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[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]

I am Mevlana
[similar to the] Leaves of the grapevine [that have] proliferated
Various humans proliferated
Let us ask to the one who says,
"Spirit [soul] comes again [and] again to body" [about reincarnation on earth]
Ask them,
"If the number of spirits is limited,
How do the bodies increase in number?"
Adam was one, [humans] reached billion[s] [in number]
Body has been many [there has been many bodies]
Spirit is given to each body
They are saying wrong
[they are] Mistaking [the right] path
When it is said,
"Spirit [soul] comes again to earth"
One does not talk about body
However, spirit's [soul's] connection to earth is not cut [continues]
I say,
Not possible!
What is the job on earth of a spirit [soul] who was bodied at another place [in another world]?
Wrong dream
Bodying [on earth] happens once
[soul] Gets his/her measure [spiritual level]
Returns [to after earth life]
Finds his/her place
There is no other kind
There can not be
25 May 1970

I am Mevlana
Do you know what a point is?
Pressed form of all humans' spirits [souls] who came [to earth] and passed [away]
Think of [a] sac of fish eggs
One single sac
Millions of eggs
Think of a light
In one moment One single [point of light] in the presence of my Allah
In one moment [the same single point of light] spreads to all universe when order is taken [from God]
23 September 1970

I am Mevlana
This is what Kuran says
Saying passed away
Grieving deeply
Letting his/her heart revolt
Of course human cries after [a] close one [is lost]
[However] If you make crying at heart darkening level [if you grieve excessively]
[then, this] Disturbs the spirit [soul]
If he/she knows that the spirit [soul] is near him/her in every moment
Neither he/she grieves that much
Nor he/she darkens his/her heart
Excessive grief builds [a] wall between human and spirit [soul of the dead person]
21 March 1971

I am Mevlana
You spoke before,
You said, "fortune telling"
You asked
Some of the spirits who come to earth receive training that way
They are not genies
Surely they are spirits [souls] in training
I said [that] spirit's [soul's] being does not know narrowness in [the] universe
[souls can be anywhere anytime with the speed of thought]
Surely they wish from my Allah
"Be intermediary to enlightened ones," [send guide to enlightened ones]
They say
My Allah opens them [the] earth door [my Allah allows them to go to earth]
Under the guidance of trained spirits [souls]
If their untrained spirits [souls] [really] knew, [if they] could see the right
[then they] Don't [would not] say,
"Your path is bended [wrong]"
[untrained souls give wrong messages, say things that they are not supposed to say]
21 March 1971

I am Mevlana
Spirits [souls] are always together
They join together and separate in very short periods [of time] that you can not [even] measure
[there is] Discontinuity in human
In us [in after earth life]:
In every moment with us
In every moment with body
[at each moment we can be in the body and out of the body]
[however, ] In the moment [that human gets] in [the] body,
He/she is curtained from us [he/she becomes unaware of us]
26 January 1972

I am Mevlana
I nourished my life with my spirit [Darling, spirit 1]
5 March 1972

I am Mevlana
When you said, "my life"
Did you know [the] matured one[?]
Did you add your spirit to your life[?]
You know the matured one[:]
Life [is] in each human
[however, ] Spirit and life [are together] in selected human
Whatever you do you can not spend [dissipate] your life
[however, ] If you nourish [your life] with your spirit [Darling, Spirit 1]
[then, ] You unwind your wool ball [you get spiritual maturity]
[the] Life of [the] body in which spirit [spirit 2] is not wasted
Belongs to Darling [Spirit 1]
[soul whose spirit 2 is not wasted joins to Darling]
If you say,
"Can spirit be wasted?"
I say [it is] light [illumination]
What do you mean when you say,
"My life"
You say,
Human without spirit [soul]
However, when you say, "without life" you see [mean] he/she is dead
[someone who is] "Without spirit"
[is someone who] Stays away from what my Allah gave
"Let human be without smoke,
Let [human] find the open," we said
First life is given
Then body
The last the spirit [Spirit 1 and Spirit 2]
In mother's womb, [is there] life [?] yes
In mother's womb, [is there] spirit [?] no
Right after [the] spirit is born,
I told you before,
Baby cries at birth
Spirit revolts against entering the cage
This is the first revolt of [the] spirit
5 March 1972

I am Mevlana
What body gives
Is the opening of test gate to spirit [soul]
Life warns the body
Spirit [Spirit 1] [warns] the life
17 March 1972

I am Mevlana
- Are spirits [souls] three groups?-
We told this before;
Ones who waste their light [spirit 2]
Ones who do not [waste their light]
Ones who stay between two lives [between earth life and after earth life]
21 March 1972

I am Mevlana
In anyway, devil can not influence your spirit
Let us explain
Spirit is only my Allah's light
There is no other addition [ingredient] in spirit
Self [ego] is in body structure,
[self [ego] is] Tied to its logic [dependent on its logic]
Conform your logic to your spirit's measure
So that you [can] step on your self [ego] [so that you overcome your ego]
21 March 1972

I am Mevlana
Heart burns and also lights
[the] Ones who are around [the] burning heart burn also
Similar to one tree that burns takes with it all
[similar to when a tree burns, it burns other trees that are nearby]
What is left?
Human on earth
Flame in sky
When heart burns,
[when] Says, "my Allah"
Melts His [God's] human
Not the body
Melting of spirit [soul] [is] opening from body
More [the] spirit [soul] melts more its volume expands
This facilitates entering and exiting ability of [the] spirit [soul] into and out of the cage in the body.
27 March 1972

I am Mevlana
We passed seven levels of heavens and eighteen-thousand curtains in [a] moment
Body curtains, spirit opens ajar
16 May 1972

I am Mevlana
Initially, spirit [soul] commands the body
[however, ] When spirit [soul] matures
[then spirit [soul]] Stops commanding
[spirit [soul]] Finds the depth of his/her own life
Then [spirit [soul]] does not look for any question or judgment in the body
[spirit [soul]] Turns to almost a half-mad [becomes almost half-mad]
In fact it is not called half-mad
It is called love-crazed
20 June 1972

I am Mevlana
Saints with unknown names
Help spirits [souls] who are between earth and doomsday
4 May 1973

I am Mevlana
Would spirit [a soul] be in absence from home
[spirit [soul] is] In every moment among you
Being in absence from home is in material life
[it is] Separation from body [separation caused by body curtain]
Even [the] spirit [soul] of human is among you in every moment
What separates is body [because of the body you are unaware]
6 June 1973

I am Mevlana
Hard one of walnut is broken with stone
[the] One broken with hand and [the] one broken with stone are the same
[the] Difference is in breaking [process]
Inside [of] the walnut [is similar to] spirits [souls]
Outside [of] the walnut [is similar to] self [ego][,] intention
What keeps body alive are [the] spirit and [the] life
Darling is your spirit
Therefore, that life and Darling make a body find,
[life and Darling] Erase the body, [this] brings [the soul] to Him/Herself
[when ego is erased, the soul unites with Darling]
Before perception, there are only life and body
In perception body is erased, life [soul] and Darling find each other [meet together]
In reaching the reality only Him [God] is left
[in reaching the reality] One moves further than life [soul] and Darling
Because life [soul] and his/her Darling are in material state
15 August 1973

I am Mevlana
Allah sends His [God's] human to let him find Him[God]self
To let him know His [God's] identity
Repentant human's fault is forgiven
You say,
"Does writing change?"
That is the value of birth
What is called maturation is finding there
Dividing the spirit, scattering throughout the universe,
Turning again after refining
Where is the turning to [?]
First to Him/Herself [Darling]
Then with a refined heart to Hakk [God]
What does one look for in life [soul][?]
Each created one comes
Conforms to earth
If he/she can not find in life [soul]
Then he/she looks for Him/Herself in Darling
Whatever you are He [God] lets you find [Yourself]
That is the writing
In eternity
When spirits are created
When "come here" is said to the one who goes out of order
[such] Rebellious spirits [souls] who do not obey the coming [order]
Will also be rebellious in coming to earth
[such souls will also behave in a rebellious manner on earth life too]
Of course this is written [in the writing]
28 January 1974

I am Mevlana
"Energy," is said
"is imprisoned in matter," is said
[it is said, "energy is imprisoned in matter"]
Of course, each spirit is nothing but energy
"How?" one says
Where does your wish take you?
Why are spirits [souls] covered with body?
Like wishing [the] victory of commanding One
[like] Knowing [the] beauty [of commanding One]
[like] Giving each [created thing] its [orderly] place [by the commanding One]
[like] Being of each [one who is] told to "be"
"Not open," is said
What are you shunning from? [what are you scared of?]
Surely from what will be coming [future]
Surely not from what will be going [will be past]
However, if you can believe in the energy load that is boiling in your body
Future can never scare you
Because, it [that energy, Him (God) that is in you] is capable to beat [overcome] everything
You let it [the energy, Him (God) that is in you] sleep
[this way] You give power to your body
This is what is meant by "erase your body"
This is what is meant by "die before you die"
What is "it" [the energy, Him (God) that is in you]?
[He (God)] Who blew to you from Him(God)self
[He (God)] Who added light to your body
17 May 1974

I am Mevlana
What is it that one takes from mouth to tongue,
From tongue to stomach
From head to foot?
What keeps the body alive [is] of course life
Not spirit
What is secret
Is not the one that is alive
[however, it is the] One who is not known although He [God, Darling] is alive
23 June 1975

I am Mevlana
Spirit who does not receive current is with [in] sleep
Coming to earth is taking current
[coming to earth] Is to wake up from sleep
Spirit [soul] leaving the body is passing beyond current
Then each spirit [soul] is loaded [charged] with current
27 August 1975

I am Mevlana
Sleeping is not knowing
Angels are spirits who do not sleep
For that reason, they come on duty to humans
"How does one wake up?" is said
By drawing soft path between coming and return
[in order] To know one has to wake up,
[one has] To be loaded [charged] with current
His [God's] human's superiority to angels
Is because he/she looks at the current as real
Spirit [soul] can not bear the given current without body
For that reason,
[the one] Who says "I erased the body"
Is the one who is scorched by His [God's] love
[is the one] Who shouts "I burned"
27 August 1975

I am Mevlana
The state before coming to earth is asked
The shape of the spirit is [asked to be] commented
Look [for it] in water, find in its shape
We said sleeping spirits
We gave cloud form of water
Cloud becomes rain,
[rain] Sprinkles in separate pieces,
[water] Mixes with earth
When it [water] follows the sun
[water] Finds itself
[water evaporates and] Returns to itself [to its essential]
"How about if it does not mix,
If it does not find from the sun [if it doesn't get sun light]?"
Is said [asked]
What will happen? ice [it will of course be ice]
[however,] Whatever happens, let it anyway find from sun
[let us wish that it gets the sun light]
19 September 1975

I am Mevlana
"Human stays in ground [grave], spirit looks for its path
Are these true?" is said [asked]
Once leaving [the] body, spirit [soul] perceives the reality
"Is there perception without brain?" is said
Perception is, not in brain, [but] in spirit [soul]
Perception in the brain is what [the] spirit [soul] gives [to the brain]
17 October 1975

I am Mevlana
Who is not [known] is not called to mind [remembered]
Who is [being, existing] is not denied
We [already] gave
He [God] is in each human
You will have used your partial will as much as you perceive
That is your humanhood
Of course spirit [soul] is from Him [God]
Him/Herself [spirit 2] knows Him [God] [Darling, spirit 1]
[however] Body can only die before dying if it [body] can perceive [this, the meaning]
22 November 1975

My Yunus says
My total will lights, burns
My partial will looks for [Him [God]], runs around
Only in perception they both find each other
Only then spirit and body unite
22 November 1975

I am Mevlana
Each upward step that you take on [a] mountain
Gives you [a] larger view
When getting lighter, spirits [souls] get higher [and] higher
Of course the one that is in highest [place] sees the other one
Gives as much as he/she gets from my Allah,
However, not all the secrets
27 February 1976

I am Mevlana
During sleep, spirit separates from body,
However, [spirit] does not break totally
7 April 1976

I am Mevlana
"Why is the weight of the body is loaded to spirit [soul]?"
Is said
[one asks, "why is the soul held responsible for the faults of the body?"]
[the] Reason of coming [of the soul to earth is that the] spirit [soul] drives the body
26 November 1976

I am Mevlana
Not the root of the tree
[but] Its branch gets green
Human's body looses
His/her spirit lets him/her find
Finds so that [he/she] matures
12 February 1977

I am Mevlana
Cellar is [similar to] human
Wine [is similar to] spirit [soul]
If cellar is patient
If wine finds its place
Waiting makes win
[being patient matures the human like a wine matured in a cellar]
18 February 1977

I am Mevlana
Although each human is distinct
He/she goes around with his/her spirit [his/her spirit leaves the body to go around]
In a scale [in such a way] [that] he/she can not know in body structure
[the] Journeys are [for] meetings with spirits who conform to the same current
[he/she] Can not hear [feel] in body state
However, [he/she] is not unfamiliar to spirit
17 March 1978

I am Mevlana
Each matured spirit [soul] never holds one another responsible
Never knows his/her fault independent from another one
[a matured soul becomes One, part of the Whole]
28 December 1978

I am Mevlana
Life comes into being in body [life forms in body]
When spirit goes, develops [when spirit joins life and body, soul takes earth test, matures]
At the place where [soul] goes, [soul] becomes enlightened
If there is no changing
Spirit is in perception of coming to separation
[Spirit [soul]] Does not rush, nor stays abstaining
What [spirit [soul]] sees is brightness, sees right
"What does that mean?" is said
[the] Perception of arrival place of each created one
Starts at moment when earth curtain is covered
[soul] Goes to union with creator whom [he/she] calls friend [Darling]
Perception of the created one finds its level without shadow
For that reason don't worry about the one who lies long [, or] who goes short
If curtain was in hand,
If [whoever] wanted could open it
[then he/she] Would request short day
[Life starts in womb, then spirit comes at birth of the human, the soul takes the test on earth, and matures spiritually. When the soul migrates to after earth life, he/she understands the reality. If "spirit 2" is preserved without any change, then the soul perceives that he/she is under a curtain created by the body. The soul who perceives this, sees "spirit 1" [Darling]. Then he/she does not rush, nor stays stand still; waits for the time of migration.
One asks, "what does that mean?"
Perception of the meaning starts when spirit joins the body. Soul who does not waste "spirit 2" joins Darling who is the Creator in each human. Perception of the meaning provides level in after earth life where there is no matter, no shadow. Don't worry for living long or short. If it was possible to lift the earth curtain him/herself, someone who knows the meaning would choose the short life in which no "spirit 2" energy is wasted.]

25 April 1980

I am Mevlana
If each human educates him/herself
He/she grinds his/her flour
-"What is meant by flour?"-
The desire to make his/her self [ego] the cage of his/her spirit
25 April 1980

I am Mevlana
"Is everything that goes through heart positive?" you say [ask]
Of course not if it is not sieved through [the] mind
We teach first to sieve through [the] mind
Heart is the gate between [the] mind and spirit [Darling]
27 January 1981

I am Mevlana
Genes are the guardian of spirit on earth
5 February 1981

I am Mevlana
Body is cage
Spirit is breath
Spirit [Darling] does not evolve in body
2 August 1981

I am Mevlana
Spirit's particles fertilize each particle of [the] body
[spirit's each particle] Gives path [guides] as much as knows
Makes ash as much as burns
5 January 1982

I am Mevlana
In order to make up [the] heart
Spirit [soul] has to go through life sieve
18 February 1982

I am Mevlana
Body makes reflection with [of] what spirit gives day [by] day
Not every moment
Indeed it may be in every moment
If human's self [ego] gate closes
[the] Dense reflection that forms around [him/her] can be clearly seen
- Is that aura?-
26 February 1982

I am Mevlana
Our spirit is from Him [God], from what He [God] said to "be"
What is said to be found is the "be" that is under the cover
[What you are supposed to find is Darling]
If you wish to know, erase your self [ego]
If you wish to see, erase your identity
If you wish to arrive [reach god]
[then] Stay in the state as He [God] said to "be" [don't waste "spirit 2"]
7 May 1982

I came, I am Yunus
I did not sleep in nights
"To die" I said, I tried [tested] myself
I checked in every line,
I waited in [during] each journey
It is said,
"As long as [the] body stays with you,
As long as you find Yourself [Darling]
You throw away your dense load"
I asked,
"How do you taste [the] chat with Azrael?"
Tabduk said,
"Azrael does not take life, cuts your umbilical cord"
I said,
"Is there umbilicus in spirit?
Is earth so narrow?"
He said:
"I told you what I know,
From where you go around during your sleep
Your cord lets you return [to your body]
Your sleep fools you"
I said,
"Does he cut with scissors or a dagger?"
He said,
"He cuts with current"
28 May 1982

I am Mevlana
Spirit erases you-hood, I-hood
There is no woman [or] man in spirit life
23 June 1982

I am Mevlana
Body is trusted to you
[however, ] Spirit is never [trusted to you]
24 May 1983

I am Mevlana
"What is gap?" was said [asked]
[it is the] Gate opening to Reality
"Did we get news from spirit
Did we ask what it [spirit] knows?" is said [asked]
In spirit's knowledge there is the reality of [the] universe
[its] Endowment is as much as my Allah's order
24 November 1983

I am Mevlana
Spirit is celebration of being created
You can not know its substance
It is not flier [does not fly], neither away runner [does not run away], nor temporary
It exists, it will [always] exist
Spirit exists
You can not see [it], not hold [it], not throw [it], not sell [it]
If you get under its [spirit's] reign
[then] You know from ground to sky [you know about the meaning, divine order]
If it [spirit] gets under your reign
[then] You erase ground and sky [you loose earth life and after earth life]
That is the event
Because spirit is the owner of real knowledge
[spirit] Is not guest in each cell of [the] body
Body is the guest
[spirit] Puts it [body] on like a dress
17 August 1984

I am Mevlana
If skies [heavens] open level by level
Each one hides different information
[the one who is] Gone waits for [the] coming [one]
In order to be
[In order to] Fill the day
- Who waits, who comes?-
Spirit waits for [the] particles
- Do the particles belong to the spirit, to the life, or something different between the two?-
All belong to Whole
28 March 1985

I am Mevlana
- When do the particles join the spirit after passing away?-
In matured ones right away
In other humans after a time
- What is the situation for someone who is unbeliever?-
In a maximum of sixty-four years they [particles] join with the spirit
- What do seven colors mean?-
Seven levels and eighteen-thousand sublevels [planets, worlds?]
They [spirits] continue perception evolution in these levels and sublevels
16 June 1985

I am Mevlana
Spirit has no religion
Each spirit comes to world as mussulman
Goes [to after earth life] as mussulman [mussulman = human who has spirit 1 [Darling]]
12 June 1986

I am Mevlana
Spirit [Darling] is aware of [the] reality, is independent of matter
If you tie the lamb, can it go to wherever it likes?
If body does not break away from matter, can spirit [soul] arrive in [the] destination?
- Are the particles of the spirit and the body different from one another?-
The particles of the spirit and the body supplement one another, are not different from one another
Spirit [soul] tries to perceive the reality
If it [spirit [soul]] does not become one with the body,
[then] Lives hell there
- Does he/she lives in hell while alive?-
After migration your interrogation is done by your own particles
"Why did you not become One?" saying [they question]
Interrogator angels are your [own] particles
6 August 1986

[Please note that these are the translations of just SOME of the messages on the topic "SPIRIT, SOUL, LIFE, BODY"]

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©2007, Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel