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[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]

10 May 1969
[the] Life [period that you have on earth] that is given by Allah: wool ball
You say, "let it be without knot[s]"
Each one winds up the wool ball that comes as his/her destiny
Whoever thinks of meaning finds [the meaning]
[whoever] Thinks of matter gets [the matter]
Allah gives according to [his/her] heart

? February 1970
Don't say, "Whatever is written can not be changed"
You can not change the writing
You can not write again
However, Who writes can either change or [re-]draw [re-write]
As long as he/she turns towards his/her Allah,
[as long as] He/she knows how to wish
[if the person is on the right path and wishes from heart, God may change the writing]

18 March 1970
I said,
"You can not change the destiny,
However, ethics of yours may change"
It should not be said,
"This is my forehead writing [destiny, fate]"
My Allah sends [human] to earth
Not his/her ethics
You get your ethics [you make up your own ethics code there]

18 March 1970
"My destiny," you say
The work that you do wrongly
[and] You say [it is the] right path
Does my Allah let you do it[?] [wrong things that you do intentionally are of course your responsibility]
If you start each work with my Allah's name
You turn away from mistake

1 May 1970
Discuss about it [about the messages that we are giving, about our teachings]
We do not come to fill books,
[we do not come to] Entertain human
Our duty is to educate [spiritually]
[the] Person who is being educated should
Not only with word [he/she should not only listen to words]
Study also on his/her own
[he/she] Should find his/her way like that
[he/she] Should tie the word to easy [he/she should understand the meaning]
[he/she] Should give what he/she gets [he/she should share the meaning with other humans]
[he/she] Should see around
[he/she] Should chisel him/herself
[the] Carpenter takes the chisel in his/her hand
[he/she] Hews, cuts, puts in shape
Human also should have an aim,
[he/she should] Trace a path
[he/she should] Not be caught in current
It should not be said [because of] destiny [one should not blame the destiny]
Whatever human does
He/she does [it] for him/herself

5 August 1970
Each event [is] destiny

22 January 1971
"Is human's destiny written?" is said
Is asked to us
Plan is drawn
Human fills the space in between
My Allah created the earth
Gave the soil, the water
Let the rain fall
Let the wind blow
These are events [that are] included in the plan
Nor wished endowment takes place
if the soil is not looked after [taken care of]
Neither wanted harvest is gotten
If the vineyard is not pruned
Human takes care of the soil, harvests the future
The granting of soil and water is becoming true [the realization] of the plan
Taking care of the soil is the knowing of the human
It is similar for the body too
My Allah creates the body according to a plan
However, human covers [fills] the space with his/her logic
"Is it possible for the destiny to change?" you say
A destiny that would change someone elses plan does not change
It is similar to
If you try to expand the plan of your land
You would enter into the land of someone else,
[you] Would infringe his/her right

3 February 1971
"Why destiny is drawn,
Why logic is given to human?"
Let us explain [this subject]
"Initially the plan was drawn,
Birth, death was written,
Building is built,"
[that] Was [already] said
One said,
"My creation is like this" [this is because of my destiny]
If the fault is in the framework of the roof
[then] What you say is true
[however] If the fault is on the story [floor]
[then] What you say is wrong
Building is yours
Is body not yours?
If you walk around the building with an adz in your hand
If you hit [with adz at] its [building's] wood
Burn [it]
Wreck [it]
[then] Of course it is ruined
If you take care good, [if you take good care of it]
[if you] Repair what is broken
[then] It looks beautiful
As long as the wall, the roof, the foundation are strong
You are left to take care of the inside

9 February 1971
The crime belongs to the criminal
Not to the one who conspires
Not to the one who provides the weapon
Commitment of the crime, is in accordance with the ground [context]
Why not each plant can not be seeded in each soil
[because] It does not fit to that soil, that is why
It should not be said, "my Allah created like this"
[God] Created [the] soil too
However, human did not leave it as created
[human] Diverted the water's path
Watered his/her land [human changed the natural path of the water to water his/her own land]
Prepared it for harvest
It is similar for human too
If you water your land with sea water
[then] What do you expect from planting?

27 February 1971
It is not in the hand[s] of human to change the destiny
However, the prayer made from heart to Allah
When it reaches the Writer
[then] My Allah fits the writing to his/her intention
It is in hand of my Allah to erase [change] what He [God] wrote
If you say,
"I matured, I turned, I woke up, I saw"
[the] Writing is changed,
Your intention is granted

21 March 1971
What is included in the plan are the [following] lines:
Birth, death, marriage
What human will get,
[in other words, what human] Will say, "this is what my destiny gave me"
[is everything] Except birth, marriage, death [what destiny gives is everything that is not previously written; previously written are birth, death, and marriage]
Who is he/she going to marry with is written
His/her birth is written
Of course it is written who is going to be born

27 March 1971
Each human traces his/her own life
Nobody's [life] is similar to one another

14 April 1971
What gets stuck onto your wool ball
Is not from you, nor from Him [God]
[it is because] You don't use your own logic
My Allah draws the destiny
However, logic is yours

15 April 1971
What is necessary is
Not depression
But maturity
If you say [it is] from the Owner
If you conform to destiny
[then] You find soft path
[if you know that every event is coming from God, you conform to them without objection, that is the most appropriate]

17 April 1971
Destiny is asked
What is necessary is the command of logic to destiny
How does logic command destiny?
When you believe from heart that every coming thing is from Allah
Then your logic will lead you to peace
However, the judgement of logic is only that much
The rest is from my Allah

20 April 1971
Yeast is made with flour and water
My Allah gives both of them
[whereas] Only the hand[s] of Human work[s]
Destiny is this:
The path that my Allah draws to [for] his human
The role of human in destiny is this:
Day and night
You can not favor [the] day
[and] Eliminate [the] night
You can not say [that] this is natural
[and] Stay in [the] dark
You prepare light during the day
You lighten your surrounding [during the night]
Destiny is like that
You can not change what is written on your forehead [in your destiny]

2 July 9171
Human's logic is useful
Not to draw his/her destiny
But to continue with his/her daily life

29 July 1971
Destiny is what is written
What is written is what is happening
Not from you,
Not from him/her
Even if you are king
One can not draw his/her destiny
[one] Can not find the most beautiful
[one] Can not change what is written

15 September 1971
If you measure destiny with earth possession
Humans with least destiny are the maturing ones [saints]
Because they are the ones who give what they get [receive]

22 September 1971
Human's destiny is drawn by my Allah
Human decorates each line [of his/her destiny] with flower
[the] Beauty of the day is there
There is human who paints his/her wall [with] dark [color]
[there is human who] Leans unnecessary boards against the wall
There is also human who decorates the wall with flower
That is the role of human in destiny

12 January 1972
The root of the weed that does not green does not form [take root]
[the] Established order is not changed for human's pleading
No bad writing is written for any of created human[s]
[the] One who says,
"My destiny is bad"
Is the one who looks at the back side of [the] mirror
Each human interprets [the] event according to his/her intention
Beauty, ugliness are in human's interpretation
In fact, there is no ugliness

14 February 1972
The only thing that human has
Is his/her logic
He/she can use it either good or bad
[to] Use the logic good [in the right direction]:
[is] To know that everything that is happening is from my Allah
[and] To conform [to them]
[to] Use the logic bad [in the wrong direction]:
[is] To try to change his/her destiny
Nor with effort
Neither with amazement
The destiny changes [the destiny does not change with any effort, nor with any surprise]

15 February 1972
If you say,
"Does my destiny change?"
Whatever is written does not change
It should not be forgotten that
My Allah writes the most beautiful for His [God's] human
With doubt
Human spoils the taste of the day
[every thing, event comes from God; when you realize this, you take things easy, you
find peace; on the other hand, if do not do so, you start worrying, your life becomes miserable]


5 March 1972
If your share on earth is to suffer from poverty
You will suffer [from poverty]
[even] If you save money
Do not think that you will escape [from your faith]
Whatever has one to suffer from
One suffers from it without any condition
It is seen [everyone sees it, lessons are learned]
Whatever human is omitting
My Allah opens an examination door in front of him/her
[Whatever human is omitting, God makes him/her go through it as a test, for a lesson]

11 March 1972
Do not speak ill if there is stone on the road [where] you walk around
Do not say,
"My destiny is bad"
There is no bad destiny
If human knows the Giver [of the destiny]
He/she does not let the sorrow run to heart
[if human knows that everything comes from God, he/she would not be sorry, he/she would not worry about the events]

19 April 1972
I gave it before [I already told about this before]
Each event is [together] with its opposite
Good, bad
White, black
Heaven, hell
You have the right to choose
There are two paths in front of each human
Hakk's [God's, right] path and its opposite
The destiny of human is written in [for] both paths
To choose is your right [the choice is yours]
This is what one says, "I followed satan"
My Allah sends His [God's] thousands of angels
To show each one of His [God's] humans the right [path]
Despite all this, whoever assumes the duty of being wrong
Makes his/her choice of path [some people intentionally choose the wrong path]
The rule does not change,
[the rule] Can not be bent
The image of the roads
Is shown with the faith of humans
[the] One who chooses the right path
Finds peace
[the] One who goes on the curved [wrong] path
Is always anxious
[however, the] Image is just the opposite
Human who reaches peace while being in all sorts of hardships
Is the human who finds the right [path]
Human who is anxious while being in all sorts of earth blessings
Is the human who enters the curved [wrong] path
For that reason,
Be thankful for the situation [that] you are in
So that you are in Hakk's path
[so that] You arrive in heaven in universe

19 July 1972
If you say,
"Is there any remedy for the one who revolts against his/her destiny?"
[the] One who objects to what my Allah gives
[he/she] Will see that the day on which he says,
"Why my Allah?"
[he/she will see that the day] Is turned away [that the day, event changes]
[although human revolts, God still grants his/her wish]
However, he/she objects to turning again
Because he/she let
"Not loving"
"Not liking"
Become part of his/her body
[the] One who raises cotton, criticizes his/her soil, complains
However, when he/she gets his/her earning in his/her hand
He/she forgets about his/her fatigue
Until planting again

7 December 1972
My Allah does not change His [God's] writing
He [God] does not write what is not good for His [God's] human

11 December 1972
He [God] is so Great that
He [God] draws the destiny of
Not only yours
But also
Even microbe's
[that is the] Creation that is invisible

? February 1973
If you say,
"Let it not be narrow for my foot,
Let my shoe not squeeze [my foot]"
[then] What squeezes is not written

18 February 1973
[the] One who says,
"Let me not get off the horse"
Is the one who does not conform to his/her share
Did you ask the horse its day [did you pay attention to its needs]
Did you lighten its load
Did you know that it is also trusted to you
[horse, like everything else, belongs to God; God lets you
use, like everything else, the horse; you should take good care of, like everything else, the horse too]

It would not make any difference if you watered the oak [tree] or not
Because it [oak tree] would not expect from [to be watered by] you
Negativity does not find the line of destiny
Because destiny does not conform to human's intention
[then, it is best that] You conform to it [destiny]
So that you erase the negativity
What will get the one who
Crosses the water?
Each human's intention changes
According to his/her heart
Some are scared of crossing the water
Saying, "I may get sick"
Some are scared to tire the body
Saying, "I may fall, [and] stay [on the ground]"
Why is the fear?
[that is because of] Not conforming to destiny
Because if you are going to get sick
You will get sick without crossing the water [anyway]
You find the excuse in water [you use water as excuse]
I am saying for that reason
Look for mistake
Not in events
But in yourselves

8 April 1973
What is written in the book of the universe is
[the] Destiny of human
Not his/her love

6 June 1973
If you say,
"Is our record erased?
Or is it written moment by moment?"
What is recorded in writing,
What is given from birth,
I already wrote [about these].
Events that happen around destiny
Are given according to human's intention.
However, the writer of that is also only one pen [the same pen, God]
Whatever he/she does
Whomever he/she makes agreement with
Human can not change it

23 October 1973
Our law teaches
To conform to what happens
To know the destiny
If you say,
"Can destiny be known?"
Destiny is known by the Writer
When one conforms to it [destiny]
One says "eyvallah" [I accept without complaint] to what He [God] wrote
Therefore, destiny is "eyvallah"
Once we say so
Would we not become knower of destiny? [would we not know the destiny?]
[knowing destiny is to accept all events without complaint knowing that they are coming from God]

1 December 1973
Whatever happens will happen
Whatever is written will be seen
Whoever blunders will be erased
Because He [God] is not uncapable of erasing
If you say,
"How is it erased?"
[to try] To prevent what will happen
Is like stepping into a water dam
The writing of destiny is in Him [God]
Conforming [to destiny] is in human
My Allah makes His [God's] human conform
To the one who says,
"Let me not conform"
[God] Makes him/her find his/her path
If you say,
"How does He [God] make [him/her] find?"
He [God] gives [him/her] various lessons
Let us be [one] of the ones who conform
Let us find easy [one] of the lesson [let us conform and have easy lessons]

3 February 1974
My Allah knows the best for His [God's] human
[God] Gives his/her writing accordingly
There is nothing [that] human can do to add to this [writing]
He/she should only say,
"I conformed my Allah
I knew what you gave as good
[because] It is from You"

23 May 1974
One can not evade from what is written in [his/her] destiny
It should not be forgotten
[that] What is written is the most beautiful

12 July 1974
Separate what happens from what does not happen [distinguish between what happens and what does not happen]
Do not say,
"Why does it not happen?"
What does not happen is
What is not written

9 December 1974
Knots of negative wool ball are many
Patience decreases the number of knots

4 April 1976
If it is not written
You can not drown [even] if you wish [to do so]

11 March 1977
When opening each page
Let us say,
"What we will see is good"
Let us not think about the next page
[the] Future is written
[however,] Do not wish to see [the future]
[instead] Say,
"We will lay [build],
We will see while laying [building]"
My Allah will make human know what He [God] wrote on the day [when time comes]
Will make [him/her] love on the day

16 October 1977
My Allah does not give what is not good
Human does not gather what is not written
Do not say,
"I wish [that] what I have been looking for [be]comes [true]
[I wish] It were in my destiny"
Because human's writing does not change
If you thought what changes was in your hand [if you thought you could change the writing]
[then tell me] On which day did you draw your own path yourself?
You made plan in each event
In the end you saw the opposite
Did you find your own plan in what happened?
Battle is victory for the one who wins
Each one entering a battle enters to win
Unexpected event ruins [changes] the order
Therefore, plan[ning] is not in power of human
Events are written,
Are engraved in destiny
Nor you can stop [them]
Neither you can change [them]
The most beautiful is found when you say,
"I am referring [transferring this totally] to You, my Allah"

21 December 1979
Each written [page] opens on its day [when time comes]
The page of which the day has not come [yet]
Nor can be opened
Neither can be read

2 May 1980
The event that can not happen
[can not happen] Not from disorder
But [because] it is not written
What is seen is
Not what is wished
But what is written
If you wish
You can break the stone
You can never make sand stone [make stone out of sand]

13 February 1981
You erase what you write
You are human, you make mistake
My Allah never erases what He [God] writes
Because He [God] does not do [any] mistake
What is erased is because of mistake
Say to the one who says,
"My destiny changed"
Did you read what is written [in your destiny]?
Did you weave your life again?

19 June 1981
"What is hope?" is said
[hope is] To wait for
Not what [God] gave
But what [God] will give
[and] When He [God] does not give
To be mad at his/her destiny
[however] What is beautiful is
Not what He [God] will give
But what He [God] gave
In your destiny there is
Not what He [God] will give
But only what He [God] gave

17 November 1981
From my Allah
Nothing but good comes [God permits only good]
If it is not good
[He [God]] Does not let it to writing [if it is not good, God would not allow it to be written]

25 December 1981
My Allah gives each human his/her book that he/she waits for
Human wishes what he/she misses
In this manner [he/she] starts [to] worry

23 June 1982
Each event occurs as it is written
Destiny comes together with what is written

27 July 1982
What came
[what] Happened
[the] Future
Are known
Because they are written

6 October 1982
Of course human's power can not change the writing that is written
He/she can not arrange the pages as he/she wishes

28 November 1982
Birth, marriage, death are
Unchanging lines of destiny
Each line is written together with its dot[s] [in every detail]
Changing [that] is not in the hand of human
There is measure [scale] in intention [human is tested with his/her intentions]

28 November 1982
"Does God change His [God's] writing?"
I did not say "He [God] changes what He [God] writes"
It may seem to you straight or curved [right or wrong]
You plead by saying,
"Straighten the curve my Allah"
When it is straightened
You think it is straightened because of your prayer

[Please note that these are the translations of just SOME of the messages on the topic "Destiny."]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel