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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 11

16 February 1970

I am Mevlana.
Why is mirror's face bright,
Its back dark?
It threw the smoke behind,
It laughed at the face of human.
Because with its bright face,
It looked at human.
If human is like that too
[then] Path becomes convenient.

Omar says:
To the one whose face laughs,
My Allah gives from HIS LIGHT,
[then] He/she becomes brighter.

My Yunus says,
"If you love your Allah,
If you lose your sin,
If you come to your senses,
[then] Make your intention known to your state-fellow." [state-fellow==(someone) who is in the same state or condition or in the same circumstances / ? Darling ?]

Because you took your good deed,
Because you knew your sin,
Because you applied your [own] measure [scale] to yourself
Neither rejoice nor feel sad:
[because] Measures do not comply with one another.

The one who says, "[HE gave very] Little, let [HIM] give again":
The measure of The One Who gives you
Does not descend to earth. [God's measure is different than human's and can not be known by humans]

Do not measure your [spiritual] measure with
The day that you live on.
Do not weigh [evaluate] your wool ball [wool ball==lifetime on earth]
Saying, "With knot[s]." [do not say that your wool ball is full of knots==do not say that your life is full of troubles]
My Allah ties the knot,
[HE] Weighs human's patience.
My Allah ties the knot,
[HE] Distances HIS human from earth,
[HE] Selects [him/her] for HIS path.
One does not know whether the one who suffers
For good deed or evil.
Some humans
Suffer as punishment for what they did.

To our day,
To our word,
To our nest,
Let my Allah give no separation.
Let us chat as one does on earth,
Let us have [a] heart-to-heart talk in the name of my Allah.
Let us welcome the festival with joy,
Let us count the days like that.

The measure of the word
Is the value of the human.
Let us explain to the forlorn one:
Whatever the value of the human is,
His/her word is measured with that [the same] value too.
There are also some [people]
Who value the word
By making [it] conform to the intention.
For that [reason] ask
Not the one who buys [and] sells [the word],
But the one who says the word
So that you are not mistaken,
[so that] You do not commit sin.

My Yunus says:
Human does not resemble the water;
No face is seen when one looks. [human does not reflect the face like water does]
If there is [a] closed heart
On [behind a] soft [looking] face,
Human does not know.
It is not hidden from my Allah: [Allah sees hearts]
Day comes, HE rebukes [him/her].

If I take the table in hand: [let us consider the table:]
[an analogy to understand the spiritual table:]
Whatever you put on the table,
That one is seen,
The taste of the one who decorated [the table] is talked about.
The one who looks at its [table's] face, rejoices.
You eat its food, [you eat the food that is on the table]
You find the soft path.
You set up the assembly,
[spiritual] Table is said,
Human knows its value.
[whereas] The value of the human,
Allah gives [it]. [Allah decides about the spiritual value of the human]

My Yunus wishes for word,
"Let me make my water known," he says.
I said, "Say shortly."
He said, "[I will say] By caressing [softly]." [I will say without breaking heart]
I loved you very much,
Humans of my Allah.
My MEVLA created [them],
Their faces [are] like mirror.
I poured my water to your path.
I descended to the river of Hazrat Mevlana,
I came to the nest. [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
Let my Allah be pleased [with you],
Let HIM make all of you drink HIS [spiritual] water.
By drinking sip by sip,
By crossing the bridge,
We arrived, we said, "The [spiritual] ladder."
We climbed, let us climb [altogether],
Let us arrive in The Lofty One.
Let us pray for all [humans]
So that we arrive in [HIS] presence. [? So that we reach peace. ?]

I said ladder, I thought [about it]:
The ones who throw the verse into the well, [the ones who do not care about our writings/chats/teachings]
[the ones] Whose paths are not convenient,
They know comfort on the day [while on earth]. [they may be comfortable on their day on earth]
[however,] I do not know
Which path they find at migration [time].
What I know [is that] they stand sadly.
"If there was one who gave path,
[if there was one] Who called [to the right path],
[then] We might have found [spiritual] maturation [too]," they say.
If he/she calls [wishes], [then] let one [the saint] come,
Let my Allah give [permission to the saint to help].
Who wished [to mature spiritually] and did not mature [spiritually]?
[to whom] My Allah did not give [send] mursheed? [Allah sends mursheed only if human wishes for The Meaning...]

Yunus wished,
HE gave [mursheed] even to him.
Voices are heard,
Breaths [come] from human.
The more he/she remembers [God], the more [HE] opens [HIS path],
When the wool ball ends [at migration time],
He/she chooses The Lofty One.
My word remained short, [I have to stop now]
[because] Hazrat Mevlana came,
Let it be enough, let Yunus go [he said].
Greeting to mature humans,
Greeting to humans who found [the right path].
We celebrate the festival,
We celebrate a pair of festivals.
For the one who chooses the path of both worlds [i.e. earth and after earth life]
Both worlds celebrate the festival.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

17 February 1970

I am Mevlana.
There is
Good deed human of the feverish day, [at the end of a hard work day, there is good human [who did good deeds]]
[there is] Soft pleading of the soft heart.

Half of the path [has] thorn.
We passed the day,
We jumped over the thorn[s].
Because we took HIS water,
We learned the patience.
We talked bravely,
We did not conform to the one who was not brave.
In moment we gave HIS word to HIS path.
We ridded ourselves of the evil.

My Yunus says:
I am Yunus, I came, I took the word.
On the path, I walked with [a] traveler.
I did not know [him] as [being] without path. [I did not think that he was corrupt/bad]
We talked about our nearby, our home[s].
We threw the word to the day. [I tell you about an event that happened on that day]
We looked at the event from two directions.
The event was like this:
Of the okka that we had, [okka=oke, oka (a weight of 400 dirhems or 1282 grams)]
He owned half [of it], I owned [the other] half.
If you say, "What [was okka]?" [what was weighed with okkas?]
Okka was onion.
We shared half and half,
We counted one by one.
[however,] Is the measure of [each] one the same? [some onions were bigger or smaller than others]
I did not say,
[but] The one next to me thought [about it],
"Let each one's share be equal," he said.
I, I thought softly,
I gave him the big part.
I gave [it to him] with my blessing.
[then] I thought:
Would it matter if [the] big [part]
Was with him or with me?
What passes through the mind? [what does one think?]
However, the one next to me did not say like that,
"Let the big part stay with me," he said,
He knew the God-given share from human. [he thought that he got his God-given share from another human]
I came to the end of the path.
I saw the sitting one under [a] tree. [I saw someone sitting under a tree]
[he had a] Big wooden basket in his hand.
He was taking [it] to the town.
"Let us go next to you,
By the edge of the water
[so that] You help [me]," he said.
Our path became one, we went. [we continued the journey together]
We arrived at the bazaar.
We sold the onion[s] to the onion trader.
We shared the rest.
I said, "My Allah, Your work, [this happened thanks to YOU, my Allah]
YOU showed the mature one."
Big wooden basket [was] full of onions,
Yunus, master of heart.
I was content with the small [part],
I gave the big [part] to my friend of path.
[however,] My Allah gave me even more.
HE made me path-friend of the human
Whom I met on the path.
Do not say, "My day is not convenient,"
Do not give opportunity to the one who has [an] eye [on something that you have]. [do not give opportunity to someone who covets something that you have]
Let it be convenient,
Let the big part go to him/her;
Let his/her mind not stay [with what he/she desires].
Do not say, "Small [part] stayed for me."
Allah increases your merchandise.

I am Mevlana, I took my word.
My Yunus tied his word to HAK,
At the end he got what he deserved.
Straw pile stands high.
Its color is bright like gold.
However, it [only] stands until the blow of a wind,
[until] The passing of a water:
It becomes totally dispersed.
Willow tree gets the strength from the water.
Neither does it fly from the path
Nor does it run away from the water. [analogy with spiritual water...]

When you get in trouble,
You say, "My Allah,"
You wish for help.
If you do not wish, [then] you do not see [get] any help.

What is earth word,
Why does HIS human consider it as trouble?
What is earth human,
Why does he/she give trouble to human?
His/her being [is just a] grain of sand.
Let us pass the earth, [let us take the earth easy]
Let us tie the word to sweet, [let us be soft, let us not break heart with our words]
It is necessary to pass.
We drank from HIS [spiritual] water,
It is necessary to work hard.

You said, "Selahattin,"
You reminded [me] about my day.
On [his] day he distributed silver.
[saints use the word 'silver' to mean 'matter' also]
He did not say, "From the end, from the day," [he did not forget after earth life, he did not forget earth]
He did not let any worry stay at home. [his home was free of worry]
His spouse had no word to [criticize] him,
She did not say [ask], "What have you distributed?"
His lives [his beloved ones] did not stay as hungry.
They had no eye on 'many.' [they were not greedy]
He came as helal, he migrated as helal,
He chose The Meaning.
He entrusted his spouse, his child to Allah.
There were many words about him;
Neither did he look nor did his spouse talk [about them]. [they did not pay any attention to the gossip]
Peace continued at the [their] home.
Do not say, "For a spouse like that."
Selahattin never slapped his spouse
Not even with his eye.
Love your spouse so that you find love.
Respect HIS human so that you are respected.
The foundation of nobleness is
Not in lineage
But in temperament.
If he/she conforms to your path,
Know that from you. [he/she conforms to your path because of you]
If he/she turns [away from you],
Search the mistake again in yourself.
Search so that you find the order.
Let my word be enough, let it not come heavily. [do not be offended].
If human does not conform, let him/her not fall in fault. [let him/her not make mistake]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

23 February 1970

I am Mevlana.
From good deed day to blessed day,
From your day to your lifetime,
Convenient days passed.
My MEVLA selected the mature one.
HE opened a path from the lifetime to tomorrow.
I came to the nest, [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
I said to soft human:
Let your wish come true according to your wish.
Read [pray] sincerely, so that you find [what you wish for].
It softens human a lot,
[it softens] The one who does not drop from the mouth what he/she has in his/her tongue.
Do not say,
"If it is not from heart,
If it does not find its place."
If it is not in heart, it does not come to tongue.
My Allah does not let HIS human make empty prayer. [my Allah does not let HIS human pray [wish] for nothing]
[however,] Appropriate prayer[/wish] is the one that is made
Not to fool HIS human [i.e. other humans think that he/she prays, however, he/she does not concentrate...]
But to make his/her heart burn. [he/she burns in heart while praying...]

Human can not give remedy to human's trouble
My Allah creates cause,
[HE] Shows path to human.

The most outstanding virtue [is]:
To see the event and turn,
To forget what one saw,
To throw away from the mind what is forgotten.
The most outstanding art [is]:
To knead the dough by hand
[and] To conform [it] to his/her essence.
'To tend to copy' is 'to steal.'

To earn matter is one's rightful due;
To be content with his/her rightful due, is good deed for faithful human.

Hazrat Omar took my word.
I am pleased with the human
Who takes forbidden language, [who minds his/her language, who does not break heart with his/her words]
Who has [an] aim,
Who wishes for HAK,
Who calls me to the nest.
Let my Allah be pleased too.

I came from HAK,
Let humans know [this].
The one who conforms to the justice:
Let him/her wish without doubt to Whom he/she takes shelter in.
Let him/her say,
I believed in the right [correct],
I did not get out of Your path.
I wished to control my ego,
[I wished] To take step[s] under Your command,
I have been prayerful.
I wished for helper on the path of the justice;
Thank YOU, I found at my home,
I erased my fear."
Do not be scared of what happens;
Do not get out of the path of the justice.
Know next to you,
Call in the moment that you wish.
What I give [is]
My name: I was called Omar.
In the nest, I watched,
I listened to the words;
I helped the one
Who tied the event to sweet [who was soft],
Who did not separate his/her day from his/her [spiritual] maturation.

Think of the flow of the water.
Think of the look of the gazelle.
Think of the tooth, of the paw of the lion.
Neither the beautiful eye of the one
Nor the strong paw of the other one
Changes the outcome:
One does not command what happens.
If 'to go' is God-given share, [then] one goes.
[if the God-given share of a sick person is to live, then]
Health is given on the day,
He/she is made to stand up.
If path is not convenient,
HE puts the obstacle on the path.

My Yunus wishes for word,
"Let me come, let me tell a word," he says.
I came, let me come, let me give [you] my word.
Let me tell
Not about that [past] day
But about the [current] day.
"Let me return [to earth]," I said,
"Let me see on earth's surface," I said,
Let me proceed on my path by human's knee [together with humans].

Yeast [is] HIS water;
To the one who takes the yeast from HIS path,
[to the one] Who is my Allah's human,
There is no [bad] word. [one does not talk badly about him/her]
"Isn't there any [word]?" you say,
Day comes, you say word.
I thought [about it], I gave [you] right [you are right];
If I was on the [on your] day [in body], I would say [so] too.
I got permission, I came.
I saw [that] pleading[s are] like ocean. [there are so many humans pleading with God]
"Let my Allah give to all [humans]," I said.
"Human's prayers are more than [they were on] my day;
My Allah gives according to the day," I said.
How Lofty YOU are my Allah.
So many wishes of so many humans
Come all from YOU. [YOU are The One Who make true so many wishes]
While winding his/her wool ball,
No human is left as deprived.
Do not say, "Are all one [same]?" [is it the same for all humans?]
Have you ever calculated?
Have you solved the mystery of the event?
Have you thought about its cause?
If you dive into thinking, you go deep,
You [would] confuse your head too. [? You would be confused about its beginning too. ?]
[some humans' shares may be different than others, it is Allah's order/design; do not try to understand how Allah's order works, you would be lost, confused]
Look at your [own] account, [look at your] home's day,
Do not go deep.
Is the wise one's world separate [different]?
Are they different from [other] human[s]?"

I am Mevlana, I came.
I turned [whirled] like that, [turning] not [in the sense of] 'to go.' [when I say 'turned,' I mean, 'whirled.']
Of course what 'sema' means [sema=whirling dance performed by the Mevlevi dervishes]
Is to lose consciousness [in the deep love of God].
I took, I came, I gave my water.

[the] One [who looks for the right path] comes
Not to the name of the minaret
But in the name of my Allah,
He/she finds HIS path.
Say to the one who says [wrong] word [who knows wrongly]:
One worships everywhere.
Mosque is
Not the building of Allah
But of the human. [in order to worship one does not need to be in a mosque...]

Ethics [moral principles]: human's 'zina.' [zina==1. immorality, 2. fornication]
Do not be mistaken, [I mean] bad ethics.
Zina is not one kind only: [zina is forbidden in Islam, and considered to be sin; however, when zina is mentioned, some Muslims think of fornication only]
Do not forget that 'zulum' is zina too. [zulum = 1. injustice; oppression; tyranny. 2. cruelty, lack of feeling, heartlessness.]

The one who does bad [things]
And takes shelter in [a] mosque,
What does [would] he/she find?
He/she passes his/her day,
[however,] He/she finds the night in dry cold.
The one who passes his/her day brightly
Does not know [about] the night.
Because he/she does not see [it].
Let me open the word: [let me explain]
[in the] Darkness of the night:
The one who has bright heart on earth
Does not stay on earth.
[Previous verses may be better understood under the light of the following information: during sleep, spirit of the human who has Allah's permission meets with other spirits of the same spiritual level and/or his/her saint. Human's spiritual education continues during these meetings that take place in Light...]
What is the obstacle? [what separates human's day and night / how come human does not know about what happens during his/her sleep?]
It is a very thin curtain.
Only the one who arrives knows [learns about it].
What is the one that is not understood? [is this not clear enough?]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

? March 1970

I am Mevlana.
Earth chat came as nice,
[it] Made human laugh.
When laughing is at yourself, it is nice.
[however, it is only nice] As long as it [laughing] is not at [an] other one [human]
[and] It is not written [recorded] as sin.

Complaining to me is not necessary;
Who am I [to be complained to]?
My Great Allah!
I am [a] spokesman in the name of my Allah.
My word about complaint [is], advice.
My word about joke [is], joke.

My Allah, how Lofty YOU are.
HE sees in moment what happens, what comes,
HE gives to the one who wishes.
Do not say, "Does HE not give to the one who does not wish?"
HE gives earth blessing;
After earth life is for one who wishes [for it].

Childhood is 'masuniyet.' [masuniyet = 1. [law] inviolability; immunity. 2. safety, security.]

'To remember' is 'to descend [to go] to that day.'

We gave the joke to the joke.
Talented human's demonstration
Is not harsh.

Whatever is asked about earth,
What I say is, "Allah."
Allah's giving is seen, is asked [about].
To Allah,
WHOM you lean on,
One wishes [all] together.
We wish, we are prayerful.

You [are] in image, I [am] in The Reality.

There is no event without any remedy
For the one who knows to be patient.
Meydan is human's,
Path is human's.
You pass [through] the meydan.
Is 'the passing' easy?
On the meydan, there are
As well as sand
As well as shrub[s].
Until you pass you think,
Once you pass, you forget [about it].
Do not be despotic so that you do not fall,
So that you do not drown on the path that you fall onto.

There is no death, there is migration.
Of course he/she comes to the place where he/she is sought.
The one who arrives in his/her Allah,
The one who migrates from earth [to after earth life]
Comes to the place where he/she is remembered, he/she is sought,
He/she witnesses every event.
Their sadness about events is like this:
They are sad about their relatives
Who are carried away by earth worry,
Who forget about after earth life.

I wish, I say to the ones who are on earth:
Do not forget about here [after earth life],
Do not think that earth is everlasting.
'To be mistaken' blocks your path.
Do not occupy yourselves with what happened.
I came [when I came to after earth life]
I burned [I felt sorry] for my empty days on earth.
I said openly:
'Emptiness of thought' on earth
Are the days on which you count on yourself.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel