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[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]

8 May 1968
We are intermediary humans of Allah
Allah created us with very big spirit
That means, we are tied to humans with very big spirit
Because it means that if we do not exist
There is no connection [communication] with other humans
Because we are the ones who communicate Allah's notices to humans
And we warn humans [about their mistakes]
Prophets are beloved humans of Allah and [they are] ambassadors [of God]
Whereas us, we are ambassadors of them

3 August 1968
There is no interrogation about the fate of any saint
Because he/she does not stop [stay] at one place
Wherever you know he/she is [wherever you think he/she lived]
Commemorate him/her there [?he/she [saint] will be there in that moment?]
Because spirit does not stop [stay] at one location
Wherever he/she is remembered
He/she is present there
For that reason do not think like
"Is this the real tomb of him/her [saint]?"
It is said [that] Yunus Emre's tomb is at many locations
It is said so because Allah wants so
If it is said to be at forty-seven places
It means that he is remembered with love at forty-seven places
His value is known like that
Every one is remembered according to his/her force and power
Allah granted me [Mevlana] to be remembered in languages of all religions [and faiths]
For that reason my place is obvious
However, I am still looked for the same [however, I am still remembered as much]
Yunus Emre is recalled in folk literature
Not only his birth place can claim his ownership
Everybody saying
"His tomb is in my town"
Claims his ownership
His force is there
Where he was born
"Say where he was dead" should not be asked
What you know is enough

4 August 1968
Allah plans everything in finest detail
Neither your mind, nor our mind can understand those businesses
Because Allah who created the universe
Gave each of us one duty
Neither we ask anything
Nor we wonder about [how God plans things]

10 February 1969
They also have separate [different] duties
They can not come [and] visit [with you] every time
Earth's humans [who are] to be kneaded
Allah's humans who will be separated
Are always their [saints'] duties [saints help earth's humans who are on the right path]
Unawares hunted by religious fanatics
They [saints] separate, help
[they] Warn [the one] who is tricked
"My conscience hurts
I pitied
I regretted"
These are their [saints'] call to beautiful [right] path

19 March 1969
"Believer" I said to you
What I say is
Not my [word]
[it is] Allah's word
I do not separate human [I don't discriminate among humans]
I do not favor [one] while separating
[the one] Who has heart tie
[the one] Who drinks sip
[the one] Who chooses [right] path
Allah sees him/her, separates [him/her]
Sends [him/her] his/her saint
Who said
"[saint] Does not come"
Who[ever] said [so] is wrong
That human has not seen [any] saint
[he/she] Is not held by hand [by a saint]
Let Allah make him/her find [the right path]
[let Allah have him/her] Wash his/her heart
He/she goes to tomb, comes
Gives wish to grandpa [Mevlana, or other saint]
If there is no saint spirit
If there is no path from him/her [saint, ?God?]
Why does he/she go [to saint's tomb]?
[he/she] Goes, begs
[he/she] Wishes to Allah
Allah grants wishes
Saint helps the one
Who does not smile
Who asks for [the right] path
[saint] Helps the one
Who wishes
Who wants from Allah
We [saints] fulfill [the] orders of my Allah
We enlighten humans on various occasions
Allah [is] path shower
Whoever has heart open
Understands paths
[Allah shows the path, however, only the ones whose heart gates are open can realize, see the right path that is shown]
Whoever does not find what he/she expects
[whoever] Does not get news from [the] invisible world
[he/she] Says "impossible"
[however, he/she] Is wrong
If you commemorate [saint, God]
Your inside gets excited,
[he/she] Runs to [right] path
Allah opens path
So much happiness to the one who runs

3 October 1969
You wish to divide [the] meaning world [you want to know about spiritual life/after earth life]
[you wish] To open window
I matured, I came
I gave value to what is spiritual
I opened path to the one who wishes so
Window requires architect
[window also requires] Permission to open
[to] Open window to another world happens [only] with Allah's permission
[obviously this] Is not like earth affair
If you [try to] give bribe
[He [God]] Does not take [the bribe]
Human's request from another human
Happens with human's help
Human's request from Allah
Happens with [the] help of [the] heart
Human's request from [a] saint
Happens with [the] permission of Allah
When Allah grants permission
When human's prayer is accepted
Way is given to saint
[saint] Is sent to His [God's] human

7 December 1969
To each human who pleads for [right path]
By order of my Allah
I go [to him/her] and give way [help him/her to find the right path]

8 March 1970
Where there is water
Roses grow
Where there is none [no water]
Soil stays dry
For that reason do not underestimate
When saint says,
"Let me give [you] from my water"
Do not say
"I have belief, I am not going to take from you" [I am already a believer, I don't need your advice, teachings]
That is the resemblance [analogy]
If there is no life in soil
It does not get green when water is given
And heart water is like this

30 March 1970
I am filled with my Allah
I reached Him [God]
I got duty on His [God's] path

3 June 1970
The moment I come to your mind
Know that I am there
In the moment that I come
I am in your mind

16 June 1970
There is no one who stays on earth
Look at the one who goes
On the day when he/she deserves
[he/she] Comes and gets his/her duty

22 July 1970
I have been among you on your joyful day
Know that I am among you in moment
Of course I come
Because I am being called
In moment I am at [the] place where I am remembered
Being remembered is my wish
Of course I welcome help with joy [I help with pleasure]
Not only me
Whichever spirit you call for help
Comes with love
Helps according to his/her power
However, the help of the one who has been assigned to duty
Is more path appropriate
My Allah rewards His [God's] human here like that
Mister's question is appropriate
He says,
"Are other spirits not offended?"
This world is not a world of [selfish] desire
So that there is no yours/mine case [there is no jealousy]
Each spirit is satisfied with what is given to him/her
Agrees with his/her measure [that he/she got] on earth [every spirit is happy with the spiritual level that he/she got according to his/her earth life]

24 July 1970
Distance, closeness [are] for mortal[s]
For me either there or here
Mevlana is everywhere
In the heart where he is loved
In the air where he is remembered
In the nest [home] where he is wished

25 July 1970
My Allah knows your [spiritual] value, measure
Gives [assigns] your saint according to your heart

8 August 1970
Human prays
Calls his/her saint
His/her saint saves him/her from dead end

12 February 1971
[the] Saint whom you called in the name of my Allah
Does not let you go [will not abandon you, will help you]

25 February 1971
You do not choose the saint
My Allah sends [the saint] to you

27 February 1971
I am not [the] only mursheed [guide] of this path
We consult, we speak [with each other]
We say "[let us] help"
We run around [from one human to another]

4 March 1971
Time is moment to us

14 March 1971
Say to the one who says,
"Spirit does not come"
If spirit does not come
Does my Allah not send [the spirit]?
Who comes?
Who delivers to prophets?
By means of very great humans that my Allah sends
What gives the pleadings, books [God makes wishes come true, grants knowledge to prophets by assigning high level spiritual human spirits to such duties]
Say to the one who says,
"Let spirits go" [forget about spirits, I don't believe in spirits]
[say to him/her] "Our power is not enough to keep them [here] anyway"
[the] One [spirit] who comes,
Comes for duty
[however, ] This part of the word is true:
You ask to [the] one [spirit] in vain about earth [high level spirits do not get involved in fortune telling]

27 March 1971
Of course neither human nor my Allah needs any intermediary
Human is in fact what my Allah has created from His [God's] light
However, if your path is dark
[then] My Allah sends guide for your path
Not intermediary
[but] Light
It should not be forgotten [that]
My Allah leaves none of His [God's] humans without [a] helper
Each event that you call "coincidence"
Is part of a calculation that your power is not enough [to understand]
[is part of a calculation that you can not understand]
And He [God] shows you this coincidence by means of your saint
There is no need for human to find
My great Allah sends

14 April 1971
Grandpa [Mevlana] is on [the] road
[he] Is caravansary's boniface for His [God's] traveller humans
[he is] Light keeper on their paths [lightens their path, teaches them the meaning, helps them mature spiritually]
My duty is to give to whoever wishes as much as my light is sufficient
There is traveller of each path,
[there is] Ambassador [guide, saint] of each traveller
My Allah sends help to the one who
Does not know how to take a step
[however, ] What can [the] helper do
For the one who knows [how to take a step],
But [still] takes the step wrong?

6 August 1971
Time and place are not among our measures

23 August 1971
Travel to you [travelling is a concept of yours]
We [are] in every moment in every place
Similar to moon light

22 September 1971
Grape does not mature before being unripe [unripe grape matures gradually]
Unmatured grape does not give wine
Human does not stay without saint
[saint] Who comes does not leave you alone
All you need to do is to wish
Say "my Allah"
Ask for your helper

4 October 1971
To get [the] help
One has to deserve it
There is [a] saint of each human
However [the] saint can only help
With [the] permission of my Allah
And my Allah
To His [God's] human who deserves
Sends his/her saint as helper
On the day when the saint can not help the human for whom he/she [saint] is assigned [as guide]
His/her saint suffers torment, prays [for him/her]
"My Allah
Divert his/her path
Let him/her be full with earth
Let him/her hear after earth life"

5 October 1971
Let my Allah give joy to His [God's] saints who are in sorrow
We said before,
There is [a] saint of each human
That saint
With permission of my Allah
Comes to His [God's] human as aide
If [the] human whom [the] saint helps
Makes a mistake
Saint becomes sad
"I could not be of help"
He/she says,
He/she [saint] feels sad
If you doubt that you are receiving help from your saint
Be repentant
Wish to God the help of your saint
I said before
The ones [saints] who come
Come with the permission of my Allah
Permission is taken away from human who makes mistake
Surely your saint feels sad
[let's pray that] Let my Allah does not take away permissions
Let Him [God] not make you and us feel sad

10 September 1972
Our giving happens without interruption
Earth mursheed watches the measure on [the] body, [a human guide decides about the measure by watching the body [language]]
We [do so] through the heart
We meet directly with the spirits
We talk [to them] within the limits given [set] by The Greatest [God]
We discuss maturity
Not with body
But with heart

25 December 1972
What is sown in heart
Is reaped in heart
In each heart of human
There is no same crop
For that reason
Let you reap what you sowed
Let you eat that food
Let you not let go the food that you eat
Don't say
"I sowed crop in my heart
Come and water it"
There is no water that [a] human can take from another human
What each human will take,
By the order of The Greatest,
Is from his/her saint
Path from heart to heart is always open
If human's heart gate is open

4 May 1973
Many saints whose names are unknown
Help souls who are between earth and doomsday
There is no need to know them on earth
The ones whose names are known on earth
Serve human of earth [serve humans who are on earth]

27 July 1973
What you [should] take from the word of “saints” is this:
They are humans
Who climbed above all religions,
Who perceived Him in His each “hal,” [hal=1. state, condition. 2. situation, circumstances, state of affairs. 3. behavior, attitude. 4. the present time. 5. strength, energy. 6. trouble.] [hal==to find oneself in water, air, sand, soil, tree, leaf…]
Who knew his/her perception [while he/she was in body] on earth,
Who gave to the one who did not know.


9 May 1974
Know that
We are among you in every moment

6 January 1975
One does not say,
"I have let it go"
In the moment you say,
"Next to me"
Of course I am next to you
In the moment you say,
"In my life"
Of course I am in your life
Do not say,
"He is late"
I am next to you in [a] moment

28 October 1982
There is [an] aid [saint] of each human
However, aid can give his/her service
[only] In the moment [human] turns towards his/her Allah
If human does not turn toward my Allah
My Allah places [a] curtain between [him/her and] his/her aide

21 August 1984
If you took shelter in The Greatest
Saints are [there] to help [you]

5 December 1985
We sit at the same [spiritual] table
We cook the same food
[however, ] Each one in a different manner

[Please note that these are the translations of just SOME of the messages on the topic "Saints."]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Akţiray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Özel