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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 12

6 March 1970

I am Mevlana.
I became soft,
I came to wash [spiritually].

Do you have fear
To arrive in the presence of my Allah?
I gave path, I showed convenient path,
Why do you [still] fear?
You took your [spiritual] water,
[you took] Your convenient temperament.
Fear from death suits immature human,
[whereas] Fear from my Allah [suits spiritually] mature human.
Let me also say also to the one who comes next to you:
"Make the right [correct] known."
[however,] Whether he/she takes [the right/our teaching] or not, do not worry.
No need to be sorry.
The one who looks for the path of my Allah, finds [it].

I came here, [to after earth life]
I arrived in The Lofty One.
Let alone measuring the extent of my Allah's love for HIS humans,
Even thinking [about it] is [would be] that much 'meczup.' [meczup=in Sufism, a dervish who has been completely carried away by a mystical experience]
However, I could not fit into my helpless being,
I could not make my mind reach HIS love for HIS human. [I could not understand HIS endless love for HIS human]
That much love, I could not think of [it] on earth.
How helpless I was,
I understood there [in after earth life].

As your luck: even angels are delighted,
[they] Turn around in the surroundings.

Know the value of taking[, and] giving
Not from human
But from my Allah. [if you take/give, it is thanks not to human but to my Allah]
Measure HIS giving you too;
Each human can not reach this love,
Can not see the evidence of HIS love.
Do not deviate
From What you see, [vision==to see HIM in HIS creations]
From What you reach. [? From your spiritual maturation. ?]
Do not look at confused human. [do not pay attention to spiritually immature human]

In the one who takes HIS [spiritual] water,
There is no 'fear of human' [fear from human]
Because he/she does not look at anyone except Allah.

Will he/she say, "Conservative"?
It does not matter, let him/her say.
Let my Allah give his/her response.
Path is convenient, we do not deviate.
We do not give path to the evil.
We do not leave Garib alone.

You say [spiritual] ladder,
You wish to climb.
If I told you once [about the ladder],
[then] You would consider 'waiting for your end'
As [a] torture for yourself. [if I tell you about the details of the spiritual ladder even once, then waiting until the end of your lifetime would seem to you as if it is a torture]
[while] Ladder is climbed,
On each floor [step / at each level] one stops, one goes around, one sees,
More [spiritual] maturation is wished for.
My sir asks,
"On which floor [at which level] are we?"
Let me say to you:
We proceeded to five.
I came to three to get acquainted with.
I took, I came.
On earth, it does not happen higher [than that].
Let me explain:
You have seen the favor of my Allah
For HIS exceptional humans.
Garib did not take from you,
You took from Garib.
You are among the ones who attain my Allah's favor.
I brought [you] to the ladder.
As I said,
There is helper for exceptional humans,
He/she [helper] gives him/her his/her hand,
[human who holds helper's hand,] He/she rises from earth.
What happens in reality:
Human's [spiritual] degree is weighed [measured] when he/she dies.
You remembered Munkir Nekir, [=interrogator angels].
"[I am] Faithful, my Allah," you said.
Let it be good deed.
His/her sin is measured,
His/her good deed is measured,
His/her [spiritual] degree is granted,
[spiritual] Ladder steps are climbed.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

8 March 1970

I am Mevlana.
Is the essence to pass [through the earth life]?
It is to mature [spiritually].

I came upon permission [of God],
In the nest, I set up the congregation to unite in ONEness. [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
"My sultan [my dear]," I said,
I loved Garib.
With the permission of my Allah, I protected her
From crying, from touching. [I protected her from being sad, from being touched by events]
She became protected from all kinds of evil.
Whatever saddens Garib is hidden. [things that sadden Garib are kept away from her]

Path is convenient,
Prayer of blessing [is] accepted. [if path is not convenient, prayer may not be accepted]
[the following is thought to be about 'evil eye']
He/she says word, he/she talks,
His/her tongue stumbles.
The one who says, "Path," he/she says [it],
He/she twists his/her foot [ankle].
For that [reason] do not say,
Do not tell anybody,
Do not let word fall on the good, on the bad. [do not gossip]

Faithful human has no fear.
However, what makes human think wrongly is
Not the event
But unmannerliness of his/her temperament:
To give way to dispute [to create a situation to cause dispute]
Saddens the one whose path is convenient.

My Yunus came,
"I missed [you]," he said.
I am Yunus, I came.
I wished
Not to remain silent but to say,
Not [to say] empty [meaningless] word but to be soft,
[I wished] To wash [spiritually]
The ones who come around the [spiritual] table.
I saw
That they get excited,
That they run to their Allah.
"Your word is not [a] load on him/her [your speech should not hurt humans]
[your word] Is not [a] battle on human's path," I said [to myself], [your speech should not cause any dispute]
I gave my word lovingly.

My word is to the one
Who walks around from place to place,
[and] Who says, "Path [is] convenient."
"Of course [it is] convenient:
My water is from my Allah,
My word is from my heart," I said.
At the place where there is [spiritual] water, roses grow;
At the place where there is none, soil stays dry.
For that [reason], when saint says,
"Let me give you from my [spiritual] water," do not take it [as] empty, [do not take it easy, fill your cup]
Do not say, "I have religious faith,
I am not the one who will take from you." [I do not need your spiritual teaching]
This is the resemblance:
If there is no life in the soil,
[then the soil] It would not become green [even] when water is given.
Heart water is this too.

To long for [spiritual maturation] is beautiful,
[it is] Evidence of spiritual maturation.
When my heart was burning,
When I was remembering my Allah,
I did not know what it was,
I did not ask who HE was;
Since HE exists, since HE created me,
The One Whom I will go to, is HIM.
My Life [is] bigger than Darling.
Who is my Life? My Allah.
Who is my Darling
WHOM HE made exist,
WHOM HE made reach the spiritual maturity,
WHOM HE gave from HIS Beauty,
WHOM HE made taste HIS Flavor?

[is Darling]
Very far?
Very near?
[it depends, it is] In accordance with the measure of the hearts.

Especially, do not find fault in human.

Once you take the soft path,
Do not think of the earth.
The day on which you conform, you see.
The one who comes in front of you,
Do you not see soft Garib?
Softness is [in] many directions:
To conform, not to hear.
To see, not to say.
To love, not to beat.
To take, not to pluck.
Not to throw away from one's heart.
To know, not to erase.
Do I say more?

You say, "[he/she is] Evil," you erase [him/her]. [you turn your back to him/her]
How about if he/she turns?
[how about] If he/she finds the good [right path]?
Because he/she is human of your Creator too.
You hear, [but] you do not take [it seriously]:
The one who talks about you,
Maybe, the one who says, "Evil" [about you],
May have said [so] by mistake,
[and] Then later he/she would be heartsick.

Another way to soften [to become soft] is this:
Do it
Not for human
But for your Allah.
[because] Human is not always glad.

My word is to the ones who come,
My eye is on your path.
Loving one waits for the one whom he/she loves,
He/she adds his/her word to the heart.

It does not happen without reason,
One does not get out of the command of Allah.
If there is [a] palace like in the example of crystal, [if there were a palace made of crystal]
One would spare [it]
Not because it would break
But because of its beauty.
If you say, "[if broken] I make [build] [it] again,"
[you would be wrong, because] No permission comes from Allah.
The broken [piece] does not fit into the place of the one that you broke;
It is not repaired.

The cause of the event [is]:
Voice of the earth,
Curtain of the path,
Anger of the human.
Pass [ignore] earth word,
Cover the top of the worry.
I did not measure the earth.
I did not say, "How many handspans [long] is it?"
[you too]
Do not say, do not be confused,
Do not [try to] measure earth with handspans.
To measure earth with handspans is [means]
To enter always inside the worry.
Pass yesterday, the day, [forget about yesterday, today]
Choose the beautiful day.

