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[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]

I am Mevlana
[the] One who falls into earth suffering [troubles, problems]
Forgets about after earth
[The one who thinks earth life is real, who worries about earth problems, who does not realize that everything comes from God, forgets about after earth life that is real]
19 June 1969

I am Mevlana
Let him/her have his/her share on earth,
[let him/her] Have his/her level after earth
7 December 1969

I am Mevlana
It pleases to earth human to know the [spiritual] meaning, to master the secret of after earth
[humans like to know what happens after one dies]
Do you know that Allah lets [you] know as much as necessary?
[God] Does not bring [you] farther, nor [God] does leave [you] where you see
[the knowledge is given as needed, it is given in such a way that it is not more than you need, it would not keep you in stand still neither]
My Allah shows when He [God] wishes, when He [God] wants [to do so]
My Allah shows when He [God] wishes, not human wishes
Don't look at the one who wishes [don't pay attention to the one who wishes]
The meaning is appropriate
However, it is seen [known, learned] when life [on earth] ends, [only then] the secret of [the] universe is revealed
[the secret of the universe becomes known only after one passes away]
2 January 1970

I am Mevlana
It has no wall [that you have] to pass [to go over], to trip your foot [a wall that would trip you]
Which one of the two sides of the road should one look at?
[there are so many nice things on both sides of the path that one does not know which side he/she should look, choose]
Would you [ever] be fed up with looking [at them?][you would like it so much that you would not have enough from looking]
[or] Would you accept breaking away?
[One side of the road is earth life; earth life is so nice that you would not have enough from looking. You would not give up the other side of the road [after earth] neither]
My Allah says,
"Look [at them] my human
Take [God's] path my human [at the same time]
[look at the beauties created by God, enjoy them, however, go on [God's] path at the same time. You don't have to give up one for another.]
Fit your path to My [God's] path,
Fit your root to My rose's
[your path should be [God's] path, your behavior [actions] should be similar to My rose's [Prophet Mohammad's]]
So that I open [spare] a space for you too,
[so that] I take you to my garden of selected [ones]"
Do not say, "my Allah does not take [will not take me]"
You are wrong
[if you say so] You would be suspecting the greatness of my Allah
Garden of selected [ones] is for the believing humans of my Allah,
[Garden of selected [ones] is for the ones] Whose paths are appropriate
[Garden of selected [ones] is for the ones whose] Hearts [are] without smoke
[humans believing without doubt, not trying to change the destiny knowing that everything is coming from God]
Heart with smoke is alike a scentless rose
Let it wilt, [then] throw [it away]
2 January 1970

I am Mevlana
They say,
"He/she is [a] human who matured,
Came [, and] attended the assembly,
[he/she is a] decorated one"
They say so from day to day [they repeat this so many times]
They tie [relate] the word to after life [they think he/she would be rewarded after earth]
Coming from earth [is] easy,
[it is a] Matter of breath
The person who gives the breath
If he/she gave way to smoke [if he/she let the smoke go]
[if he/did not worry about earthly problems, if he/she did not suspect that everything was coming from God]

If he/she made his/her prayer
If he/she knew his/her Allah
If he/she pleased [other] human[s'] heart[s]
Don't think he/she is [would be] questioned
His/her steps are counted [He/she is looked forward to be welcomed to his/her after earth life; he/she receives his/her heavenly/spiritual level]
The one who lifted [got rid of] the obstacle
[the one] Who killed his/her ego
Finds comfort
Finds [comfort, meaning] on earth
Earns [his/her spiritual level for] after earth life
6 January 1970

I came, I am Yunus
To the one who says, "your mature path"
[to the one who says, "your path was good, you were lucky, your path led you to spiritual maturity"]
I matured,
[however] I did not know [realize],
I did not solve [the] giving of my Allah
[I did not try to understand how levels were granted after earth life]
Incapability is not the story of human
Sainthood is not the sleep of human
[the] One who has many dreams
[the one] Who wears a crown in [his/her] dream
[he/she] Wakes up
[he/she] Falls down from [the] throne
[he/she hurts his/her head and] Has a bump on his/her head
[his/her] Hope fades
"Don't let me sit on [a] throne
[not] Even in a dream
Don't give big [much] hope,
To [the] porter [carrier] of wood"
I said to my Allah
I prayed
My prayer was for [my] earth [life]
I had not thought about my after earth [life] place [level]
[that is] Because I did not find my heart meriting
[because I thought my heart did not merit any spiritual level]
I did not know that
My view, my evaluation
Were not taken into account by my Allah
My Allah would not say to [ask] his/her human
"What is [in] your heart?" [What do you want from heart?]
To the one who winds his/her [wool] ball
[to the one who takes his/her test on earth]
[to the one] Who goes in God's path
[to the one] Who says, "I have my Allah"
His/her level is granted
The door to after earth life is opened [for him/her]
Thinking about being put [accepted] to [a level] after earth [life]
I had not [even] thought about it not to revolt against the meaning
[I had not even thought about getting a spiritual level after earth, because I thought it would be unrespectable to divine order]
I humbly submitted to God
[I] Waited the decision
[I was ready to accept whatever the decision would be]
[it turned out that] I had matured, I had known [the meaning]
[I had] Passed three levels
In the name of [the] matured one,
My word is to Mevlana
My word is up to this level
I am Mevlana
To the word of my Yunus
The path is open to his soul
[even] If he wears cloth with patch
His heart merits palace
[Yunus' clothing may look old [may be poorly looking], however, his heart is huge, so beautiful]
18 January 1970

I am Mevlana
One should separate earth [life] and after earth [life]
[however,] Don't say earth [life] and give up after earth [life]
[neither] Don't "turn to after earth [life] and erase earth [life]"
4 February 1970

I am Mevlana
I saw incapable [one] of [the] human
[his/her] Path was appropriate, [however, his/her] intention was broken [he/she was lost in his/her intention]
I said, "Hey you, the absent-minded
This is the affair of earth
Not each human's going [progress] conforms
[not each human's earth life is similar to one another]
Each coming [to earth] has a return
Work for return so that [in such a way that] you can get [a] ticket to the station [town, spiritual level that] you desire [to go]
Each human advances [spiritually] according to his/her preparation on earth
However, the measure here [in after earth life] is the heart
21 May 1970

I am Mevlana
Human says,
"Good as well as bad is [coming] from Allah
What can we do?
He [God] created us like this"
The one who knows what happens on earth
Is the one who succeeds in his/her test [on earth]
[I wish for you that] My Allah shows [you] His [God's] being [while you are] on earth
[and shows you] His [God's] light [in] after earth [life]
24 May 1970

I am Mevlana
Human sees him/herself in [a] well of suffering,
[he/she] Darkens all [of his/her] surrounding
Suffering is like a well
It has water
However, it is in the dark
Let us open [explain]
There is human who says, "my Allah"
[who] Remembers his/her Allah
[however,] Because he/she is in [the] well
He/she sees always dark
One has to be soft,
[one] Should not see him/herself in [the] well
[this is] Not impossible
Instead of you going down the well
Take [bring] the water up
So that it [the water] is useful to you as well as to all [humans]
If you descend down there [if you go down the well]
You drink as much as you like [but] alone
However, my Allah gave to His [God's] human
Not only drinking, but also eating
Eating [and] drinking's intention is earth [life] and after earth [life]
[What we mean by eating [and] drinking is earth life and after earth life]
It is not enough to come to earth and to know only after earth [life]
It is necessary to love both [of them]
[it is necessary] To recognize, to know [both of them]
My word is to the one who says,
"If you know earth, you can not get [in the] after earth [life]"
["You have to give up earthly matters, pleasures so that you can go to heaven"]
If I do not see what my Allah gave, what could I do with after earth [life]
If I do not know my Allah's being [while on earth], what could I do in after earth [life]
Let me see my Allah,
Let me know what He [God] gave,
Let me love [God with] everything [that God gave]
[only then] I mature to His [God's] light [only then I can reach, merit God's light]
8 July 1970

I am Mevlana
Let us pass [the] earth word
Let us hold the path of after earth
[let us give our test on earth with success, let us move to our level in after earth life]
I do not say,
"Migrate [now]"
If I say [so],
Then the path would not be appropriate
[the] Migration does not take place before the order [to do so] comes
However, make your prayers as you would die tomorrow
Don't leave your repentances to the last [moment]
There is no limit to the last [moment]
You say,
"What do the ones who come do?"
You wonder
[you are curious about what the souls who migrate do]
There is no emptiness,
There is duty
There is my Allah in command of [the] duty
Here [in after earth life], there is no dishonesty
Because there is perception [comprehension of the meaning]
After earth [life] there are only the ones who work for my Allah
If you say, "how about the rest [of humans]?"
A father may have many kids
Some of them may be good
Some of them may be not good
Which one would the father give up on?
[Would a father give up on any of his kids?]
Even if his heart bleeds
Even if his lips shrink
He would pray for his kid,
He would try to divert him/her [divert the kid's path in the right direction]
However, if he/she is rebellious,
[if he/she] Walks around with a dagger,
[if he/she] If he/she hurts much lives,
[if he/she] Makes the father disgusted of him/her
What would then the father do?
He would say,
"I have no [such a] kid"
[and] Would keep himself away
My Allah is The Greatest
[He [God]] is the Ultimate Forgiver
However, [He [God]] keeps Himself distant from [the] turned-away human
[However, God would be away from a human who turned his/her back to God]
28 September 1970

I am Mevlana
I pray for the one who passes through his/her wool ball, [who gives his/her test on earth with success]
Who chooses [his/her level in] after earth life
However, there is no need to pass through his/her wool ball,
Choose with heart
Isn't the suffering that you give to your body a pity?
It is not your body that goes to after earth life
[let's say] You decide to go on a trip
"Let me sleep until the last stop [destination],
Then when I arrive, I will see good"
Is that what you [would] say? [is it how you would do?]
[of course not!] Until arriving [in the destination] you [would] look at all the stations [towns]
You [would] eat its [town's, towns'] food, drink its [town's, towns'] water
[therefore] Don't say,
"Let me give up earth [earthly matters, pleasures] in order to reach my Allah"
See each beauty,
Look [around,] hear [around]
Be more hearty to arrive [in after earth life]
[Be more willing to migrate to after earth]
29 November 1970

I am Mevlana
Earth is human's
My Allah is with the one who knows the path to after earth [life]
[don't misunderstand] My Allah is with all of His [God's] humans
However, if [a] human knows [the meaning],
[if] He/she does not say,
"I am in emptiness"
He/she is with his/her Allah
[God is with all humans as long as they do not turn their back to God]
11 October 1971

I am Mevlana
Earth is loved for human
After earth is loved for my Allah
Someone who does not love [other] human[s]
Would not remember after earth [life]
Would not miss it [would not look forward to after earth life]
After earth is the real earth
Earth is the shadow of after earth [life]
Whatever your intention in the shadow is [whatever your intention is while you are on earth]
That is what you will get in after earth life
I pray that my Allah lets all of you realize [the meaning],
Lets you erase the earth
Turns you from shadow to the real one
27 January 1972

I am Mevlana
I told you before
I gave you the summary of earth [life] and after earth [life]
Dream and reality
Would someone who finds the reality return to dream?
28 September 1972

I am Mevlana
The one who does not love earth, does [can] not adapt to after earth [life]
16 November 1972

I am Mevlana
Earth is His' [God's]
After earth [life] is His' [God's] also
The one who knows that after earth [life] is real
Does not take [consider] earth as his/her place
15 December 1972

I am Mevlana
Whatever is yours comes with you
How come something that does not come with you may be yours?
The only thing that will come with you is your love
29 January 1973

I am Mevlana
I had given [told you] before that [the] earth structure is the shadow of after earth life
Let me tell [you] that ascent [climbing, moving up] needs to be step by step
Because each step's service is different
Each step that you take
Carries you according to its direction
5 January 1974

I am Mevlana
Unity [,] arrival are the essentials of earth and after earth
Unity in earth life,
Arrival in after earth life
[unity: loving everything that God created, knowing the meaning, uniting with God in heart while in shade [on earth]
arrival: arrival from shadow to after earth life that is real, joining with God, to be real]

6 June 1980

Fatima said,
If I give three pen in your hand,
One writes your love,
One [writes] your vision,
And one [writes] your display;
That writing strains you through the fine sieve.

14 January 2009

In the hand of Rabia
I saw three pens.
With one of the pens
She writes the one who matures [spiritually] in love;
With one [of the pens she writes] the one who matures [spiritually] in vision; [vision==to see HIM in His creations]
With one [of the pens she writes] the one who matures [spiritually] in wrapping [i.e. embracing the universe from heart].
Each one is precedent for humanity. [each one is a prerequisite to be human/to be granted higher spiritual level]

18 May 2009

[Please note that these are the translations of just SOME of the messages on the topic "after earth."]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel