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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 16

20 July 1973

I am Mevlana.
Let us be happy, let us say, “Thank YOU [my Allah] for the day,”
Let us wish for salvation for all [humans].
Let us find red in blood, The beautiful One in skin.
Let us be at the place where sand is sieved.

Let us refer the ones who do not get God-given share, to my Allah.
There is human, he/she finds the universe in one bunch of rose[s],
He/she becomes heart with the whole beauty.
There is human, he/she wanders around the rose garden,
He/she still searches saying, “Where is the beautiful one?”
Do not stand at the place where you search, because searching is not necessary.

Rose that is plucked, does not give up its root.
If you say, “Has it ever been seen that [a] rose was plucked?”
The one who does not know heart, the one who has no consideration,
The one who says, “Let it be food,” for each sapling that turns green,
Of course he/she plucks the rose.
Because for him/her, the rose is not different than the grass.
The one who is faithful knows, separates [distinguishes between] rose and grass.

The one that is not visible, is the curtain of the human.
Do not say, “Do I open [it] if I am soft?”
The one that is given to you, is it not [already] from the favors of my Allah?
Why do you say,
“Let me give up the one that is [already here],
Let me open the invisible one”?
I gave [it] before, my word is for all [humans],
Not for the congregation [only].

If you take care of the grapevine, you get its grape.
If you burn your heart, you find HIS direction.

Why does the big fish chase the small fish?
Because its power is not enough for the one that is bigger than itself.

My Allah’s language is in heart;
It is the language of heart.
HE is The only One who deciphers it, HE takes, HE gives.
For that [reason],
Whether he/she is Christian, Jew, or he/she worships idols,
It is enough that he/she says, “My Allah.”

Since my Allah does not separate HIS Representative from HIMSELF,
The one who says, “My Allah,” becomes as having remembered HIS Representative too.
When it is like that, all creations are close friend of Mevlana.

Human puts Satan in his/her heart him/herself;
If your  heart is filled with Allah,
Where does Satan enter?
If it comes to your path, it burns,
If it comes to your direction, it freezes.

Let us drink sip by sip, let us give up being without goal.
Let us try not to reach HIS pole,
But to start going on HIS path.
The Creator created as One,
Said, “Rabbulalemin.” [=God of all universe]
How did human get out of what my Allah said,
[how did human even] Consider the one who got out?
In the one that is in Bible, HE looked after HIS tribe;
In the one that is in Torah, HE glanced [checked] again;
Book of Psalms brought step by step.
Koran gathered all of them,
[Koran] Tied knot in the universe.
One [of them] starts, one [of them] spreads, one [of them] scolds,
Koran starts from the beginning,
Shows the arrival to HIS end together with hearts.
The one who knows, sees the “showing;”
The one who sees, gives.
Let us say, “Eyvallah,” to the one who gives.

Faithful is the one who says, “My Creator only,”
Who conforms to what HE gives.
Musa [Moses] is faithful as well as Isa [Jesus] as well as Meryem [Virgin Mary]
As well as all creations.
There is 'faithful human,' not 'muslim human.'
My Yunus says:
One thousand muslims can not make one faithful.
The one who is not shepherd, can not herd ten sheep.
If he enters the garden, he can not understand from the language of the rose.
Even the name of the rose is beautiful;
It says to human, “Erase crying.” [in Turkish, “rose” word is written as “gul” that has two meanings: 1. rose, 2. to laugh]
However, when it attains the rain, dews cover it.
When permission is given, when it is given to human’s tongue,
It will be said through the tongue of the rose,
Wish will be opened to each human.
When it is said, “Your wish will come true,”
Let one not seek mistake in our word,
Let one not wait saying, “What will happen?”

Let the fear of human from human be erased.
If “respect” is said
In the administration that you do not deserve, [if you are respected as a member of a bad government]
Chair is sin for you. [to be part of a bad government is sin]

Let us say, "Eyvallah," to all of you,
Let us entrust you to my Allah.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

27 July 1973

I am Mevlana.
The place where pleading is, is the place where the universe stands,
Not church nor mosque;
It is the place where you head towards through heart.
The place where you head towards through heart is the presence of HAK.

The purpose of [our] coming is asked: the purpose is divine.
It is not the purpose of HAK
Because HE does not look after purpose,
HE says, “Be!” HE makes [it] happen.
HE says to HIS faithful humans, “Find!” HE makes them find.
We explained the one who is faithful.

What does the spinning mill, carry over?
[it carries] Water over water; its propeller [carries] water over air.

Wherever the flowing water is, take it by handfuls. [flowing [spiritual] water flows to ocean [ocean==God]]
Say, “It is the mirror of my heart,” so that you become faithful.

If human is human, he/she does not separate human from human.
When you say, “Infidel,” then do you not separate?
Human’s pleading is for arriving in my Allah through heart,
And no human can solve that, even in him/herself.
If you conform to what Koran gives,
If you hear my Allah’s voice in him/her, then you can not separate [then you can not discriminate among humans],
Because my Allah gave the Koran,
"Do not conform to the one who separates," HE said.
If ever human was the one who wrote Koran,
Then interrogation would fall on us saying, “Why did he/she separate?”
Everything of which the measure is in my Allah,
Stays away from human’s word [rumor].

The one whom you know as 'faithful,'
May not be faithful according to my Allah.
For that [reason] know each human as faithful,
Do not defame the one who wastes [his/her God-given Light];
Only my Allah knows what he/she wastes and where.

“Do not glance at the invisible one,” we said, we gave before.

My Allah becomes [a] united whole with HIS humans in every moment,
HE finds HIMSELF in them.
Do not be mistaken:
When we say, “HE finds HIMSELF in them,”
It is the moment in which human perceives HIM.
Otherwise, whether he/she is faithful or not,
My Allah is with HIS humans in every moment.
If it is like that,
Let us perform our chat
Not by separating human, [not by discriminating among humans]
But by finding the one that is necessary for us to take.

“Since my coming [to after earth life], I give for all HIS humans,” I said.
Of course, my coming [to your day]
Is neither for my own wish nor for human’s pleading;
Only my Allah wished,
“To the ones who wish for HIS path,” HE said.
Do not be mistaken:
When saying, “The ones who wish for HIS path,”
Do not think that it is meant only you.

What is the most important?
"Who is the one who climbs above religions?" you say.
Why were the religions set up, where did they take [humans] to?
Today each human who wants to know, knows what religions gave, where they took to;
[if he/she does not know, then] If he/she asks, he/she learns.
Since what is known is evident, then the event is open [clear];
In other words, each one that you take, brings you to the right path.
[however,] Only 'deep love' makes you climb above all religions.
Your prophet who invited you to religion
Leaned on which force?
On the deep love for Allah.
The one who takes HIM into his/her heart, is the one who climbs above religions.
Events happened curtain by curtain:
During the foundation [period],
One worshiped the sun, the fire, the water, the stone, the soil.
Even there, The Creator was searched.
When consciousnesses were crossed step by step,
One came to Islam.
That state is its evolved state,
And it is [a] state that does not even need any [one] more point
Until the end of the universe.
In reality, it is not the Glorious Koran that came to that state:
Human came to the stage at which he/she can digest. [i.e. science has developed enough that human can now perceive...]
Today all universe conforms to what the Koran gave/gives
Whether it wants or not,
Because 'not to conform' is not in its hand;
Voila, it is that form [shape]. [Matter is HIS LIGHT that Allah transformed/transforms into matter. Hence, HE makes humans see the matter as HE wishes]
The one who feels deep love in his/her heart, the one who falls in Allah’s deep love,
Whoever he/she is [? Whatever happens ?], he/she climbed/climbs above the form,
He/she erased/erases the form into The Reality. [he/she understands that the matter is imaginary, he/she perceives The Reality]

Did you take a sign that the one who sees Allah as the [mother] nature
Is faithful?
Denial of my Allah is outside of humanity.
Do not be mistaken, do not keep dwelling upon religions.

The moment in which you say,
“Thanks to my Allah, we knew HIM, we conformed to HIS Representative,”
Of course you become Muslim.
However, is everyone who confesses his/her Islamic faith, Muslim?
To be Muslim is to conform to every one of the hals of HIS Representative.
One of his every hals is to be Fahr-i Alem [universe's spokesman for hearts];
He opened arms to all [humans].
If it is like that, let us conform to that hal of his too,
Let us erase the curtain from between, [let us erase the curtain that is between humans / let us not discriminate among humans / let all humans love one another]
Let us leave each human’s heart to my Allah. [Allah gives the heart measure of each human HIMSELF. Let us not evaluate other humans and not discriminate among them...]

Our chats are “to go to HIM,”
When going, finding [HIM].
Finding occurs sooner or later,
However, our chats address the hearts of humans
Who wish for fast arrival, who say, “My Allah, to YOU.”
At the place where there is deep love, there is what the Koran writes;
I said for that [reason]: Koran addresses all [humans].
All [humans] conform to it whether they want or not.
You can not know the one who recognizes [Allah] and the one who does not recognize;
Hence, say, “Eyvallah,” pass. [accept other humans as they are/do not try to teach them]
My Allah is not incapable of making him/her know.
What makes him/her say that word, is: “not being able to find.”
The difference is in that moment.
My Allah makes him/her find sooner or later.

If you knew the Koran, you would understand the word [that says:]
“All universe will be Muslim sooner or later.”
When all universe becomes Muslim
[then] Is my Allah’s giving not left to all humans?
Human makes the interpretation of this in the following way:
All religions will be erased,
Universe will be Muslim.
In reality, at arrival each human will arrive as Muslim,
In other words, it means: he/she will perceive [The Reality].

What you [should] take from the word of “saints” is this:
They are humans
Who climbed above all religions,
Who perceived HIM in HIS each hal,
Who knew his/her perception [while he/she was in body] on earth,
Who gave to the one who did not know.

Let you be entrusted to my Allah.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

2 August 1973

I am Mevlana.
We are on the path of The Lofty One, we are arm in arm with all [humans].
If we glance at our path, we are in the direction that is called good deed.
We all remembered, we have been remembered,
We all became one, we embraced one another.

We are in the moment in which
That day is connected,
This day is gathered,
Tomorrow is spread out.

“Let us be soft,” we said,
We plead.

To The One Who says about the destiny: we passed [our test] long time ago.

For the one who opened our chat, we said, “Let my Allah be pleased [with him/her]."
Chat opens chat,
With each chat, human passes one step beyond.
Let my Allah be pleased with all of you.
Let the one who wishes for word, get in line.

“HAK’s path is with red, with branches, with beautiful hal,” he said, [? “HAK’s path is with red branches, with beautiful hal,” he said, ?]
Yahya Efendi came, greeted all of you.

“There is no beyond of wool ball, [wool ball==lifetime]
There is no hard one of faithful human,” he said,
My Yunus came.
Step is not taken one by one.
Faithful does not participate in wickedness,
Does not cooperate with the one who participates [in wickedness].
He/she surely does not stay on that path,
He said, he wished for salvation.

Faithful human’s path,
Suayib is its human.
His path is with all [humans],
His hal is in the one who wishes for [it].
“Stay without worry, erase the sorrow;
There is none that is sorrow.
Whatever HE gave[/gives] is one’s rightful due.”
He said, he joined all [humans].

“If you take your path from the one who looks in the mirror,
Who flows to the water,
Then you do not get confused,” she said,
Meryem [Virgin Mary] entered the word. [Meryem joined the chat]
She found her heart in every heart.
“Deep love for Allah is happiness,” she said.

Mevlana became spokesman for the greeting of all [of them].
We take the one who matured [spiritually], we erase the one who did not mature,
We divide the past, we gird with sash around the waist of the one who wishes. [we spiritually educate the one who wishes for The Meaning] [to gird with sash around the waist==during religious education [in a dervish lodge], honoring the student who reached a certain level by girding with a sash, which shows his/her achievement, around his/her waist]

Yusha [Joshua] Aleyhisselam says:
You confused my name with Suayib.
You connected my soft path to your path.
Without knowing your oath,
You found without asking.
Let us say, "Eyvallah,"
Let us conform to every hal.
Let us erase each one that happened, [let us forget past events]
[let us erase] The one who divides the destiny according to his/her heart. [the one who tries to change the destiny]
Let us know [that] the chiseling [is] from The Giver. [let us know that all events are created by God]
Let us be one
In other humans, [? In hand, ?]
In tongue,
In heart.
Let there be greeting to all of you.
Let one take step to[ward] HAK’s path.
If you say, “Did we not take [step to HAK’s path already]?” there is no stopping.
Let you be at ease,
Let you take shelter in the intercession of HIS Representative.

I opened the wing[s] for all of them, I flew to their hearts.
Hope is the God-given share of not the body, but the heart.
Body sees whatever its God-given share is.
Heart takes as much as it hopes for.
However, let our hope be as much as our diameter is.
What is the hope nourished with?
With religious faith.
Let your religious faith be superior,
Let it make your hope be found.

Let us look in the mirror,
Let us ignite our fire.

Let us entrust [you] to my Allah.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

4 August 1973

I am Mevlana.
Meydan is yours, word [is] HAK’s.
We conformed to HIS path, we became his/her [spiritual] washer,
We found each one who wishes [for The Meaning].

Say to the one who says, “Source,” for the well: [well/lake==religious fanatic] [flowing water flows to the ocean [ocean==God], whereas well/lake water does not...]
As much as it is used. [one may call a well as a source of water if it is used for physical needs]
The fruit that you do not eat,
If it is unripe, it is thrown away.
If it is ripe [and you do not eat it], it spoils.
If you say, “What does it mean?”
The wise one who saves his/her knowledge for him/herself.

If you erase the one that happened, you laugh at the one that will happen.

If you make your decision, you search the one who listens.

Let us be at ease, let us find in all [humans].

The path of the Koran is our path.

Compassion is due
Neither to the power of human, nor to HIS Giving [? nor to his/her giving [as donation] ?].
If human loves, if he/she divides his/her love into all [humans],
Then there is no need for [any] compassion anyway,
Because compassion is from my Allah.
Do not say, “Why?”
Why is compassion?
For the one who is orphan, for the one who is poor.
However, if you say, “My Allah is ready at every place,”
Then you do not see yourself as authorized for compassion.
Let it not be misunderstood:
I did not say, “Let each human stay in his/her own egotism.”
I said, “Let him/her direct the compassion towards love.”
The one who joins love, is the one who is together unconditionally.

How is the going of the one
Who is on the soft path, who conforms to the hal of the day?
If the load lessened, he/she walks slowly,
He/she gives his/her [? HIS ?] word,
He/she blows your heart’s smoke away.

Convenient day’s interpretation is from my Yunus.
Yunus says:
We waited for the fruit, “Let [it] ripen so that we eat,” we said.
It ripened, we saw, we gave our hand.
If you seek fish in the lake, you go to deep.
If you seek fish in the ocean, you stay in tranquil water.
By the water, word is not wasted.
Savant interprets HIS science according to his/her heart,
No mistake is searched in the interpretation.
Even though master [carpenter] makes table of determined measure,
He/she can not make one fit another.
Because the lumber that he/she gets, is not similar to one another.
What The Writer writes, is in accordance with the intention of the one who reads.
For that [reason], each human’s solution is not one [the same],
[for that reason,] One does not object him/her saying, “You are faulty.”
Think of a tree:
Every one of its side[s] is of different kind.
The one who sees from different directions, describes in accordance with what he/she sees;
Is 'describing differently' faulty?

The one who takes minaret as example to his/her [? HIS ?] direction,
The one who embraces the maturation of the science: [the one who digests HIS science [the one who knows The Meaning]:]
What do you see when roses open?
I said about the roses that open in hearts.
When roses open, it is seen
That you conform to every hal,
That you tolerate every hal,
That you laugh with the one who laughs,
That you caress the one who cries [who sheds tears].
To be on HIS path is to acquire a new form according to his/her hal,
Not only to make HIS Name walk around the tongue.

'FIKIH' is the dictionary of the universe. [FIKIH=1. Perception, 2. Muslim canonical jurisprudence]

If it was like in the example of 'meyhane,' [meyhane=bar/restaurant like public place in 14th century where wine was served]
If one walks around with wineglass in hand,
Then word falls on no one. [No one has anything to say]
[yet] When you get out of the meyhane,
If you fall down on the road,
Then word falls on every human. [then everyone talks about about you]

Let one not say, “Infidel [unfaithful],” to HIS human.
If he/she does not conform on the [current] day,
[maybe] He/she conforms on the coming one. [maybe he/she will become faithful tomorrow]
[your] Word [about the other human] makes you stay on the path. [if you talk badly about unbelievers, you do not go forward on HIS path]
Architect plans the building, he/she interprets his/her path as good deed.
Our Representative welcomes with open arms,
Our mother Fatma takes to her heart.
The one who stays on the path [who is delayed on the path], rushes to HIM.
The one who wishes for water,  asks from HIM.
HIS Giving,
HE has no worry about all [humans].

I am Mevlana.
I took word, I saw what is given.
My Yunus looked at the building, I [looked] at the door.
In order to find the one that is HIS, it is necessary that you arrive at HIM.
If you find HIM, then you see the one that is from HIM.
Without knowing HIM,
Without arriving at HIM
You can not know the one that is from HIM.
Because pirs found HIM,
They knew the one that/who came from HIM,
[they knew] The one that/who is from HIM.
All of them are the same:
The one who does not conform, does not mature [spiritually].
If word is from HAK, no witness is requested.

Be entrusted to my Allah,
Make 'zikir' at each [one of your] step[s]. [remember HIM/HIS name when you take each one of your steps] [zikir=1. mention, mentioning. 2. Islamic mysticism repeating, silently or aloud, the word Allah, the ninety-nine names of God, or formulas which praise God]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Akþiray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Özel