On my day, at twenty of my age [on earth, when I was twenty years old]
I said, "Earth, it has no taste,
If you say after earth life, it has no name [it is unknown]."
[there was someone] Whom I was friend with,
Whom I shared my food with,
Who sat by me,
Who shared my worry.
His age [was] not suitable for me,
However, his heart [was] rich,
[his heart was] Suitable for every age [for all ages].
"What is your worry?" he said. [what are you worrying about?]
I said, "I do not know what I wait for.
I wait the morning of the evening,
[I wait] The evening of the morning.
[like this] I add day to day [I pass my days]."
[until that day]
Neither did I conform nor did I hear.
[when] I saw the [a] sick [person]
"Earth is bad," I said.
[when] I saw the one with cloak,
"He/she is impatient," I said.
If he/she was patient,
He/she would not say word about hot, about cold. [he/she would not complain about hot and cold]
Whatever is said, he/she does not know that it is in vain.
[in fact,] It is given as it is appropriate. [what is appropriate is given]
[then] What word falls on human? [then what does human have to say about that?]
My friend said:
"Your word conforms to the beautiful air.
Why do you not see, [why] do you not look around,
[why] Do you not take from HIS water for heat, [why do you not enjoy cool water on a hot day]
[why] Do you not eat from HIS snow for cold?" [why do you not enjoy the snow of a cold day/weather]
I said, "You are beautiful."
Do not separate night [and] day, [do not favor day over night, or vice versa]
Do not say word to the one who separates. [do not talk badly about the one who separates]
Look for beauty, [and] see.
Know [how] to live.
Conform your foot to HIS path.
I think I conformed.
While winding my wool ball after that day, [wool ball==lifetime on earth]
I stayed away from worry.
If you say, "How?"
[when] I saw [some]one with sorrow, I became partner, [I shared his/her sorrow]
I lightened [the weight of his/her sorrow], I felt better also.
I gave hand to the sick one;
To make path convenient,
I said my word about his/her path.
To the one whom I saw as feverish,
I said, "Stop!"
Feverish one: [is] the one who behaves agitatedly for nothing.
[hence,] There is no need to help him/her
Because his/her agitation is empty [for nothing].
I explained, I awakened [him/her].
This is how [this is how I used to stay away from sorrow, and]
I escaped from measuring the earth.
My Allah has put everything in order,
Let HIM grant seeing as well as hearing. [vision==to see HIM in HIS creations]
Let HIM make HIS humans [spiritually] mature.
Yunus came, [now] let him go.

I am Mevlana.
If you fall in judgment,
If you consult with the one who knows,
If you weigh in your conscience,
If you remember Allah's name,
If you see my path as close,
Then on earth, you would shake out the crime of breaking heart,
You would be busy with pleasing heart[s].

Do not fall in your destiny. [do not be obsessed with your destiny]
You can not know what your destiny prepares for you.
However, do not rejoice before pleasing [hearts];
[then] Returning to my Allah is easy. [if you please hearts, then you may rejoice, then would be worthy to be in the presence of Allah]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

10 March 1970

I am Mevlana.
I write [about] the one who matured [spiritually] before my time.
Why would he/she not have his/her line?
We do not lose the view.
Everything [is] open, nothing [is] closed.
There is no 'sooner or later.'
The vision [is] in accordance with one's [spiritual] level.
Lower level does not know [about] up [upper level].
The path of the [spiritually] mature one,
The day on which he/she will mature [spiritually] are evident.

Heart, [is] the rose of the spirit.
You do not say, "It affected my spirit,"
You say, "My heart was set at rest."
Garden of the spirit, HIS rose in its garden.
If you water its garden,
You take HIS[/your] rose.

Logic uses up the heart.
Do not be sure,
Put your logic on scale.
According to your day,
Let it conform to your heart path.
[then] Your logic does not take you to wrong way
Because your heart does not allow [it].

I said [heart] garden:
In garden, rose grows as well as thornbush grows.
There is human such that
[when] Day comes thornbush disturbs him/her,
[and] He/she cleans his/her garden.
He/she plants his/her rose.

Let my Allah make 'to be helper of turned-away human,'
God-given share. [I wish that Allah allows me to help turned-away human]

Let me say [to you] about the mature one,
Let me tell you about what you call as drawing [of the saints that Garib draws from time to time].
The one who wishes [to give] his/her drawing comes,
[he/she] Makes his/her face of his/her day [on earth] appear. [he/she draws his/her face using Garib's hand]

You can not make any change [in your destiny on your own].
[however,] It is sufficient that you use your mind, your logic,
[and] You tie [yourself] to your Allah.
Wish to HIM from the bottom of your heart,
HE gives your wish according to your heart. [HE makes your wish come true according to your heart]

You can not change the destiny.
However, morality [ethics] is in you.
Let it not be said, "This is my forehead writing [my destiny]."
My Allah sends [you] to earth,
Not your morality.
Your morality, you get [it on earth].
If it was as you recall, [if destiny was as you say]
Would you be responsible?
Why did my Allah send prophets, saints?
In order to warn the evil [people].
Earth is not [a] theater, [where actors act according to pre-written scenarios]
There is no program of immunity. [no one is exempt from his/her responsibility]

Forehead writing [destiny], death decision are understood,
Our congregation opened [started],
Our word is chosen.
It is drunk from [our spiritual] water.
What a beautiful chat took place.

You say, "My destiny."
The work that you do wrongly,
[the work that] You say about, "Convenient path,"
Does my Allah make you do it?
When you start each work,
If you start with the name of my Allah,
[then] You turn away from the mistake.

Occurrence is tied to destiny, [occurrence of the event depends on his/her destiny]
[however,] Its outcome, [is tied] to human him/herself.

You hold the flow of the water,
You build dams:
[then] It is productive,
It is human work.
If you let [the water alone] on its own,
It may be harmful too.
Human [is] like that too.
If [he/she is] well educated , he/she is productive,
As long as he/she finds [as educator] the one who [really] knows.
If you lean on your Allah, you find [the right educator/mursheed].

The orders of our religion
Consider worshiping as debt.

Worshiping helps to head for Allah.
As long as your heart arrives at HIM,
Whatever is the direction, it is [convenient].

We say: to please human's heart
Is to visit the Kaaba [of the hearts, i.e. God].
That means that there is also good deed in accordance with the visit.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

16 March 1970

I am Mevlana.
Spreading of my idea
Has been continuing for centuries,
My ideas are loved.
However, from yesterday to the [current] day
My idea is not different.
What is different is my language.
On the day [today] my goal is
To give the unsolved one as solved, [on your day my goal is to give the solution of many unsolved issues]
[my goal is] To be helper to human.
When goals are one [the same],
When human leans toward the path,
Of course it is my duty to write.

I have never thought on my day [when I was on earth],
Nor on this day
About the spreading of my idea.
Especially, what comes to mind from idea:
[is] Service for the path of my Allah.

Slap at the religious fanatic
Who goes [tries] to prove The Being of my Allah!
Proof of The Being of my Allah
Does not fall onto human. [it is none of human's business to prove The Being of my Allah]
HE makes HIMSELF known.
The duty of human is to be worthy for HIM.

The duty of the one who perceives [The Meaning]
Is to awaken the one who sleeps.

"Let me add some salt to your soup,
Let me give [some] flavor to its taste," I said.
In order to serve this goal, I assumed duty.
[my goal is] Not 'to present myself.'
If your goal is to reach the secret of the earth,
[if your goal is] To open the dead-end, to get out from its inside,
Then the effort is in vain, I said.

I already gave the secret of both worlds: [i.e. earth life and after earth life]
Image and The Reality.
In the image, how much ever you try to open,
That much you go deeper,
You can not get out of its inside. [you can not solve the mystery]

You said, "Help of human to human,"
I rejoiced.
If human is not helper to human,
[then] Who is [would be] caravansary's boniface in this world?
Even if there is smoke on his/her path,
If there is helper in human's arm,
Dispersing the smoke is a matter of moment,
It is a matter of human's religious faith [that may occur] in moment.
The moment in which he/she matures [spiritually], my Allah gives;
HE sees quickly HIS human who wishes.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel