loves, is loved.
What is important is
Not the beauty of the face
But the hikmet [that is] in its/his/her creation.

Sherbet's taste does not exist in water,
Sherbet does not give what water gives. [sherbet=any of a number of nonalcoholic drinks made with sugar and spices or sugar and fruit juice] [each creation serves a purpose]

[Garib] She writes not from head but from heart.
She covers the head due to respect.
It is not wrong if there is no cover either. [it does not matter if she covers her head or not]

Mevlana sees in every moment:
How the day comes,
How the timing conforms
Occurs like that.

To conform makes human. [to be successful on his/her test on earth, human is supposed to conform to events]

The one who lays [the bricks of a] wall orderly,
Is more skillful than the one who puts concrete to wall.
If the wall of the building is straight,
If its foundation occurs quickly,
If it is expected that it stays until day, [if one wants that the building lasts long]
[then] It is strong [well built].

Read, think, talk on it [about our writings].
We do not come to fill notebook,
To entertain human.
Our duty is to educate human [spiritually].
The person who gets the education should study
Not only with word
But on his/her own also.
He/she should find HIS path like that.
He/she should not tie the word to the easy one. [our chats are mystical, i.e. the real meaning is usually hidden behind an easily understood shell wording; one should try to understand the real meaning]

You took, one should give,
One should see around,
One should chisel him/herself.
The carpenter takes in hand [the chisel],
Hits the sandalwood.
He/she chisels, cuts, shapes,
He/she transforms [it] into [a] convenient shape.
Human also should set [a] goal for him/herself,
He/she should trace a path [for him/herself].
He/she should not be carried away by the current.

Let it not be said,
"Destiny, what can human do?" [human can not change the destiny, therefore, what can he/she do?]
Whatever human does, he/she does [it] to [for] him/herself.
If he/she looks in the mirror, he/she sees his/her face.
To make the image look nice, his/her face laughs.
Is it ever seen that [a] human who cries
Looks in the mirror, and he/she likes him/herself?
Of course not.

Crying is 'to revolt against life.'
Crying is 'to revolt' if it is for the event.
[however,] If crying occurred because of joy,
If it gave path to "thanking God," [if it caused one to thank God]
[then] It is according to HIS path;
It is like laughing.
It is equivalent to laughing.

Leaf of the rose,
Its soil [is] planted:
Think of The Giver.

Your stone is in place;
What is meant by stone, [is] the foundation of the nest. [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]

Let human's wish be for good deed.

One should eat the food,
One should say, "Thank YOU God."

Leaf [is] green, rose [is] white.
If day is a little cold, [i.e. if there are some knots in his/her wool ball; if there are some stones on his/her path]
It gives soft path to human,
Day comes, he/she wakes up [spiritually]. [thanks to the stones on his/her path, he/she comes to his/her senses]

Leaf [is] green, rose [is] pink.
Human's heart [is] in me;
If it is in me, it comes nicely
[because he/she knows that] WHATEVER is given, my Allah gives.

Leaf [is] green, rose [is] red,
The star of the sky: [star==saint]
The Creator is my Allah,
[it is] HIM Who illuminates [? enlightens ?] the earth.

Faithful human's destiny:
If you say, "Did he/she mature [spiritually] on earth,
Did his/her face laugh?"
Of course he/she laughs
Because he/she turns his/her back to the event.
[however,] Do not say, "The one who laughs [is] without worry,"
Do not laugh at his/her worriless-ness.

Do not say [bad] word to [do not talk badly about]
The one who takes path through the heart.
If you say, "How do we know about the heart?"
Do not say word to [talk about] the human who came [to earth life];
In other words, do not separate human from human. [do not discriminate among humans]
Do not favor saying, "Good,"
Do not sink human by word. [do not degrade another human by your talking]
Human's word comes to human as painful,
[then] Heart is broken.

Did we drink sip by sip?
Did we say, "Earth," and [did we] pass [our test]?
Did we open word from word?
Did we open and look out of the window? [did we look at the after earth life?]
[however,] In order to look [out], it is necessary
To find the [spiritual] measure,
To pass the test.

[it is] The Command of my Allah:
Path is taken from the [spiritual] washer,
Command comes from my Allah.

The one who says soft word,
[the one] Who says, "What I take is [HIS] path,"
[the one] Who knows that he/she walks,
[the one] Who leans on his/her Allah
Is not mistaken.

To walk ties [connects] path to path.
There is no one who sees the end of the path.
There is no one who wishes to see.

I am Mevlana.
I do not wind wool ball. [to wind wool ball==to live on earth]
I do not dive into worry.
I come to say word
To the exceptional nest, [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
To faithful humans.
I give the end of the word.
I say, "Greeting," I go.
[be] Entrusted to Allah.

And humans take [learn] from my path.
Questioning gives beautiful path,
It enlightens the one who asks.

Motherhood is beautiful
For the one who winds her wool ball.
Fatherhood is beautiful
For the one who gives the one that is wished for,
For the one who knows that HE gives, [for the one who knows that God is The Giver]
For the one who shares his day.

Motherhood is beautiful,
She shares the lifetime.
Fatherhood is beautiful,
He shares his day.
If he is soft, straight,
What is it that the father shares?
Does he restrict himself, does he commit [himself]?
Check the hearts.
Wool ball is not restricted.

[a] Father
Whose wool ball is orderly,
Whose job, food are abundant
Is comfortable;
[in such a case,] He leaves to mother.
Mother, according to her lifetime, turns her path to the child.

We gave word,
We said, "Human,"
We opened path from [to] motherhood. [we started talking about motherhood]
Let us find the end of the word.
Let us put [a] point here. [let us finish here]

If you say, "To stay," your power is not enough. [if you want to keep me here more, your power can not do that]
If you look at me, my word does not end. [if it was up to me, I would talk continuously]
[however,] It is necessary to think about Garib,
[it is necessary] To take [the] hand away from her. [let us leave her alone so that she rests]
Do not be mistaken, I did not say, "The writing,"
I [just] said, "Let us cut the word on the [current] day."
If what human says, happens,
If it conforms to his/her wish:
[then] Earth starts to write, [and] birds run.

Grapevine['s] trunk becomes food,
[however, only] The one who waits, sees.
Its grape ripens.
You eat, you whirl.
You whirl [like dervishes], you burn [in heart].
You rejoice that you burn.
You take what is presented,
You know What you take.

"Let one not say with forbidden language, [let us not talk badly]
Let one not say without [using] the mind," is being said:
[then] Word stays in mouth.
[if one does not want to talk badly, then he/she uses his/her mind, measures his/her word; then bad word does not leave the mouth]

Meydan is listened to,
One whirled.
Meydan is said,
Meydan is found.
The one who took,
The one who gave [what he/she took],
The one who put in heart
[they] Filled the meydan.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

9 May 1970

I am Mevlana.
Give place
Not to cry
But to laugh.

[what is important is] Not to pass the earth, [not just to live on earth]
But to see [everything] as beautiful. [vision==to see HIM in HIS creations]

To the one who asks, to the one who does not ask,
To the one who does not thank God for his/her state [for his/her condition on earth]:
'To wish' is not 'to take.'
'To know' is 'to take.'
To thank God for What is given
Is to love his/her Allah.

To be ready [for God is possible]
Not by pleading,
But by going on HIS path,
By staying away from the evil.

You take soft path,
You see faithful human.
Usefulness to you
Is in winding of your wool ball on the right path.

I am Mevlana.
I came, I stood upon nice word: [I have been having nice chats with you]
'To think' falls on you. [you should think about The Meaning hidden in our chats]
My vision: 'to conform' falls on you.

If he/she does not conform to the intention,
If he/she does not take his/her word,
[then] He/she does not walk [on] soft path,
[then] He/she does not run away from forbidden [bad] language. [then he/she talks badly, he/she breaks heart]

To conform falls on spouses.
Convenient is this:
Your duty is to make your partner happy.
When you take spouse, you open your home for every path,
You take your spouse saying, "I will make [you] happy."
If you perform your duty,
[then] You become happy more than anything else.
[however,] Do not be mistaken:
It is not enough to be happy because of the duty.
To see [your spouse] as happy, is like that too. [not only you but also your spouse should be happy]
Marriage is not 'to set up housekeeping,'
It is not 'to enter [a] building.'
[it is necessary]
To open the building according to HIS path,
[it is also necessary that]
Happy humans raise
Joyful kids who have high spiritual strength,
[it is also necessary]
Not only to be example [of high morals]
But also to give the example at home.

It is said about what I present,
"Let it be solved, let example be given."
What is being said, is seen as convenient.
Season [is like] home's air, [similar to how seasons change, the events around a family may change]
Air [is like] home's ornament. [think of these changing events as ornaments]
Who is The One Who gives the child to home?
Who is The One Who makes his/her spouse God-given share for HIS human?
Always my Creator.
If you say, "[it is] For my good deed,"
If you are [a] good example for your child,
Your spouse, your child as well as you are [all] happy.
[then] You are blessed [when you are] next to my Allah.
My Creator says, "My human is one [same],"
There is no one who is separated [discriminated].
The missing [part] of one is the supplement of the other one.
The other one's missing [part] is the supplement of the one.
There is no one who is [more] valued, who is kept as separated [discriminated].

Do not be selfish at home.
My Creator does not love the one who is selfish.
If you say, "To beat," if you think about HIS path,
It is not convenient.
[if one beats his/her child, then this may cause:]
My Allah's punishment of HIS human
Because of his/her betrayal on the entrusted one.
[in reality,] HE does not entrust HIS human to HIS [other] human.
However, selfish human,
At home on earth, he/she runs away from soft word.
It is necessary to keep on avoiding [bad language/heart breaking],
It is necessary to run away from painful word.
To give smoke to the entrusted one
Does not make [one] reach the peace.
The entrusted one [is], the life of the human.
To think about his/her [other person's] life
Is to know what is necessary, is to go on HIS path.
Do not say, "Let it be, [I don't care]
Let my wool ball be wound like this."
Know your intention as soft, [do not be obsessed with your desires]
Conform your mouth path to the heart.

Did you see anyone who is happy?
Did you know [about] your duty?
I saw the happiness,
I reached its highest level.
I came to your nest for this [reason].
Every day, my word is this.
I saw your heart door that opens to your path.
I found the secret of my MEVLA in my pleading,
I prayed to arrive in HIM.
I decorated my home with my peace.
I did not say to my spouse, "You,"
I said, "We."

[in order] To mature [spiritually] , it is not necessary to change world. [to mature spiritually, it is not necessary to migrate to after earth life]

If you wear shoe,
If you say, "Tight,"
It is necessary
Not to say, "Untie the tie,"
But to be helper to the solution.
One does not complain to you for you to say, "Untie!"
Your are requested to be helper.

Patience [is] beautiful: it makes human win.
Lawsuit [is] important: the one who wins [it], [is] fine.
Loss [is] important:
What the loser loses
The winner finds [it].

[when we [saints] chat, when we give you lessons]
The one who takes upon him/herself, should not feel sorry, [the one who takes offense should not feel sorry]
Let him/her not say, "Word that comes is hard." [what is being said is harsh]
We came to the nest [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
Where silver is erased,
Where gold is chosen;
[we came] To the humans [who are] in the nest.
[silver==matter; gold==spiritual meaning]

We came,
We gave advice
To the one who fell in fault. [who made mistake]
Stay away from loss,
Look forward to winning
So that
On the day when earth fades, [when you migrate from earth to after earth life]
[on the day] When universe returns, [when it is time for you to go to the next planet in the universe in accordance with your spiritual degree]
You are not sad;
[so that]
For one word [because of one heart breaking word that you said on earth]
You stay in the endless darkness. [endless darkness==hell]
You know the endless darkness:
It is the place where the human
Whose path is not convenient,
Whose word does not find measure
Returns to.

If you want to go where you wish to arrive,
If you wish to be on convenient path,
Then you know 'conforming' as duty.
If you say, "Conform to what?"
To the command of Allah. [i.e. know that all events are created by Allah, and conform to them without any complaint...]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

10 May 1970

I am Mevlana.
I came to plead,
I stayed by the door.
Omar says:
There is no word of the one that happened,
[there is] No eye of the one that will happen.
One does not say word [talk] about [it].
What is the one that is not understood?
Word is open: [what is said is clear]
It is in vain to talk about the one that happened.
It is in vain to say, "Let me see what will happen."

You say, "[it is] Like [a] dream,"
[in fact,] You live in the dream.
Sleep exists
Not in night
But also in day.

Earth lasts with event[s].

The one who writes is not Sabahat [Garib], but I [Mevlana].

Let my Allah be pleased with all of you.
Let HIM give convenient direction.
If you say, "My direction is to Allah,"
If it was not like that, do [would] you find me?

Adulthood is not spiritual maturity.
Spiritual maturity is not 'having vision.' [vision==to see HIM in HIS creations]
It does not mean that each spiritually mature one, has vision. [do not think that 'every wise person has vision']

Ripening of the fruit
Is in accordance with the rooting of the tree.
The fruit of the tree of which
The root is in water,
It [the fruit] gets plump,
It comes to hand,
It gives taste to mouth.

Laugh, so that you laugh,
So that you enter the rose garden,
So that you attain the beauty.
I took torch in my hand,
I gave [the light] to the path of human. [I illuminated human's path]
I wished for soft day
For the heart of the faithful human.
If there is no "nearby" of the glass, [if human does not stand by the window]
If human does not fill with air [if human does not feel/experience the air]
[then] He/she does not know the beauty of the air.

If you take sip [of spiritual water] from me,
[if you take] Exceptional path from human,
[then] Throw the smoke behind you,
[then] Refer [submit/transfer] the event to my Allah.

Not about the one that happened
But about the one that comes.
[yet] Let [spiritually] ready human not [even] think,
Let him/her take shelter in his/her Allah.

Yogurt is eaten with taste, [it is nice to eat yogurt]
It mixes with your water, it gives coolness.
Yogurt takes [water], gives ayran. [ayran=a drink made of yogurt and water; ayran==teachings of ONEness of HEARTs [saints present ayran to humans...]]
There is no loss.
What happens [is that] water mixes with [yogurt].
Ayran is also loved.
It is drunk with love.
[however,] If you eat [it] as yogurt
Its coolness is less.
Ayran gives coolness to heart.
The one that is original can not give. [yogurt can not give]
Because it is not sufficient for sharing;
If it is ayran, everybody has fair share.

Haunt is not at the place where we stay,
The place where we stay, is not far away. [our place [in Milky Way] is not far from you]

Omar says:
Do not look badly at the one who sits at your place.
Do not occupy your mind saying, "From me [that place belongs to me]."

Is it possible to mature [spiritually] on earth,
[and] To return as you came to your name? [as you started to use your name, i.e. when you were born] [try to live on earth without losing the God-given Light that you had when you were born on earth]

Sometimes you climb to the summit,
Sometimes you fall into the deep.
If you descend as you climbed, I have no word [to say]. [God may make you descend, in such a case, if you know that it is from God, if you descend as you climbed [i.e. without any complaint], then I have no word to say]
[however,] If you return differently than you climbed, [however, when God makes you descend, if your attitude changes from the one when you climb, i.e. you revolt, you complain, etc.]
[then] You do not know your Allah,
[then] You do not say, "What comes is from The Lofty One."
[in such a case, you may blame human:]
You look badly at human,
If it is in [your] hand, you [may] hurt. [if there is opportunity, you may hurt other human[s]]
Do not forget that
Each event is the work of my Allah.

I took the pen in my hand,
I gave the word to my tongue;
Heart said, I told.
I became washer, I washed [spiritually],
I came from migration to the [current] day [to your day].

Do not say, "I spend the years in vain."
On each passing day, you put a stone for the building.
It happens by wishing of course,
However, it is necessary to wait too.
Building is built,
Stone is put on top of [other] stone.
Everyday you put one stone,
Day comes,
You see the [construction of the] building as finished.

If he/she comes to my 'agim,'
If he/she knows my word.
What is meant by 'agim' [is]: 'dirge, word.'
My word, my song [are] to [for] my Allah.
While saying song, [while singing]
While walking on the path
Where do you go?
What thought are you lost in?
Whom do you look for?
The One Whom I remember,
The One Whom I look for
Is my Allah.

Thorn [that is] on the branch of the rose
Pierces while plucking.
[however,] If you pick slowly,
If you hold by its leaf,
Of course it does not pierce.
You say, "Its meaning," you request as ready. [you request in such a way that you do not have to think, that everything is readily available to you]
Even if you think wrongly,
You still find your Allah
Because you search on that path.
Rose's thorn pierces,
It hurts human.
[on the other hand,]
"What a beautiful flower is the rose," you say,
You laugh at its thorn. [you do not mind its thorn]
I said:
It pierces the one who plucks.
[there is a similar saying:]
"If one talks badly about [a] saint, dust gets into his/her eye."
What is meant to say is this:
It is known that the rose is the saint,
It is also known that the one who plucks is turned-away. [the one who plucks symbolizes a human who is not on HIS path]

Think about the verbena,
It has no thorn.
[yet] Human does not pluck it
Because he/she does not bend forward.
Human's eye aims high,
[the eye] Of the turned-away human.
He/she does not look at the ground,
He/she does not see the beauty of the verbena.

If you put [set up] the 'otag' in vineyard, [otag= pavilion, large and luxurious tent (used by a sultan or grand vizier)]
If you give grape to shah,
He does not eat, he does not look at what is in [his] hand.
He says, "Let it come,"
He looks for beauty in the one that comes from far
Not in the one that is in hand.
[however,] If human heart is humble,
If he/she knows the value of the one that is in hand,
[then] He/she finds the peace of the world,
He/she balances his/her heart.

'To wait from far' misleads human.
If there is in hand
You eat dry bean[s],
You stop the sound of your stomach.
If you wait that it comes from far,
Your stomach gives sound,
The sound increases [and goes] to outside,
[the sound] Harms yourself as well as your surroundings.
[yes,] Also your surroundings.
Because 'your voice' is raised. [your raise your voice]
Each event is like this.
Let there be bread, let him/her break onion, [in the past, when there was no knife available, one hit and broke the onion, and ate it...]
Let him/her eat sweetly.
Let him/her say, "This is also my Allah's blessing."

The one who eats his/her food,
The one who puts soft cover on his/her head
Is human.

The full one as well as the empty one of the jug are one [the same],
According to what I know.
If it is full, are you happy?
Do you not say, "Let there be one more jug"?
Happiness [is] borderless.
No stake is put
On its right, on its left, at its front, on its back. [stakes that are put to mark the corners of the border]
It is not said, "Up to here [up to this point]."
If you find one end,
You look for the other one,
You say, "Let all of them be at one place."
And for that, neither your power nor your lifetime is enough.
However, if you say,
"Let me find
Not its ends
But its middle,
Let me reach the peace there,"
[then] It is correct,
[then] It is considered as if you almost found the peace.

Our beautiful chat [is] nice tonight.
You played your ney, you sang your folk song. [ney=nay, a reed flute (often used to play Mevlevi music)]
You joined from heart, you remembered.
In the moment you remembered, I came.
You tied Yunus' path to path.
Yunus [is] in nest, [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
In the air that he/she sees,
In the one who takes my water,
In the one who runs to the ocean. [ocean==God]
[however, ] There is no need to run,
It is necessary to walk.
There is no path to hurry, [there is no need to hurry]
It is necessary to wait.
The going of the water happens slowly. [water flows slowly]
[however,] Its pouring into the ocean is in hurry.
The flowing of so much water,
The look of the human at the ocean,
Neither did [it] fill
Nor did [it] make overflow.
From day to day,
Human crossed [over].
You found the river,
You became small.
You dived into the river,
Wait with patience.
Join The One That you are being taken to.

The look of the day at day,
The flow of the human to the water,
Him/her being close to the sea
Occur according to [spiritual] measure, depend on day [time].

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel