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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 13

28 March 1970

I am Mevlana.
If "lie" is said to [about] what I present, [if he/she says that I tell lies]
Do not say any word to the one who says [so].
Do not [say any word] so that he/she keeps his/her suspicion inside him/herself.
Let his/her suspicion disturb him/her,
Let him/her seek, let him/her find him/herself [on his/her own].

At the [right] time of everything,
At its hour that is written [for it].
Patience [spiritually] matures human,
Makes him/her find what he/she searches.

Longing [is] beautiful, waiting [is] difficult.
However, if waiting becomes adding [to spiritual knowledge],
If WHAT is sought is found,
[then] No confusion occurs, human is not mistaken,
He/she does not become crazy from joy.
Each event starts slowly,
Day passes, it matures.
[for example, look at the sun]
Even the birth of the sun,
Initially a slow and slight heat,
As time progresses
Its heat as well as its light increase.

You too, command your heart with your logic.
[however, at the same time,] Do not make your logic slave of your heart.
Logic is not always enlightened,
[and] Does not give way to heart garden.

Heart is the garden of the spirit.
Faithful human grows [there] rose.
Turned-away human grows [there] thornbush.
For that [reason], for the roses [that are] in your heart garden,
You take [spiritual] water, [and] you wish that it grows [they grow].

Do you know what spiritual force is?
Religious faith? Yes.
What is material force?
Material force [is]
To resist against serving
The life power of the earth.
In faithful human, spiritual force is superior.
If there is [a] struggle between the two,
The one who wins
Is the one whose spiritual force is superior.
However, spiritual force is gained
Not obliviously
But thanks to [a] connection through complete religious faith.

We took the torch in the hand,
We wrapped the skirt around the waist.
[a] Large basket of rose[s] in our hand,
We distributed from human to human.
Do [should] we give [the roses]
To the one who collected the roses,
[or] To the one who says, "My Allah,"
[or] To the one who assumes duty,
[or] To the one who sets up the congregation?
My Allah [is] so generous,
My Allah [is] so lofty.
My Allah's love for HIS human
Is so abundant that
HE says, "My humans are not separated, [are not different from one another]
[they] Are not deprived."
To all of you from HIS LIGHT,
To your wool ball from HIS Beauty, [wool ball==lifetime on earth]
HE gives God-given share as much as your prayer;
The one who wishes takes God-given share as much as he/she wishes.

If we promenade, if we see,
If we give hand in hand,
If we think about the threshold of the death: the migration.
Human thinks, "Azrael," he/she says, [Azrael=angel of death]
[a] Terrible view comes to his/her eye [mind].
[however,] Do you know that
The angel called as Azrael is from Light [is made of Light],
[do you know] How beautiful she is? [although "she" is used for angel Azrael, it is not meant that Azrael has female characteristics]
Do you know that
When that moment comes,
When you see her face
Your patience runs out,
One says, "Let me arrive in one moment." [let me arrive at once, as soon as possible]

Fear is empty [in vain], [fear is] earth bandage [that ties you to earth].
Throw away the bandage.
My Allah made HIS path known,
HE gave [you] your logic;
[only] Effort fell onto human. [all human has to do is to spend some effort, use his/her logic]
The one who thinks about his/her [spiritual] maturation,
Let him/her erase his/her earth,
Let him/her live for after earth life.
Let him/her not get out of justice,
Let him/her not be 'nadan.'
Nadan: the one who puts someone in his/her place.
What falls onto human [what human has to do]
Is to remember his/her Allah,
Is to love HIS creation[s],
[is to love] Even the stone, [and] the soil.
What does the soil give,
What does the stone make known?
In love, there is no separation from alive, from not-alive,
No separation, no difference. [alive or not, love all of HIS creations...]

We started with the migration [to after earth life].
Do not say, "There is no one who loves the migration."
Not 'to love,' [to love or not does not matter, however,]
Do not put fear in your heart.
Let us talk about earth:
Child commits [a] fault,
He/she is scared of his/her father.
The moment in which he/she behaves him/herself,
His/her fault is forgiven.
He/she goes next to his/her father, he/she kisses his hand.
While even earth human forgives,
Does my lofty Allah not forgive HIS human?
If the fear is [because of] the tie to earth
[then] Let my Allah forgive [you],
Let HIM untie your earth tie
By the way of heart.

Your foot [is] in water,
Glass [for water is] in your hand.
You entered HIS vineyard,
[there is] One lofty arbor.
Why do you not fill and drink,
[why] Do you not enter HIS vineyard [and] take shelter under the arbor?

If there is no grape in the vineyard,
My eye can not stay there. [I would not miss that vineyard]
Yeast is also necessary.
Juice of grape should become wine,
[and wine] Should make [one] drunk [spiritually].

Let us drink from the wine,
Let us choose our path.
Earth wine comes as [tastes] bitter,
It tears off human's tie.
The wine that we present, [our chats/our spiritual teachings]
Is from the grapes of the vineyard of the heaven;
It makes the one, who drinks [it], drunk [with joy],
It makes him/her run to his/her Allah.
The more he/she runs, the more he/she gets excited.
There is no sobering up, [there is no need to sober up when one drinks this kind of wine]
There is no 'being ashamed' after sobering up.
[on the other hand,] Earth wine, when one drinks [it],
It increases the courage,
It makes one ashamed when he/she sobers up.

I am Yunus, I came.
We write [our chats]
So that you put in heart,
So that you take your path.
To open [to understand] The Meaning is in accordance with [each] heart.
To write openly is the measure of my value.

The word of Yunus [is] open.
I found its owner, I entered the garden,
I saw [a] grown up tree.
I liked the state of the well-cared garden.
I felt sad about the neglected garden.
That one's owner is [a] human,
This one's owner is also [a] human.
However, [one of them] he/she was talented,
He/she conformed to soil, he/she got its yield.
Work is not empty. [one does not work in vain]
Do not say, "The real Owner?"
Of course, my Allah. [of course, The real Owner is my Allah]

Allah gives [a] home to each human.
Human decorates his/her home.
[similarly] The owner of the garden, according to his/her mind,
Grows [grapevine] in his/her vineyard.
To work [is] from human,
Its yield [is] from my Allah.
Taking of the working human [the yield of the garden/the reward of the human who works]
Is of course excessive.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

3 April 1970

I am Mevlana.

I am Yunus.
Let us say word,
Let us wear rawhide sandal,
Let us have a look at [the time that was] before our migration from earth:
The grass of the mountain[s], of the rock[s],
Light shoe on my foot.
I hit the flat one of the road, [I started the journey on the path that was flat]
I kicked the knee of the foot, [similar to how a person riding a donkey would do to make it start going].
I walked.
I descended down the slope.
At the head of his herd, [nearby his herd],
Shepherd Ali near his food. [shepherd Ali was eating his food]
Do you say, "What food?"
He added olive to his bread.
He [also] got [some] onion,
He whetted [his] appetite. [he also ate some onion to increase his appetite]
He sat by the water,
He ate his food,
He drank his water,
He said, "Thank YOU my Allah."
His stomach was full,
His heart was pure,
The share that he got from the herd
Was sufficient for him.
You say, "Destiny,"
You say word like that.
[however,] An event happened to him too.
[one day, a] Breakdown occurred in one of the lambs. [one lamb fell sick]
Whatever he did, shepherd Ali could not save the lamb.
He brought the herd to sheepfold with one lamb missing.
He made the situation known to his agha. [he reported the event to the owner of the herd and the land]
His agha was a human with immature heart.
He did not believe [in what Ali said to him].
"You butchered [it], you ate [it], you enjoyed yourself," he said.
His [Ali's] heart was quite roughed up. [his heart was very much broken]
Whatever poor Ali said, he [agha] did not enter the path of believing. [whatever Ali said, the owner did not believe him]
At night of the [same] day,
One of the children of the agha fell sick.
Whatever they did, [it was] useless.
Shepherd Ali was a human who found HIS path,
Who educated his heart on HIS path.
His prayer was widely accepted by his Allah.
One told him about agha [and his sick child].
He [Ali] went next to the child.
He made his prayer.
With the permission of my Allah, the child opened [got well].
Agha begged the pardon of the shepherd.
However, the shepherd had such a high heart that
It was not acceptable for him to stay with that agha anymore.
He took his cloak,
He gave his effort,
He hit the road.
"I pray for my agha to have
My Allah's pardon," he said to me,
He became friend on my path.
He walked with me.
Yunus brought his word here.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

4 April 1970

I am Mevlana.
I came to promenade in the heart garden,
[I came] To crush its thorn[s].

Before saying your word,
Swallow three [times], say once.
[yet] Before saying, think once more.
Let the value of your word be in accordance with [your] heart,
Let it have the value of gold. [gold==spiritual meaning]

His/her path [is] convenient, human [is] with vision: [vision==to see HIM in HIS creations]
[his/her] Lifetime [is] untied with patience.

"I am not [a] faithful," he/she says,
He/she saddens.
"My Allah," he/she says,
He/she crouches.
You know your Allah,
You are ashamed of your being.
If you are not [a] faithful, do you think of this? [you are faithful because you think as you do]
"To be ashamed of [being in] the presence of my Allah,
[to be ashamed] Of arriving at HIM with [a] debt."

Eating of yogurt, drinking of ayran [ayran=a drink made of yogurt and water; ayran==to digest the teachings of ONEness of HEARTs [saints present the ayran, human drinks it...]]
Give relief [contentment].
Drinking of milk
Nourishes the baby.
For the maturation to develop, milk is necessary;
For human to feel relieved, yogurt is necessary.
[yogurt is obtained by yeasting the milk,]
[in a similar manner,]
For human to mature [spiritually], yeasting is necessary.
His/her peace in the nest [is] because of his/her yeasting. [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
Word in nest gives peace;
In air, convenient wind.
Convenient wind:
Air blowing in the direction that human has prepared.[that human expects]
The wind that does not blow in the direction that human expects
Disrupts the peace.

We yeasted humans,
Their paths became gold. [gold==spiritual meaning]
Earth chose gold,
The one who found HIS path, passed.
The day on which earth says, "Gold!" [at a time when some humans think that material gold is important]
The one who found HIS path,
[he/she threw the material gold on the ground, and]
He/she stepped on [it], [and] passed.

They ask about the [spiritually] mature one,
They search The One Who exists.
It is easy to solve:
[because] My word does not come from deep, [my saying is easy to understand]
I say according to your day.
We gave the milk, we yeasted.
[think about the analogy of yogurt making: you yeast the milk, you cover it, you wait:]
When its day, its time comes
[then] Let us open the coverings [and find the yogurt ready].
[and now, another analogy on the same topic: [i.e. how our mystical teachings are deciphered]]
I told [you]: my word is like in the example of snowy mountains. [my word is like mountains covered with snow]
It comes and sees the sun,
Its snows melt,
Head[s] of the mountains open.
My word is like that too.
It is yeasted, it is covered,
[then later] Its covering is opened.
If you do not know in moment, [if you don't understand right away]
You solve [it] when it [its time] comes.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

5 April 1970

I am Mevlana.
The dough of your yeast
Is kneaded with HAK water.
The value of your path
Is measured according to our path.
Your intention is given according to your pleading.

"Let me say [about] her dream,
Let me make the good deed known,
Let me walk Garib around," I said,
I opened [removed] the obstacle,
Her eye opened.
Not the one on her face but the one in her heart.
She came as light [not heavy], she reached The Lofty One.
If she was heavy, she would [could] not rise,
She would [could] not look at both doors.
Even if she looked, she would not see.
To earth human,
I gave HIS path.
The flour that she took,
She added to the water that I gave,
She made a dough.
She kept on kneading [the dough].
She added [it] to the dough of all of you.
Your dough is yeasted with her [? HIS ?] dough.
Let my Allah be pleased with all of you.

The one who takes shelter in his/her Allah
Is not mistaken,
Does not fall down even if he/she hits [a] stone.
The flowing of the water [is] from HAK,
The coming of the path [is] from faithful heart.
The one who sees the minaret,
The one who listens to the call to prayer,
His/her eye, [his/her] heart open.
The one who listens from heart,
His/her obstacle [that is] in heart, is lifted [removed].

Let my Yunus come,
Let him turn his path to you:
I came like [a] bird,
I arrived, I gave [made] my prayer.
I am amazed
At the worry of the earth,
At the hard one of HIS human.
Why is there such an ambition, such a greed for earth merchandize?
You, stupid, do you think that you will stay on earth forever?
[when you migrate to after earth life,]
Not even one 'donum' of land comes with you. [donum = a land measure of 1000 square meters (about a quarter of an acre)]
[earth merchandize:] It does not testify for you in after earth life.
[earth merchandize:] It does not pray for the pardon of your sins.
For What belongs to my Allah, one does not say, "Why?"
The Owner of the merchandize, of the property
Is The Owner of the universe.
Its Owner does not change.
The one that changes is its renter.
Human is entrustee, he/she takes. [human is entrusted earth merchandize by God]
If he/she takes good care, he/she becomes worthy human.

[justice is such that]
No human's share passes to [another] human;
My Allah does not give permission for this.
The one who takes [someone else's share]
Finds what he/she deserves.
If he/she pleads, if he/she says,
"My Allah, your property is with me,
Let me be responsible to YOU.
Let me not be obliged to explain to Your human. [let me not be responsible to humans]
Make me own [some] earth property too
According to my day [on earth].
Grant whatever is possible."

The one who is enlightened
Should be honored.
It is necessary to recognize the one whose science is superior.

Be entrusted to my Allah.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

6 April 1970

I am Mevlana.
The one who loves, is loved.
The one who is created, is made live. [is kept alive]

If you know that 'love' is
Equivalent to worshipping my Allah,
[then] You [would] overflow with love.

You live [during] one lifetime.
Lifetime is definite.
To live [is] as much [long] as the lifetime.
However, [a] lifetime that is lived with deep love
Takes [one] to after earth life.
The place of the deep love is in heart.
The place of the heart is in Allah.
If you say, "I burned," [if you really burn in heart with deep love for Allah]
[then] You can not burn, [God would protect you, and material fire would not harm your body]
[then] You do [would] not get bored with living,
[then] You are not scared of death at all.
The day on which you mature [spiritually], you find;
You know WHAT you find,
You see HIS LIGHT. [vision==to see HIM in HIS creations]

You saw, you knew, [in heart] you opened.
I have not pulled,
Your hearts hugged me.
We displayed our deep love on the scene,
We kneaded, we turned [him/her to HIS path].
We did not say, "WHAT is IT?"
We did not ask, "WHO is HE?"
We believed, we stayed away from doubt.

On my Allah's path, I found my path.
Because my Allah created, I loved HIS human.
I found the one who loves, I illuminated his/her path.
It is necessary
Not [only] to remember
But [also] to burn [in heart].
In order to burn,
It is necessary to love.
Look for love inside of yourself
Not around.
You, you love
So that you are loved,
So that you are measured with your love.

Love opened his/her path,
[love] Gave its effect to his mother .
By thinking of him from the bottom of her heart.
Measure [it] by yourself. [try to understand it by putting yourself in their shoes]
At the end of a sudden longing that falls inside you, [after you miss a beloved one so much]
How would you be reunited with the one you have been longing for?
Mother-son, they were like that too.
Hazrat Yusuf. [Hazrat Joseph [as described in the Old Testament, eleventh of Jacob's twelve sons]]
Love did not separate them,
[love] Made them know that they are not separated.
Because, by way of love,
The effect on one another did not change.
It is not understood. [let me say it again]
[when] Mother heard [learned] that her son was lost [missing],
She did not believe that he died.
Because, she continuously got inspiration.

I am Mevlana, I am in deep love with my Allah,
[I am in deep love] With the creation[s] of my Allah,
[I am in deep love] With HIS rock, HIS soil,
[I am in deep love] With HIS rose, HIS leaf,
[I am in deep love] With HIS bird, HIS wolf,
[I am in deep love] With HIS sea, HIS water
[I am in deep love] With HIS rose who is on HIS path,
[I am in deep love] With each color of HIS rose,
[I am in deep love] With HIS ceiling, HIS foundation.
The seed of the rose,
The pearl of the heart,
Greatly cherished one of the earth,
HIS Muhammet Mustafa [Prophet Mohammad].

Recognize [HIM] as much [spiritually] mature as you are,
Love [HIM] as you know.
HE takes your love [from your heart],
Is there any need for any word?
The One Whom you love is bigger than you [are].
HIS Bigness does not fit into the measure of the wool ball.

The dust that is in sand, does not stay on skirt.
If it enters the mouth, your tongue does not give way. [your tongue does not let it pass]
If your tongue gives way,
The pieces [that are] in your throat catch,
Do not give passage.
[in a similar manner,]
Good as well as evil are to take the test
In order to enter [after earth life].
The one who passes his/her test
[he/she] Becomes faithful human.
The one whose heart is turned-away, let him/her wait,
Let him/her make him/herself ready for the empty [in vain] struggle.
The one who trusts him/herself [instead of God]
Resembles the one who punches
[an] Empty sand bag.
He/she keeps on struggling in vain.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel