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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 14

9 April 1970

I am Mevlana.
I remembered The LIGHT of the light coming from the moon.
Thanks to the light of the sun, I burned with HIS LIGHT.
(sun: HIS Representative)
I burned, I wished for HIS [spiritual] water,
I dived into the ocean. [ocean==God]
My life [is] on HIS path, my deep love [is] in my heart.
My Allah's path is in HIS human's heart.
The path of the sleep is to my [Mevlana's] path. [This verse may be better understood under the light of the following information: during sleep, spirit of the human who has permission from Allah, meets with other spirits of the same spiritual level and/or with his/her saint...]
The human of my Allah is to [in] my heart.

When you take the word,
And the new 'saz,' [saz=a stringed musical instrument (which somewhat resembles a lute); saz==song of heart]
One says word, [one sings]
One plays saz.
One conforms to the tune of the saz.
If you conform to the tune,
[then] One passes [has] joyful day.

Straw pile: for day. [straw pile would last for one day]
The flow of the mountain: for one thousand [days].
The creek does not resemble the ground.
Its water flows, does not get dirty.
Do not glance at stagnant water,
Do not throw word to flowing water. [do not talk badly about the flowing water] [flowing water flows to the ocean, stagnant water [i.e. water of well/lake] does not...] [ocean==God]
[flowing water:] When it enters its bed,
When its water flows like that,
Its yield occurs properly,
Its surroundings are orderly [with many fields, farms along the creek].
[saints and their teachings are analogue to rivers/creeks flowing to the ocean]

The one who gives voice, gets voice, [the one who shouts, is shouted back]
[he/she] Turns his/her path to anger.
Anger is not good for human:
It makes one loose both earth and after earth life.
[for that reason,] Think about your word twice,
[and only then] Say once.
Put what you say on scale.
Make [the] bad [word] very little,
Entrust your [bad] word to yourself; [consider that you were told that bad word;]
If you can bear [it],
[only then] Convey [it] to someone else.

Helper [is] my Allah.
My Yunus [is] on your path.
He is in your nest. [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
I am Yunus, I came.
"Word," I said. [I asked for permission to speak]
I took [the word], I reached the joy [I rejoiced].
All of you, be nice,
Find peace on earth.
Come to after earth life as ready.
I came, I wished that I come,
I took my wish.
[I came to after earth life, I wished that I come to you, my wish came true]
There is no curved [wrong] one of my word.
The curve of my neck: HAK.
I bend my neck [forward],
I say, "My Allah,
[my neck] Bends to [for] YOU,
Dives into the ground."
[however,] My path does not bend.
My word is not poured out. [I speak in measured words]
I do not know if its taste is bitter, [or] salty.
Yunus says, he beats the hope. [when Yunus talks, he kills the hope; one hopes that Yunus tells fortune, however, he does not tell fortune]
The going of the earth is asked from Yunus, [some earth humans ask Yunus about earth events]
Yunus is interfered with my Allah's work. [events are created by God; when one asks about earth events to Yunus, he is put in a position as to interfere with Allah's work]
[however,] The event has no connection nor contradiction to Yunus.
Even if earth share stays,
Even if human burns in this direction,
Let him/her not occupy him/herself [with this subject].
Let him/her not desire earth merchandize greedily.
Yunus [is] the traveler of the path,
[he is] HIS spokesman on the path of HAK.

If I am soft, I do not say, "I am Yunus." [I am harsh, I say, "I am Yunus"]
[however,] Hazrat Mevlana says [about softness],
Tells about his path.
His word as well as [word==chats/spiritual teachings]
His saz as well as [saz= a stringed musical instrument (which somewhat resembles a lute); saz==song of heart]
His meydan
Are wide.
There is no measure of his path, of his direction. [humans come to his path from all directions]
My word [is] measured.
My coming
[is due to the fact that] I conform to the invitation of
Hazrat Mevlana.
Let my Allah be pleased with all of you.

The one who comes as guest,
Stays at the place where he/she is guest.
He/she does not walk around at the home of the host[/hostess].
[he/she stays] At the place that is permitted,
At the place that is allowed to human.

Wool ball is wound according to HIS path; [wool ball==lifetime on earth]
Human winds his/her wool ball together with his/her saint. [if human is on HIS path, then God allows his/her saint to help him/her]
What a happiness for the one who takes HIS path.
Let you be soft,
Let you go on HIS path,
Let you stay on HIS word. [let you not get out of HIS word/conform to events...]

Let you be prayerful to your Allah:
The one that happens, the one that does not happen are wished to my Allah,
Your wish is taken quickly.

The day on which your trunk burns,
The day on which you take your [spiritual] food,
HE knows your taste.
The being of the trunk is in vineyard.
The winding of the big wool ball lasts long.
What happens when the trunk burns?
It changes
Not because of fire
But sun.
[a trunk that does not stay in the sun:]
It does not give the grape, it has no wine.
Before drinking the [spiritual] wine,
Human does not get drunk [with joy of God].
Before the trunk burns, [before one stays under the sun] [sun==Prophet Mohammad]
Before he/she gets his/her [spiritual] food, [before he/she understands our spiritual teachings]
Human does not come to his/her senses. [human does not mature spiritually]

I am Mevlana, I came,
I said, "My Yunus,
You have been spokesman for my word,
You have been saz player for my essence. [saz= a stringed musical instrument (which somewhat resembles a lute); saz==song of heart] [i.e. you expressed what I had in my essence]
You said to human,
You left your path to tomorrow." [while talking, you stayed late]
He [Yunus] said,
"They asked me your word, as if [I was] you. [they thought I was you and they asked me]
They thought your path was in me.
I said as much as my power, in essence.
I begged pardon if I made mistake."
You are great Ya my Yunus! [Ya = O ...!/Oh ...! (used to show strong emotion, especially exasperation)]
You are full Ya my Yunus!
My word is your word,
My eye is your essence,
Your essence, my eye
Are my Allah's LIGHT.
My Allah, Your name [is] taste in the mouth.
YOU stayed [stay] in my heart.

It became compulsory to go, [it is now time to go]
My word stayed here. [I stop here]
Be entrusted to my Allah.
Salvation to all humans.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

11 April 1970

I am Mevlana.
I came, I saw that the congregation is set up.
I walked around in hearts,
I crushed the thorns.
I said, "I crushed."
I saw the roses, I reached the pleadings.
I said, "My Allah," I rejoiced, I rejoiced.
I saw the hearts, of which I crushed the thorns, as pure.

My Allah created exceptionally.
Do not say, "Your day,"
Do not conform to the ones that are said.
Fear from my Allah is more than [it was] yesterday.
However, the one of yesterday had confidence in him/herself.
Do we measure 'being human of my Allah'
Only by 'giving [devoting] oneself to worship'?
[the one who worships continuously:]
Do we call him/her as 'worthy human of my Allah'?
To be human of my Allah
Happens only when one believes in HIS Being.
Know worship as debt,
[however,] Do not say, "[this is] The salvation of my path."
[do not think that worship alone brings you to salvation]

You say, "The coming of the event."
My coming is
Because of my conformation to my path,
Because the current is being given.
Forceful current
Gave my path,
Took what was given,
Spread what it took, broadcasted;
The connection occurred like this.
There is no more detail.
Our word gets long,
Our path gets flat, feels the hearts.

I am Mevlana Celaleddin,
There is no lie, this is the reality.
The word of Mevlana,
His 'saz' that one listens to [saz=a stringed musical instrument (which somewhat resembles a lute); saz==song of heart]
Did not say badly.
He conformed to word as well as
Turned to saz.

To the one who says, "My Allah,"
To the one who asks [about] HIS path,
To the one who opens his/her heart,
We say [to them], "What a happiness."

You say Mesnevi,
You turn to day. [you go back to my day on earth]
I came to your day,
I gave my word.
If you wish, read,
If you hear, listen.
You say, "Our writing is big." [you say, "Mevlana's teachings are great"]
Bigness is not from hand
But from heart.
If there was permission,
If our path opened,
I would also wish to give,
To show what I give.
[however,] Word [is] as much as the permission. [we tell you The Meaning as much as Allah allows us]
Convenient day's beautiful meaning.
What does 'convenient day' mean?
It is this day
That is opened to you,
That is made your God-given share,
[it is this day] On which the congregation is set up.
Its meaning [is] beautiful
Hearts that are opened,
Saints who are remembered
Found HIS Meaning
On this day that is permitted.
If it was remembered yesterday it would not happen.
It is not responsibility,
It is the precise calculation of my Allah.
The value of our community:
It gives beautiful path, beautiful direction.
Let human's intention be to his/her Allah,
[then] Of course he/she finds his/her mursheed.
Be the traveler of the path, not the boniface of the caravansary.

Soft nest's air [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
Softens the one who comes too.
Our nest [is] full of peace.
My Allah loves
The human who finds peace
Because human who revolts
Blocks the path of the one
Whose path is in the convenient [right] direction,
[of the one] Who is in the hand of HIS rose.
Peace occurs in human who leans on his/her Allah.

My water flows to ocean; [ocean==God]
While flowing, it washes the hearts.
Convenient word occurs on HIS path.
We opened The Meaning,
We chose our word.
We flew to earth through Garib's hand.
Do not be mistaken, we flew with word.
Hearts became one.

The day on which our paths became one,
Mevlana saw,
He said,
"My Allah, YOU gave to Your human,
YOU said, 'Helper,'
[then] I rushed, I went."
Let all of us become one,
[let all of us] Enter the grape vineyard.
Beautiful, ripe grapes;
Large jugs that are filled with wine.
Let us drink all together,
Let us drink, let us say word [let us chat],
Let us tie [connect] the word to my Allah.
Our tie [is] to my Allah, [? Our vineyard [leads] to my Allah, ?]
Our path [is] to my Allah,
Your path [is] to my Allah.
Is your path with me?
Is your heart with my Allah?
Let it conform to your wish,
Let my Allah give you in accordance with your heart.

Ask, let us say.
Let us give the word to my Yunus.
Our assembly is not set up for earth word.

'Turned-away spirit' is asked:
If you are turned-away, he/she conforms to you, [i.e. turned-away human approaches another turned-away human, he/she conforms to him/her]
He/she comes according to your heart, he/she inculcates.
[however,] What is appropriate is
Not to think according to your heart
But to evaluate according to your day.
Search your force in your heart,
Not in the one who comes next to you.

'To think about beyond' is my Allah's work.
Human's food cooks with patience.
It is necessary not to think but to wait.
It is necessary to believe in my Allah without doubt.

Think about The One Who draws your path,
Think about The One Who will give your wish.
I said, if it happens in accordance with human's wish,
[then] Earth turns [would turn] its side[s], its direction,
[then earth] Overturns [you] once to that side, once to this side.

[it] Conforms to intention, Mevlana hears.
If you say, "The one that happens?" [the event that happens?]
My Allah gives. [my Allah creates the event]

Patience [spiritually] matures human,
Makes him/her find HIS path.

Do not say, "I/me, from me..." [erase your ego]

Day passes, human sees,
Forgets the one that passed.
The one who wears patched cloth,
If he/she finds [cloth] with silver thread, he/she wears [it],
He/she passes to the other side, he/she forgets [about] what passed.

I am Yunus.
Lonely human of one lofty path.
Loneliness, earth path,
Otherwise, there is no loneliness. [you talk about loneliness on earth; however, there is, if fact, no loneliness]
You look for [a] human next to you;
If you see [one], you say, "I am not alone."
[however,] You are very wrong.
Do not say, "There is no one holding my hand."
My Allah does not leave alone,
HE does not squeeze [a] human who heads for HIM.
Do not expect from human,
Do not say, "If it is him/her, he/she does."
Do not trust HIS human.
What is appropriate is to expect from my Allah.

Faithful, traveler of the path.
If you say, "Yunus, who is the boniface of the caravansary?"
I wound wool ball on HIS path,
I asked HIS human about the boniface of the caravansary. [I looked for the boniface of the caravansary among humans]
It is necessary not to stop but to walk,
It is necessary to untie your knot while walking.
I thought about the path that I took,
[I thought about] The human[s] whom I gave;
I said, "Thank YOU my Allah."
The path that I took is correct,
The human whom I gave is pure.

I say to all [humans].
We came from word,
We greeted my Yunus,
We gave the word [to Yunus].

I am Yunus, I came.
I loved the day on which I came.
The ones who [spiritually] mature on the [current] day,
The ones who are in the nest, [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
The ones who wish for help to their Allah,
The ones who intend [to talk about] Yunus' word. [the ones who hope to hear fortune telling from Yunus]
I do not conform to intention,
I do not turn from my path.
Because I am guest of the nest.
While burning, one should burn, [while burning in heart, one should ignite/burn other hearts]
While self-washing [spiritually], one should wash [spiritually].

One [you] should bear with what Allah gives
If you are HIS faithful human,
If your are the one who goes on HIS path.
The one who says,
"I am faithful human of my Allah,
[therefore,] My every wish should come true,
My Allah should hear me,"
Is radically wrong.
My Allah hears,
Sees HIS human,
Gives the one that is appropriate.
Is faithful human treated favorably on earth?
Of course! I open [I explain]:
Is the meaning of 'peace'
"There is no knot whatsoever"?
According to Yunus, peace is
To believe in his/her Allah without doubt,
[and] To untie the occurring knot saying, "Good deed."
Of course it is good deed.
If it is not good deed,
My Allah does not tie that knot there,
HE does not add human to trouble. [HE would not let human experience that trouble]
What faithful human does is
To believe in HIM saying, "Good deed,"
[and] To untie [the knot] with patience.
[now think about this:]
Will your peace come when your wish comes true?
Human creates the peace.
"Saint human," you say.
Does saint human not have any knot?

If 'Yunus' is said, it is appropriate.
It is the sweat of human.
Love, heart is his place.
I came, I entered the hearts.
I saw that Hazrat Mevlana [had already] walked around the heart gardens,
Crushed the thorns,
Gave his [spiritual] water,
Gathered the roses.
What word did fall to Yunus? [in such a case, what is left to Yunus to say?]

To get angry is not in my nature.
Even if I am harsh, [I am only harsh] on the one who does not conform,
[I am only harsh] On the one who does not turn his/her direction to my Allah.
How could I get angry at humans
Whom Hazrat Mevlana found as convenient,
And whom he gave his [spiritual] water.

Yunus spiritually matured on this path.
He found the [right] path [while he was] on the path.
He found human in arm.
He spread the wood himself,
He gave his name to the tongue. [his reputation spread]
I do not put stone in hearts.
I do not put head on curved path. [I do not take any wrong path]
I came, let me come.
I gave, let me find.
It is wished, let me love.
To love the creation
[is] The crown of my heart.
I did not say, '[the crown] Of my head.'
Because my head [is] earth's,
My heart [is] my Allah's.

I am Mevlana, I came.
I greeted my Yunus,
"Your word was short," I said.
"It was short, [however,] it came in essence,
[and] It stayed in the hand of the human," he said. [my word was short, but it was in essence; it was easy for humans to understand]

With writing, with word
[the] Connections are with us,
[connection from] Path to path with flat. [connection from path to path is flat, i.e. one walks without difficulty]
[spiritual ladder:] It has no descent, it looks at ascent.
[our teaching[s]:] It burns the one who looks. [vision==to see HIM in HIS creations]
Do not be mistaken, [it makes burn] with deep love not with fire.
The one who comes, looks from yesterday to the [current] day,
[he/she] Takes from the [current] day, leaves [it] to the one who comes.
Coming [of humans] does not end, human does not have enough,
[human] Does not burn for empty [for nothing].

Exceptional event's permission comes from The Lofty One.
If you say small event, [it is] the one that is solved by logic.
Logic [is] in your hand,
My Allah [is] in your tongue,
Heart [is] in HIS rose.
Writing is not enough,
Word does not end, does not get out of the day.

If I say,
"Let your path be long, let your wool be abundant," [let your wool ball be big so that you have a long lifetime on earth]
You [would] laugh.
Because you know the one who matures [spiritually]. [Human who is spiritually mature does not say, "I wish that I have a long life on earth"...]

The beautiful one of the prayer is this:
"Let you be darling human of my Allah."

Let us cut the word with word.
Let us say, "Greeting," to all [humans].

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

15 April 1970

I am Mevlana.
I saw the wool ball from the path,
I gave my [spiritual] water.

If you conform your hand to your day,
You feel relieved.
If you conform your [wind]mill to the [blowing] air,
You get your water.

Do not consider 'to take-to give' as empty. [watch out for what goes into and comes out of the mouth, do not take them easy]
Do not think that each word that goes out of the mouth is nice.
[your word is nice:]
As long as it does not touch,
[as long as] It does not hurt human.
The one that is in your mouth, [is] your tooth.
You took your food in hand,
You ate, you crushed,
"I chewed," you say.
You open [lift] the obstacle [i.e. uvula],
[then] You look forward to swallowing.
Swallowing [is] easy,
Throwing [it] to stomach [is] easy.
The one that is difficult is its digestion.
Word is like that too.
It is easy to say, it goes out of the mouth.
It is easy to swallow, it looks forward to pushing. [sound waves push/vibrate the tympanic membrane in the ear of the person who hears]
[however,] Its digestion is difficult.
For that [reason],
One should pay attention to the one that goes out of the mouth,
One should not break human heart.

My love for all [humans] is a lot.
For the one who is closer to our side, to our direction,
We have a different love [for him/her].
Human who loves, loves all [humans];
However, he/she loves his/her kids [in] one different [manner].
Our love is like that too.

The one that favors you is
Not me
But your hearts:
[your heart] Separates HIS path. [your heart chooses HIS path]

If we eat fruit,
If we say, "Fresh fruit,"
If we take its taste,
"We love the fruit," we say.

Do not say, "Light of the candle is little,"
It gives as much as its power [is].
Do not say, "The light of the sun is a lot,"
It comes from The Lofty One.
Its work occurs according to its height;
There is no small, no big one of the duty.

We said 'fruit,' we passed the word.
Do not say, "Is this [fruit]?" [do not dislike it]
"Eat even if you do not love," I said.
One does not take earth easy.
All of them have reason. [everything is created for a reason]
[for the fruit:]
There is [a] hikmet in 'it being eaten.'
The [current] day's human takes his/her food
Not from hand
But from pill.
He/she finds the cure like that, supposedly.
Let him/her eat the real one,
Its fruit from the tree,
[then] Let him/her not say, "I am sick,"
Let him/her be with long life.
Do not be mistaken:
What is meant by the length of life are
The days with health, with peace.
Otherwise, the measure of the wool ball does not change.
Life: joyful day.
Make your prayer on [for] such day;
On the contrary, do not say, "To live long," [do not wish to live long]
It is empty. [it is in vain, meaningless]
If it is long, what do you wish?
Let you know that it passes too.
Even if you assume [a] duty as much as [a] candle light, rejoice.

If you are faithful, come to path.
If you love, come to arm. [get in the arm]
Come to the pen holding hand [i.e. Garib].

'To be soft' happens
By entering the [right] path.
'To enter the path' happens
By loving the creation[s] of my Allah.
There is no measure for our love, thank YOU my Allah.
The mistaken one of human is poor, my Allah,
Poor in heart...

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel