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[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]

Wool ball is equivalent to life [on earth]
Justice is equivalent to morality [ethic]
Morality is equivalent to [spiritual] level
Earth [life] is equivalent to after earth [life]
After earth [life] is equivalent to [spiritual] level
According to his/her level
According to [the] father in palate
Father in palate [is] the greatness [that is] from mouth to heart
23 March 1969

Human's coming to earth
After coming, he/she is tried
He/she gets [spiritual] level from earth
21 September 1969

Let him/her get his/her share on earth [in earth life]
Let him/her get his/her level in after earth life
7 December 1969

It is inappropriate for human
To exaggerate the event
To speak ill of earth
? May 1970

Don't say "earth is [a] lie"
Live your day [enjoy your life on earth]
Allah created
[Allah] Gave to you
Get your share
However, know to thank [don't forget to thank God for all the blessings]
? August 1970

To be victorious in this world
Is found [possible] by living victoriously on earth
Living victoriously is
Not being superior to [other] human[s]
[but] To step on earth worries [to know that all events are from God, and accept them without complaining]
Earth's account stays on earth
[however, ] Human's dept comes on his/her neck [Human's [moral and physical] dept goes with him/her at the migration time]
28 January 1970

Coming to earth educates human's heart
When maturation is beautiful [when one matures spiritually]
He/she knows earth as [a] good [place]
He/she climbs above [all] worries [knows that all events come from God, accepts them without complaining]
28 January 1970

What earth gives to human is [can] not [be] measured [what earth gives to humans is unmeasurable]
[earth] Teaches to love
Shows endowment of my Allah
It has no denial
Or it [earth] is witness what [human] gets from others
[what he/she] Gives to human[s]
My Allah does not want [need] any witness
Because He [God] is onlooker of all events [because God already knows about all events]
Witnessing of earth is for next coming generations
Yes, one says
History turns around [repeats itself]
Moves in the same direction
However, generations change
Good manners [seeings] develop [what one sees and knows change, develop]
7 August 1970

Earth is so beautiful
First know, find there
Then you [will] find here [after earth life] anyway
25 September 1970

At the place where there is no love
Earth is cruel
17 January 1971

Difficult path:
I am saying about the ones
Who forget about after earth [life]
Who think they are the property of earth
20 January 1971

Earth is for
Seeing in order to know
Loving what you see
Arriving while loving
20 January 1970

"I am willing to
Be servant [of God]
To crawl on grounds
In order to reach my Allah"
In order to love His[God's] human, however,
My Allah does not wish [want] him/her to crawl
Does not give way to deprivation [God does not want him/her to be deprived [of anything]]
[the] One who says,
"I erased the earth to reach You my Allah"
Is wrong
Because one reaches my Allah
Not by erasing the earth
But by loving [the earth, everything that God has created]
23 January 1971

Don't sleep on earth
Open your eyes
If human knows he/she is [a] guest
[then] He/she does [would] not have tie to earth
Let me give [an] example
Would you spread around in a home where you are [a] guest?
Would you settle in every room?
For human earth is similar [like that]
Who comes, migrates
There is migration, no death
8 April 1971

If [the] body structure does not close [the] heart gate
If each human wins [the] battle with the self
There would not be any war
Nor human would challenge the earth
Because human did not build the earth
Nor he/she can make it disappear
29 April 1971

[the] One who asks the path of peace
Is the one whose heart is covered with smoke
[the one] Who finds soft path
[is the one] Who gets rid of the smoke
That is earth
It is the test of [the] human
[the] One who says,
"What happens is for good"
Is the one who finds peace
20 May 1971

Wish for the meaning to my Allah
He[God] sends mursheed [guide] to your door
[if you don't ask to God for guide, then, at least]
Search the earth with your logic
Even though this would not take [you] too far
21 May 1971

Earth was not set for you, nor for me
[earth was created] For all humans
4 June 1971

Let our love for earth be our deepest love for my Allah
Let us love the earth due to the fact that my Allah created it
1 September 1971

Let us erase earth worries
Let us not question His [God's] philosophy [the unknowable intentions of God]
Be trusted to my Allah
[I wish that] You see after earth while [you are] on earth [you understand the meaning, the reality while you are on earth]
[I wish that] You choose
Not the ugly
[but] The beautiful
[however, ] Know that there is no ugly on earth
1 October 1971

There are many [people] who separate earth and after earth [lives]
However, bringing earth and after earth [lives] together
Is finding [reaching] the highest level of [spiritual] maturity
19 October 1971

My word is to the one who says,
"Earth has difficulty"
The one who says difficult
If you claim proprietorship of earth
[then] It is difficult
4 November 1971

"Living is beautiful" is said
Earth is given as example to living
In fact, earth is the examination room
Of the ones who intend to live
You enter through one of its doors
You get out through the other door
28 December 1971

Worry is in the one who knows earth as [a] well
[and] Sees the well as empty too
If you wish soft path
Know earth as school
[the] One who says,
"Let me go without examination"
Is the one who looks for specialty [is the one who desires special treatment]
[however, the] Ones who come to earth are far from specialty
Specialty is in angels
[the] One who comes to earth
Has to take the test without any condition [humans have to take the test conforming to all of its rules, no exception]
29 February 1972

In order to love earth
You have to take Him [God] out of yourself
Because there can not be two loves in one heart
[however, ] If you love earth saying it is from Him [God]
[then] You fortify your love [for God]
You will have known Him [God] [while you are] on earth
5 March 1972

If humanhood was the share of each created one [if every created human was automatically granted humanhood]
[then] Earth would have no value
Human would not know earth as [a] scale
We came
Let us know that earth is [a] scale [that weighs humans according to their humanhood, and spiritual levels are granted]
8 September 1972

You wondered about the reason of
Why being sent to earth
If spirits' selection was done without scale
[then] One would doubt about His [God's] justice
For that reason, [He [God]] gives suffering more
To His [God's] [spiritually] matured humans
He [God] rolls him/her up like that
At the time when all humans are together
[at the time of] Finding doomsday [on doomsday]
When voice comes from all levels
My Allah says,
"I gave you You,
I made Me known to you
I showed you on earth my attribute[s]
If you looked for my person
[then] You would come too
You would not say,
"Your attribute [is] enough,
Keep your person [your attributes are enough for me, I don't want your person]"
Whoever wishes my person
Is the one who takes pleasure from suffering in my attribute[s]"
8 September 1972

We did not take root in earth
We did not take [any] soil [land]
We recognized its owner
We said,
"Your property is yours"
[since] I am being His [God's] [too]
We knew earth as ours
15 September 1972

Earth to you, to me
Universe to all
What is meant by "all"
[is] Alive, not alive, with skin, without skin
Separation [exists only] in earth life
In essence [souls] all One
In eye only light
29 January 1973

The pleasure of earth is
Not in eating
Not in wearing
[but] Only in loving
3 February 1973

Many saints whose names are unknown
Help souls who are between earth and doomsday
There is no need to know them on earth
The ones whose names are known on earth
Serve human of earth [serve humans who are on earth]
4 May 1973

What did earth give you?
Of course [a] return for your labor
What did you give to it [to earth]?
Only your love
Work with love
See with love
Hug each creation that comes from Him [God]
With the same closeness [without discrimination]
26 May 1973

Earth is not yours
Neither you are not earth's
11 June 1973

We touch the carved design
We glance at hearts
We hold the hand that wishes [to be held]
We sell the earth for one stamp [very cheaply]
To [the] one who wishes [to buy]
You say,
"Hey Yunus, is earth yours?"
Since [He [God]] has created [earth] for human
[then] Of course it is mine
You wish earth
You say,
"Sell it to me"
I say,
"Take [it]"
I give to whomever wishes [to buy]
So that he/she finds his/herself
[then] He/she sells [in turn] to [some]one who wishes [to buy]
7 August 1973

[the] Going [progress] of earth exists with you [and] with me
[the] Beings living outside earth are far more superior than you [are]
Where do you live?
Then, [similarly] each being has a world
However, not in the way [that] you think of
Body is in you,
What would [the] body do in the one [who is] superior than you?
What you call matter
Is it not [a] dream?
19 October 1973

Maturation on earth is in three directions
In blood
In life
In skin
Spirit's maturation is in coming [to earth]
Is in being in the moment Hakk [God] says to be
If skin erases
Blood divides
Life is known
It is seen that [he/she] reached maturation
In the formation of earth
Each existing one is known with his/her name
7 June 1974

The spirit who does not get current is asleep
Coming to earth is getting current, waking up
Spirit's quitting of the body is passing beyond the current
However, each spirit is then loaded with current
27 August 1974

Blessing is in coming to earth
[spiritual] Jewel is in knowing earth
Value is
In being [maturing] on earth
In finding earth
In conforming on earth
In returning in such a state
[You get the value [level] when you mature on earth, when you recognize and love all that God has created for you, when you realize that all events are coming from God and you don't complain, conform to them, and then migrating to after earth life in such a state]
11 March 1977

Earth is not [the] universe
There are [some]ones who see clearly the reality existing in the universe
Earth is the fist stage
15 November 1977

We should know about earth
Not like "we came, we will go"
But rather
We came, we will find
We will mature with what we find
We will return in such [a] state.
Our path is long
Events on your path are your dust
If you know yourself, it is a trump in hand
Let us call friend [let us try to see everything as friend]
Let us know even the stone as friend
12 January 1979

If earth is [a] caravansary
Do not be [the caravansary's] boniface
Do not give order to [the] traveller
Traveller knows his/her path
Finds his/her place on earth
If earth gave me [Mevlana]
[if] I gave to earth
[if] I matured on earth
[it was because] I matured because of my love to beautiful as well as to special
I stayed like that on earth
4 January 1980

Let us not see earth without owner [don't think that earth is without owner]
15 May 1980

Earth [human's] eye can not see after earth life
Earth's energy sector does not conform to [the energy sector that is] here [after earth life]
27 January 1981

The proprietor of earth's wealth [assets] is
Not human
[but the] Proprietor is Him [God]
[however] He [God] wishes,
Human spends accordingly
8 March 1983

What expands earth is
Not seeing
But knowledge [knowing that everything is created by God]
What expands [the] universe is
Not knowledge
But love [loving all that God has created]
20 February 1986

[Please note that these are the translations of just SOME of the messages on the topic "Earth Life."]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel